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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cloche, Clocks, Pumpkins

I have been fiddling with my two white pumpkins.
I have sold the remaining stash of fall items.
The orange has left the building.

Joe and I picked up this cloche with some gift cards we had.
You know I needed another cloche.

Forgive my blurry images please.
 It began raining the very minute I started taking

 This may be my only nod to fall. 
However I am into vintage clocks. 
Now I have those two under the glass.
You know I need a few more.

The creamer is part of my collection of Old Britain Castles transferware.
I have collected twenty pieces thus far.
 I found two pieces last weekend.

Do you "get" the thrill of the hunt?

Tell me what you are hunting for.

CC has written a second post on her South Korean Journey Blog. 
She, Joe, and I enjoyed your comments on her first post.
I placed a link to her blog on my sidebar.

Linking@Be Inspired

joy and peace

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gremmie Takes The Island

The kitchen island has been taken over by The Grim. 

It's hard to think of potato salad in this bowl from this point on.

Gremmie is a mess.
 She is into everything and keeps us entertained. 
No surface, newspaper, or bowl is safe from her.

In Olive Out news I am recovering from a minor surgery done on Friday, in the doctors office, to my ear. I was deaf all weekend in that ear but the packing is out today and I no longer feel like I am underwater. I am definitely ready for an uneventful fall.

happy fall y'all

Monday, September 16, 2013

Primitives and More

Happy Monday my friends.

Isn't this a great tower of primitive crates? 
It is in Bob's booth in Ridge Antiques.
He is one of the owners.

I love this beautiful religious piece.
 I have a similar one, at my house, that I cannot let go of.
Yes, I am a terrible seller.

A marvelous urn. 
I think this is Jimmy's.
 It is hard to keep up with all their booths.
 The three of them have a lot of space in these two joined buildings. 
They also have a lot of knowledge about antiques.

Mary Ann has quite the collection of flow blue in this magnificent corner cabinet.

These tear drop knobs are something serious on this chest.

The image is blurry but I love this piece that Mary Ann has in the kitchen area.

Mary Ann has a great flair for primitives.
 All you rooster lovers look at these old rooster dishes. 
She has an enormous set. 
I am eyeing that chippy red toolbox in the center of the farm table.

I hope you enjoyed Jimmy's, Mary Ann's and Bob's booths. 
They own and/or manage Ridge Antiques. 
They are lovely people and I am honored to work with them and Beth.

Ridge Antiques
605 Main St.
Ridge Spring, South Carolina

An easy way to remember how to find us is we are by The Nut House (woot)
 on Highway 23.

CC has written her first blog about South Korea here.
 I have told her to turn off word verification.


Joy and Peace

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gallery Wall

 Adjusting the gallery wall oil paintings, prints, and frames has been
 an off and on summer passion. 
Not that I measure. 
Joe would use a level and a ruler

Every picture or painting is a thrifty find save for the central white matted one.
 The Talented B and I found the alabaster lamp in a junk shop. 
I had no cash and she sweetly paid for it. 
It is a good idea to have cash on you while thrifting. 

I have a more-is-more-style. 

I am not finished with the gallery wall or corner.
 It has gaps.
 I would like a pair of small oil paintings inside the vintage rectangular frame. 
 I am always looking for old oval frames.

 This is the other side of the corner and it needs more something.
That is CC at age three.

In Olive Out news I am doing fine after the procedure yesterday.
 I am staying in the house and being entertained by Gremmie and Shelley. 
Thank you, my peeps, for your comments and emails.

 Linking@Be Inspired

 joy and peace

Monday, September 9, 2013

Southern Fall Porches

For those of you who like big Victorian houses this is a good  example. 
These images were taken last fall.

This screened porch is gorgeous and attached to this house. 
Please pinch me for not getting a long shot of the house. 
I believe I was trying to stay out of the road.

Across the street is this classic facade.
 I am partial to these urns.


I have no other images of this house save this one of the lone urn of lavender mums. 
Note the lace curtains.

 These houses are not in the southern vernacular but are 
located in Middle Georgia.
 I like them and thought you might enjoy them.
We southerners do like big ole urns though.
If I cannot lift an urn I want to buy it.

In Olive Out news I am having a wee minor surgical procedure tomorrow.
 I found out today I will likely need more surgery soon.
 There is a life lesson in here. I think it is-never retire at age forty five.

Thanks to all of you for the many comments about CC traveling to South Korea in the last post.

Y'all are the best.
 Many of you have emailed and checked on me and I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

joy and peace

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Picture This Moment

Picture a blond, skinny, blue eyed, young child looking about four years old (but actually six) running down a chain link fence and signing to her mother as her mother drives away from school. She's signing "I love you" continuously as she runs along the fence as if her mother is leaving her on the concrete playground forever. This scenario occurs every morning.

Now picture that same child, grown, but still petite at age twenty-two (looking fifteen) in line at Hartsfield-International Airport signing "I love you" in the security line as she prepares to fly off to university in South Korea. Maybe for five months or perhaps for an entire year. The mother or young exchange student have no idea when she will return.

This is when the mother cries. She pictures, the skinny child, the concrete, the fence, and not the TSA in their navy uniforms checking her in at the large shining airport. The mother then signs "I love you" back to her daughter.

That was my CC and me last week.
Can you picture what I have been up to?

Joy and Peace

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Broome Closet Window @ Ridge Antiques

The Talented B and I are thrilled to announce we have
 another booth at Ridge Antiques in a large window space.
 This booth is big, sunny, and a better configuration than
 our other booth which we still have right down from this one.

We moved in yesterday and brought as many fall items that would fit.

B painted the blue dresser and the red table.

This is a beautiful Italian chair.

Please visit us at
Ridge Antiques in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. 
Ask for The Broome Closet booths. 

Folks there know me as Terri, do not read this blog,
 and will know nothing of Olive or Olive Out. 
The owners have little use for computers.
It would be fun to have my worlds collide.

Beth and I feel thankful and incredibly blessed to have this opportunity.

Many thanks to all of you who have emailed me asking if I was okay.
 I have missed all of you and blogging.
 I will be going into more detail about CC and South Korea in another post.
GETTING CC TO SOUTH KOREA was quite the project.

joy and peace