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Monday, February 24, 2014

Teapot, Teacups, Pitchers

Good morning my friends.

This crazed, creamy, and blue teapot is the cutest. 
I found it in a junk shop.
 It is on my dining table where I have a vintage bedspread with intricate embroidery.
If you see cat hair-this is where Gremmie hangs out. 
We eat elsewhere.

Thank you all for your comments in my last ice storm post. 
Y'all are awfully sweet. 
I have the best friends here too.

Look at that old embroidery.
 Do use vintage spreads and quilts as tablecloths. 
They work quite well.

Two Meakin {made in England}small pitchers from the same junk shop. 
Forgive my blurry pics. 
I am in bad form. 
We picked up more truck loads of limbs yesterday. 
We are making progress. 
We can now walk to our mailbox unscathed.

A leaning tower of Meakin teacups in a cloche.
 I like that caddy wampus look.

Caddy wampus is where it's at for us these days:}

joy and peace

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kindness, Despair, Expectation

"Beauty is important in this fragile life"
Jan Karon

Yes, the ice is pretty on my old watering can. 
But that ice from Ice Storm Pax caused at least nine deaths that I know of. On the February eleven the storm came in the night. Trees and limbs begins to fall. I awoke to an old dogwood tree on our roof. There was a constant cacophony of limbs falling all day and into the next night.

 Joe arrived from work before the roads were blocked by trees. Transformers began to blow up and shoot blue flames across the sky. We had power lines in our front yard for days. We were without power for five and half days.


Our neighbor, Gary, who lives down the gravel road we live on
 where eight trees were down walked three miles in the storm to a lawn mower shop to buy a chain saw. He walked back with the heavy saw and then helped clear our road. All of us were there picking up limbs and clearing. We also cleared the paved road beyond the stop sign.  

On Saturday Gary came with his chain saw and helped cut the dogwood off our roof. 
He asked for nothing but for us to wave at him as he drives by. 
That is extraordinary kindness.  


Joe and I have taken 19 truck loads of tree limbs from the
front yard alone. We have not started on the back yard or side yards. Every muscle in my body aches. Joe would never hire anyone to help us and that is fine. The limbs are not going anywhere. I have been in a state of despair off and on. We both sort of lost time there for a few days living in the dark, picking up tree after tree with no end in sight. It is rather disheartening still.


We have lost many beautiful ornamental trees and the large dogwood.
 It shaded my flower garden which you have seen here frequently. I have high expectations that my flower garden will be a sunny spot now. Different and better. I am installing a few David Austin Roses soon. I need ordinary garden chores to do.

Ordinary is good:}

 Our yellow house is in the Central Savannah River area near Augusta, Georgia which was the epicenter of Ice Storm Pax.

joy and peace my friends
I have missed you

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not Going Gently

I have not gone gently into the night after my ear surgery. 
I have been overdoing it perhaps.
The surgery went well. No drama that I am aware of except that 
I was drunk from medicine all day Thursday.

Shelley and I went on a buying field trip Saturday.
 It was a fun but brief trip. I did take Sunday off.
Shelley is a fine traveling companion. 
I cannot convey how much I love that boy.

If  you are wondering about these images. 
They are all mine but in the Waterlogue app. 
I am loving that app. It is the only one I have ever paid for. 
A well spent $2.99.

Not available for Androids yet but I imagine it will be soon.
I am oliveout on Instagram if you would like to see other pics in this app.

More snow is headed for the Deep South.
 I am staying put. Ya'll stay warm.


joy and peace

Monday, February 3, 2014

Junkin Finds

It is never a bad idea to pick up a scale or a Delft blue cow creamer. 
I doubt the creamer weighs over seven pounds though. 

This corner of our dining room is full of recent flea market, junk, and antique store finds.
 I am enamored of old beat up buckets.
 They are elevated from their humble status when planted with flowers.

That is not a garden watering can but rather a gas station radiator water can. 
If you are old enough to recall full service gas stations you may remember these. 
I would plant Blue Daze flowers in it.

I own three stick tables. 
This one has beautiful folk art painting on it. 
I was thrilled to uncover it in a junk shop buried under a large box.

The wood on this stool was incredibly dry. 
I practically gave it a bath in furniture paste wax.
 I like it's legs.

All of this is tagged for the booths and packed in the Jeep except the cow creamer. 
With my transferware  addiction-she's all mine.

I am scheduled for ear surgery this Thursday. 
I am ready for it as I have migraines and a persistent earache.

I will let you, my peeps, know what happens. 
Invariably I always create some sort of drama. 
Or Joe thinks so anyways.

happy hunting