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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bob and Sue

I drive a sweet ride. A Mini Cooper. It has that name for obvious reasons. It has a small frame, small tires, and elegant little European headlights. I put a sticker on the back window that says "actual size". I enjoy seeing peoples facial expressions when they read it. Usually they smile.

The first month we had the yellow house I was tasked with taking CC to a church activity at someones house. It was raining kittens. Darkness was about to fall. As I went out the door Joe said, "Call if you need anything". I said, "Okay, but I know exactly where I am going".

We got in the Mini. I proceeded to back off the concrete pad into the wide driveway. Several cars were in the way. I attempted to back straight out. Except the driveway is not straight. It slants ever so slightly. I backed the Mini off a ledge several feet. Enough to be in real trouble. I opened my door and saw nothing. No ground, gravel, or dirt. Just a whole lot of air. I called Joe. "I need help" I said. "Help?"said Joe. "Yes, I'm stuck in the driveway on some cliff" I said. "Your joking, you just left thirty seconds ago!" said Joe. "Nope, I need you like NOW" I said.

CC in the mean time thinks we surely are in danger. I thought for certain the Mini was. CC is above all a loyal daughter and refused to leave her Mother. Her side was on Terra firma.

Joe and his brother, Bob, bolt out the side door. Laughing. I did not see a single thing to laugh about. At that time I didn't realize the yard was terraced. I had driven off a terrace. The back left tire was not on the ground. The guys had to place wood and stuff under the tire and lift whilst I pressed the gas. All this while it was raining and raining. They were no longer laughing.

Anybody looking at the house might wonder how I did this. Especially if they drive a Fuel Sucking Pig. I mean a SUV. In fairness to all, we have a Jeep. As do Bob and Sue. I did not back into theirs that night now did I? Of all the people who potentially had to witness this it had to be them. I dedicate this post to them. I can see Sue right now peeking out the window thinking, "What has she done now? Is she going to back over Bob?". Sweet.

Olive Out

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