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Monday, November 29, 2010

Santas on the Table

Our dining table is covered in a vintage bed coverlet gifted to me and then a couple of runners. I have more linens than I know what to do with. Why not layer and layer? These Santa's were purchased on sale when the much loved Fatmans Christmas store in Augusta, Georgia went out of business. I miss that store.

It is a very blustery day here and the cloud cover is terrible for photos so forgive my lighting please.

This Santa is an EMT and is patching up the injured bear.

Farmer Santa with a tiny pig.

I collect music box snow globes and usually buy them after the holiday when they are on sale. We got this one last year with the "Ho" table ornament.

I am still working on our tree. I went to Hobby Lobby and Target today. I liked Targets large glass ornaments better and after my blogging time with you my lovelies I am back to that tree!

I am linking to the thrifting tablescaping queen of blogland Marty of A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday. Do join the others for more tabletops.

Kim at Savvy Southern Style said Chritmas decor was acceptable for her "Boring to Better" party so I am linking with that event for the first time. Thanks bunches Kim!

grace surrounds us

Sunday, November 28, 2010

~a daughter, a tree, and a test~

I took an unplanned blogging break. I enjoyed time spent with Joe, CC, and our extended family. We traveled all day on Friday it seemed like. Saturday was a virtual Christmas decorating marathon at our yellow house. Our large 7.5 ft tree just fits in the cottage-like cosy yellow house. I do not own enough ornaments apparently. That tree is sucking them into it's vortex or something!

I will be spending a good portion of the next two days praying for CC, our daughter, she is taking one of those standardized tests that determines the course of her college education and future. She has studied and taken numerous practice exams. She has done the work. I pray for her to be calm, relaxed, and remember what she knows.

This is the cutie pootie college girl, with a Happy Bunny butt, helping her mama with the tree skirt.

Christmas will be all the more wonderful because she will be home with us. She will be appalled I put this on the blog.
Your mama is supposed to embarrass you. Right?

I will be visiting your blogs and catching up on all the Christmas goings on I promise.

grace surrounds us

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family and Relaxing

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends. Joe and I wish you and your family a fun relaxing day spent with people you love.

Don't eat too much and we won't either.

We Thank God for our wonderful life.
Thank you friends for talking to me and encouraging me here on Olive Out.

grace surrounds us


Monday, November 22, 2010

olive and joe driving around the mountains

Joe and I drove around north Georgia and western North Carolina last week and he indulged my interest in photography. This farm house with a stone chimney is so pretty. We both love stone features on a house.

This gorgeous red berry shrub caught my eye.

Gourds hanging on a porch.

Hand made canoes at a North Carolina flea market.

A totem pole at the flea.

We really liked the North Carolina flea market Kadie and her husband took us to. There were many sellers with vintage and antique items and not much new stuff. The prices were fair. I bought nothing for myself except a book and Joe a small vintage tool. I am behaving! Tightening the budget we are! Joe bought me a beautiful modestly priced painted tray which I did not photograph but will later perhaps.

I am linking with Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.

grace surrounds us

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Quilt and the Darkside

This quilt was gifted to me by Kadie, my cousin, last week. Isn't it lovely? It is completely intact and is full sized as most old quilts are. I placed it on our bed in our temporary bedroom at the yellow house. I call  this room the "The Darkside Bedroom," perfect for a night shift worker. It will  be Joe's office when I finally get the master bedroom painted. 
It is entirely hand stitched. I cannot imagine the hours that involved.

I took an  image of it outside on the deck.

Come in close and let's look at the embroidery on the pillow cases. It is a most unusual pattern and I purchased these many months ago in a consignment store near our old house.
Pretty vivid and purple. Yes?
The new yet old quilt brightens up all that darkness. Maybe we shall not join the Darkside as planned.
Kidding y'all. The master bedroom is going to be painted in Sherwin Williams Rainwashed. I must start stripping off wallpaper as soon as the Christmas tree is decorated.

I am linking with the clever and definitely not "dumb" Debra at  Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday and I am late to the party.

grace surrounds us

Misty Mountain

We stayed at the Misty Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Blairsville, Georgia last weekend.
It was originally an old farmhouse. While there we visited with my cousin Kadie, her husband,
and my uncle who were all sweeties.

The entire weekend was terribly cloudy so drats for the photos.

I enjoyed the owners, Peg's, use of navy blue on the porch.

The inside was like a typical home, cosy and warm. The fire was lite and a yummy breakfast waiting. That may not be typical!

The stained glass window was in our spacious room as was this large piece.

