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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elegant Home Office Details

Welcome back to The Talented B's office. 
Let's get into some of it's finer details today.

Which teacup do you prefer?
 Brown or blue?

 This sweet garden angel is on the floor by the window.

 Do you prefer the white lamp? Or the lamp with the black shade?
Please tell us in the comments. 
B has yet to decide so let's help her.

B sources her fabrics from all over the place. She is also thrifty in buying fabric. These drapes are the exclamation points in this room. There is another window but I did not get it in the images.

She found this vintage swiveling office chair at an estate sale and had the seat covered in faux leather.

B wallpapered the back of the secretary.
 It makes the vintage pottery pop. 
I repeated this image as I love this composition of dishes.

To see Elegant Home Office click here.

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happy hunting

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Elegant Home Office

The Talented B has redecorated her office. 
 It is an elegant and fun space with pops of blue. B is an excellent and skilled thrifter and this room is an example of her skills. Most of this furniture was found at garage or estate sales.
  The drapes were custom made.

The secretary was found at a garage sale.

We will talk about the different lamps, placed on this table, on the next post. Her friend, Olive, composed the wire cloche. This mirror is more blue than it looks. I apologize for not being a better inside photographer.

Olive also wants this lamp (another garage sale find). 
I love it. I have asked her to leave it to me in her will.
 You all know how I have a thing for lamps.
I buy them, sell them, keep them too.

B had the vintage bird print re-matted and framed.
 The love seat was also a thrifty find.

Wait til I get the rest of her house photographed y'all. 
This is only the second part I have been able to get done.

It is also noteworthy that I called her at 7:55 AM this morning and gave her five minutes notice that I was coming over with the camera. You want to be my friend now don't you?

You can see her porch here.

On the next post we will get into the details and ask you for some help in this room.

In Olive Out news we are eyeball deep in getting CC ready for Korea. Plane ticket bought (that was a hoot and a half), tuition, and more money than I care to think about have been wired over there.  I am a tad crazy to tell you the truth. More on this later.

happy hunting

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am their humble servant.

Hanging fresh nectar every other day.

Love them.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In The Booth...

I hope you, my peeps, do not mind if I show you what The Talented B and I have in our booth at Ridge Antiques. I am over the moon about this turquoise tole tray. B painted the sweet chair and recovered the seat.

Then the find of all finds, by B, is a vintage laundry basket.
 It is filled now with old frames. You do not know how badly I want to bring this home with me.
But I am currently paying for a trip to Korea for CC. We are booking that flight today. 
Kiddos come first. 

Come see us if you are near Ridge Spring, South Carolina at Ridge Antiques on Highway 23. 
Ask for The Broome Closet booth. 
If you enjoy primitives the store has plenty of them.

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joy and peace

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vintage Watering Can

Good morning friends. 
What do you do when you come across a vintage watering can with the bottom rusted out?
  You plant one of your favorite flowers in it.

The flower is Blue Daze (evolvulus) and is a perennial here in zone 8. It is a member of the morning glory family.  Besides it's lovely blue flowers it also has wonderful grey green foliage.
It is sold here as an annual though.

I hope this Tuesday finds all of you well and happy. 

I will be catching up on your posts and news today.

 This weekend Joe and I trimmed shrubbery, roses, and perennials for hour and hours until we were bone tired. Forty five plus days of rain had the property looking most jungle like. 
Much is left to do but I am having a pajama day today.

Our front stoop is a stellar example of excellent over growth of plants.

Joy and Peace

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flower Garden After Rain Rain Rain

Tiger Lily 
The beauty of this bulb with it's brown freckles amazes me. 
You can plant the little black bublets on it's stem and have more of these next year.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea
I love that it fades to pink.

Nikko Blue Hydrangea
It is fading to a light purple. I have been trying to dry these without success.
 Maybe they are waterlogged this year. Normally I dry bucks of them.

The flower garden proper is overgrown and filled with weeds.
 I pulled weeds for two hours Monday. I can hardly tell. It is disheartening.

I tied it to this wrought iron post and I am liking this look. 
The Talented B gave me the wrought iron post and idea. She is a smart gal.
You can see my Beautiful Weed post about this plant here.

The grass certainly has enjoyed the continuous daily rain for 45 day in a row.
The night our gravel road washed away we had ten inches of rain in four hours. I do not fertilize our grass or fuss over it in any way. We have a huge amount of grass so I merely mow it.  

Can you see the enormous Spider Plant on the right? 
I dug it out of my sister's neighbor's trash. My sister was a little bit alarmed but got over it.
The plant looked rough but has recovered splendidly.

It is thundering now-more rain!

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happy gardening

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kitchen Island With Vintage Dish Rack

  I ran into this metal and wood piece in an antiques store today. I thought it might hold dishes. Do you think it is an old bill collector? If so that is a lot of bills.

I am proud to say I have numerous collections of tranferware now. We use them all the time. What you see in the island is for display because the kitten climbs around in here. She is a busy and industrious  toddler.

Shelley is lounging underneath the window. Cindy Lou is underneath the island. So far no plates have been broken from dog cat shenanigans.

 This is the view of the island that is composed of two old windows.  

joy and peace

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cottage Kitchen Window

This morning I went to an estate sale at a charming 1940's cottage.
 I thought this window was darling. 
The red pops so well.

Look at those vintage jars.
I could not take more pictures because the house had about fifty people in it.

There were many bottles for sale.

The cottage was sold but I really wanted the screen door.

I bought a few smalls and two ticking stripe pillows. It was awfully humid. 
I had to get out of there. 

I am beginning to feel that we live in the jungle with our daily rains.

Happy Friday

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sofa {Estate Sale Acquired} and Buying Tips

We saw this sofa on day one of the estate sale and Joe made an offer to the agent which she refused.  She did get my mobile number and called me later that night and said we could get the sofa the next morning for that amount. I actually got that price down a little bit more.

It may not be the neutral slip covered sofa from Pottery Barn that I had in mind but it has some great features. I like the fabric, the nailhead trim, that it has one long cushion, and has a 40 inch deep seat. It has much to recommend it.

Also every piece of linen and fabric in the estate sale house was custom made. As I can find no tag or label on this piece it may be custom. 

I do not show this den often because we use it as an exercise room {CC's exercise ball is in the background}, an office, and watch TV here. It basically stays in an uproar. I hang pictures and objects on the walls that make me happy. They may have no rhyme or reason for you.

My mini office with a non functional 1970's clock that makes me smile. I nearly sold this chunky lamp but it holds up well against this huge sofa.

A few tips for buying used sofas: 

Make sure there is no odor.

Make sure there is no pet hair.

Make sure there are no tears, stains, or worn areas.

Pick it up and look underneath it. The bottom fabric should be intact.

Check that the pillows are intact and are included in the price.

Sit on it.
 No sagging allowed.

Do no pay a lot of money for a used sofa.

Bargain nicely.

Be patient. 
What I am looking for usually turns up and I never buy new.

 To see wonderful items we did not buy at the sale click here.

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joy and peace