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Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend

We three are having a late lunch, Mexican, and chilling after that.

CC is preparing to return to her dorm in two weeks and is washing about twenty five loads of laundry.
She just finished summer school online on Wednesday and her making those deadlines made me craziER. College, for me, was a long, long, time ago and in a galaxy far, far away.

Garage sales in the morning for us!
What are your weekend plans?

grace surrounds us

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Faded Beauty

Faded by the heat.

But beautiful still.

This little sunflower was planted by our birds from the seed we feed them.

grace surrounds us

Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Joe and I have a few.

We have collected pottery and dough bowls for years. 
I recently started collecting cloches.
I wonder why?
Here is a cloche with an urn in it {I collect urns too} and vintage planters from a previous post.
I like to think the AC stands for air conditioning because we certainly can use it right now.

Most of our collections turn up in the living and dining room of our yellow house at one time or another. Nothing is too precious or valuable. It is just something that strikes our fancy.

In this image you can see more urns, and conch shells. All are small collections and fun to move around.

Here are some of our bowls, wooden and otherwise.
I can think of about a thousand things I am better at rather than making a collage. 

I have posted this image before so forgive me for doing it again but we love these conch shells and right now I am soaking another one in the sink.

I am joining the marvelous and multi-talented Suzanne at Privet and Holley. 
Do visit her for more Collections!

grace surrounds us

Monday, July 18, 2011

"The Wild Olive" and Cloches

Presenting The Wild Olive, a vintage book.
Isn't it darling?
It was a gift and I adore it.

 This is what I now think of as the pineapple table because of the lamp.
I am also drying hydrangeas {in water} in containers all over this room as you can see.

Those metal objects are flowers frogs standing on edge.
I think David needs a bow tie.

Milk glass is universally appealing and I see this urn all over the place but that does not lessen the beauty of it for me.

Thanks to all my readers expressing concern about me hurting my back. I did cut grass, with the push mower, today but I did not cut a lot and I am taking it easy still.
Olive needs to be less wild in her gardening.

I am joining Marty for her summer cloche party at A Stroll Thru Life.

grace surrounds us

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today's Happenings Good and Bad

We have been garage and estate salen today.
We got lost in a beautiful neighborhood on the river and never found what we were looking for. 
Does that happen to you? 
Our ancient Jeep has no GPS and we go old school with a map.
Will children who grow up from this generation know how to read a map?

I have been finding vintage planters lately. The bottom one is Haeger, middle is Hull, and the top is unmarked. The top one is my favorite. All bought for less than six dollars. I found the Hull today for fifty cents.

When we got home I pulled eleventy hundred weeds from beside the road  and have strained my back. 
The weeds are winning.

Have a happy weekend.

grace surrounds you

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~crepes, pumpkins, blackeyes, and a cat~

Crepe Myrtle after a rain.
 Clovis napping on the picnic table.

What are these yellow blooms you ask?

Pumpkins you silly! 
These rogue pumpkins are thriving through zero effort on our part. We do water the rogue watermelons and tomatoes but not these.

Do you know I had never grown Black Eyed Susan's before this summer?
What is wrong with me?
Love them.

I am linking with Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Floral Thursdays.

grace surrounds us 

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bed That Came Before The House

This is the bed that came before the house we dreamed of and talked about off and on for years.
It sat in the hall at the old house for at least a coon's age.
Waiting for a house, waiting for a bedroom.

We were going into town early one Saturday and happened upon a garage sale. The sales are not usually very good near our old house but this one was exceptional.

I asked the very young, college age, girl how much was the bed, highboy and bedside table. 

She said $150.00.

I had no idea where they were going or a plan or anything but dizzy thoughts at that point.

Joe smiled, winked, and went and got the truck.

The bed is a reproduction but for fifty dollars we love it in the blue guestroom of the yellow house {I still need to paint this room}. It clears the ceiling of the small room by one half inch! The highboy will not be going in this room for now.

This petite rocker came from an estate sale at a huge Victorian house two houses down from the old house. We stood in line at 5:30am to get it and a few more items.

We brought this chaise all the way from Pennsylvania where it came from a garage sale. The room is crowded with it here but we love it and do not wish to part with it. It is an awesome place for a nap.

The large print over the bed is "Confederate Christmas" and came from a thrift store. The rumpled duvet cover { I am not ironing it} is from Pottery Barn and came from a garage sale for ten dollars. The shams are behind the pillows.
I am so over having every little thing perfect for photos. This is how we live, a little rumpled dragging in dirt from our garden, imperfect all the time, and happy.

I am linking with Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays.
And Kim from Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesdays.

grace surrounds us

Friday, July 8, 2011

Blooming Now

Blooming now at the yellow house.

Sunflowers are growing on the border of the back yard and again we have only a few. The birds did drop some sunflower seeds and we have sunflowers in very odd spots around the property.

The rogue watermelons are happily growing and we have about twelve or more this size or larger on the vines!

Salvia takes this heat so well and is really pretty paired with pale pink petunias.

Jethro Tull Coreoposis and Black Eyed Susan's

Another variety of Coreopsis, the name of which I cannot remember {please forgive me for gardening with abandon}. I have four varieties of Coreoposis in the flower garden and as long as you deadhead them they bloom a long time. Got to love that!

Linking with Tracie of Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Floral Thursdays.

grace surrounds us

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fireworks On The Savannah

Launched off the Fifth Street Bridge, over the Savannah River, entering Augusta, Georgia is a Fourth of July tradition.

Our daughter captured some of the display with her camera.

These kind of look like something under a microscope in  microbiology class!

She took some wonderful shots. We had so much fun at the fireworks show and so did the other ten thousand souls who were there!
Happy Fourth of July

We know freedom is not free and we thank all those in the military past and present. God bless you all for your service to our country.

grace surrounds us

Friday, July 1, 2011

Baking Blueberry Cake Badly

The blueberry cake I baked yesterday turned out to be blueberry upside down cake. Me baking badly. Again:)

We have guests arriving in two hours, for the holiday weekend, so this will be our secret. I will tell them that it's a variation of pineapple upside down cake.

Do you want a bite?
Next time I will sugar and flour the darn berries.

I am not sharing the recipe because that makes me terribly nervous to do so on the blog. Yes, I am whacked I know. A friend baked one for us last week and it looked completely different (blueberries were oriented properly) than this one!

The cake pedestal is a recent vintage find from an estate sale just a mile down the road.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

I will be busy with company, garage sales and who knows what but promise to settle down next week and rest with you my blogging friends.

I am linking with the beautiful Debra of Common Ground for the Vintage July Fourth Party.

grace surrounds us