The porch was a happening place with wild birds feeding and the Basset Hound, Morgan patrolling. My cousin Kadie and I have many shared memories of childhood summers spent together in the North Carolina mountains. It was such a blessing to see her and my uncle again. Kadie gave me many wonderful family treasures I will be sharing here eventually.

Thanks Bunches Kadie! I Love You!

grace surrounds us


Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet Morgan

Meet Morgan.

He is the resident Basset Hound of the Misty Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Blairsville, Georgia.

We were there last weekend.

That post will not post so you may never see it.

This has been annoying (see previous post) me for five days now.

I tried to download a new server last night and my computer would not do it.

I am a tad paranoid now.

Enough of that here’s the darling!

mountains fall 071

mountains fall 073 mountains fall 074

He sleeps all the time, then wakes and patrols the porch.

He appreciates petting and has that strong hound odor.

I wanted to take him home.

Clovis would be horrified.

If this posts you may hear me shouting for joy where you are!

grace surrounds us


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tech Challenged I Am

I had a blog of our weekend in the mountains written.

Blogger would not post it.

I am a “400 BAD USER”. Whatever that means.

I am not tech savvy at all:(

Until this is all fixed I can only post one or two images and very brief posts.

mountains fall 005-1

This plant belongs to the sweet lady who colors and cuts my hair.

I thought it would make an interesting photo.

I used Boost effect in Picnik to brighten the colors.

Do any of you know how to remedy “400 BAD USER?”

I did go into the Help section of Blogger and maybe changing my server will do it.

Really it was not very helpful.

grace surrounds us


Monday, November 15, 2010


We had an eventful weekend.

Let me explain.

Joe drives a vehicle until it falls apart in the road.

This past Friday our Jeep fell apart in the road so to speak.

We were in the country near Eatonton, Georgia and the Jeep’s dash went blank.

No battery or electrical activity at all.

The Jeep’s engine died in traffic with a twelve foot trailer and a five hundred pound motorcycle attached to it.

Joe coasted into a parking lot.

Thanking God no one was hurt.

This is the moment you are glad you paid that AAA bill.

The AAA lady said the contractor may or may not be able to tow the bike.

Joe is not parting with the Moto Guzzi.


mountains fall 011

mountains fall 009

You can see they towed the Guzzi.

It was quite the day.

We were on the way to the North Georgia Mountains and we were terribly late.

I will show you PRETTY pictures of our trip next time.

I missed all of you while I was away and plan to catch up on your blogs.

grace surrounds us


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barn Chicks

Bad blogger that I am I found wonderful and beautiful old barns on a highway in South Carolina.

I had no time to photograph them.

Road trip!

I am re-visiting some images of barns taken this summer.

I played around in Picnik a bit with editing.

barn flowers 002 linton barns 002

linton barns 019

I do not know how I feel about the red barn in Focal Black&White.

river barn 041-1

river barn 045

river barn 035

Can you tell I am a sign freak ya’ll?

may 2010 part 3 019-1

This old and chippy rocker is on the porch at the old house.

I gave it some Boost effect and that really brought out the green chippiness.

I am also loving that font from Picnik.

Maybe one day in a galaxy far far away I will purchase Picnik or Photoshop.

I am told editing images is addictive.

I believe.

Do go to Karen’s blog Brayton Homestead Interiors and check out the other Barn Chicks.

grace surrounds us


Friday, November 5, 2010

Photo Challenge: Shadow

Chania does not disappoint.
This weeks photo challenge at Razmataz is Shadow.
I walked around the yellow house and noticed some shadows of interest.
shadows 034
This is a shadow of a large dogwood tree that hovers over the patio.
shadows 027-1
This is the cover of the hot-tub cover which is ugly’s brother but the lattice shadows are cool.
Getting in the hot-tub in the winter is fabulous no matter how it looks.
shadows 038
A thrift store bird house hanging from the pergola.
The image is blurry and wiggly…ugh…me shakey.
Do stop by Chania's for more shadows.
grace surrounds us

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rusty Chairs

I have this vintage set of 1950’s patio furniture.

It belonged to my Aunt Vera who I lived with when I was a small child.

  This set was on our screened front porch.

It reminds me of a simpler time when we sat on the porch after supper.

This set has traveled with me to each house I have lived in.

It used to be mint green and white.

shadows 061

shadows 055

shadows 060

shadows 050

shadows 065 shadows 058

I do love rust but these chairs represent my precious Aunt Vera and I should have taken better care of them.

Add paint chairs and sofa to long list of stuff to paint!

The C-Cat found his way into the images.

Imagine that.

I am linking to the inspiring Debra of Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.

Please join her for some more vintage goodness.

grace surrounds us