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Friday, November 29, 2013

Wooden Star

I decided the enormous barn wood star needed a bigger wreath. I found one I had picked up at a thrift store for a couple of dollars. I think it is a better fit than the smaller pale wreath I had in the last post.

We have been working on the Christmas tree. We have issues. Gremmie, our cat, was in the tree in five seconds flat. She is about seven months old and intensely curious.

 We may not put glass ornaments on the tree this year. It may be naked. Besides that an entire row of bulbs blew out. The living room is upside down. 

The faux deer head is on the stone fireplace. 
I will do something to him. 
Any ideas? Give them to me in the comments please.

The cactus knows exactly when to bloom.
I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.
We did.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bottlebrush Trees & Vintage Trucks

 A vintage Tonka truck with one of Donna's bleached bottle brush trees lashed to it just makes me ever so happy.

Donna was shopping with me when I found this chippy white truck.
 For a minute I thought we were going to arm wrestle. 
I knew I could take her though as she just had some shoulder trouble.

 The two pretties together on the coffee table. I hope Gremmie, our cat, does not eat the trees.

Here is the five foot wide star made from barn wood.
 It is not perfectly centered but we used the nail the quatrefoil mirror was hung on.

To see how Donna bleaches the trees visit her blog Distressed Donna Down Home here.

I don't bleach trees I simply buy trees from Donna's booth. 
Much easier for me.

joy and peace

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Barn Door Tall Tale

This barn door has a story of a junking woman and a fine persistent man to tell. 
I do apologize for my grainy iPhone images. 

I  had seen the seven foot tall barn door with it's wonderful intact rusty hinges six days before and hesitated to buy it. I left the store thinking about it. I nearly called, Steve, the owner of the store on Monday last to give him a credit card number. But I held off. I had never purchased a barn door before. That gives one reason to think.

Then Donna @Distressed Donna Down Home (her post today is about our day) and I went to pick up some items from Warrenton, Georgia. On the way back we stopped by Steve's store, Uncle Junks, and the barn door was still there. I bought it. Wee. 

That was merely the beginning of the adventure. Joe was to pick the barn door up on the way to the yellow house. I called Steve but he forgot and closed early. Joe, not being one to give up, found someone to give loose directions to Steve's house. Joe drives far out into the countryside in the dark on a dirt road. He stops and asks an elderly couple, sitting on a porch, if he was going the right way. They didn't know but they get their grandson to assist in the search. 

The young man hops in Joe's truck. The two of them go to another house. It was the wrong house. Again. But the dear lady there made some phone calls for Joe. Small towns are cool. Yes? Eventually they located Steve's house. I am sure he was surprised by Joe's persistence but he drove back to the store and loaded the barn door into Joe's truck.

You see yet another reason why I married Joe.

I may or may not be banned from Steve's store.

Many thanks to Steve and Joe.

Lastly, this is the five foot long star made from barn wood I picked up in Warrenton @ Mimi T's. It was too large to fit in the Jeep so we tied it to the roof, mostly, with ribbon. Joe looked at that ribbon and raised his eyebrows. I simply said "girl power."

Thanks Holly from Mimi T's.

I'll show the star again soon. 
Hanging in our living room.
 If the barn door is still in our booth I will try for better images.

Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Suitcase & Succulents

Hello friends.
 I've been cleaning this vintage turquoise suitcase here on the deck this past week. 
I really like the handle on this one. 
The other distraction I had this week was three doctors appointments. 
Good heavens that was enough.

While we are on the deck you might enjoy some succulents.
 I leave them out all winter.

Ghost plant and antlers in a funeral basket. 
What's better than that?

I cannot think of the name of this plant but the old handmade stump
 it's on came from an estate sale and has lovely patina.

Edit: The plant is dischidia formosana. 
An astute reader looked it up for me.

I went picking with a friend yesterday and we had the best time.
 I bought a barn door. 
That's a first.

joy and peace

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chippy is Best

 The age of this chalk ware bird is not known but it certainly is chippy. 
Chippy in the best way.

Under the chippy oval frame the bird is right at home.

Have I shared this thrifted oil painting? 
We picked it up from a beauty shop that was closing.

The shade on this lamp is best seen in the shadows.

The fur kids and I are staying warm by the fire.
 Hope all of you are warm and well.

Happy Weekend

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ridge Antiques Open House

Open House in Ridge Spring, South Carolina, last Sunday, was a wonderful success. 
The street was full of people. 
The town markets the event well. 
 Ridge Antiques, where our two booths are, was busy.
We had a wide assortment of food and wine.
Chocolate wine too. 
The Talented B serves it every year.

Warning: Many images to follow

 This rusty sleigh of mine sold right away.

Mary Ann's cabinet is the center of the first room and is not for sale I am sad to say.

The primitive farm table the food is on had been sold. 
Mary Ann convinced the young couple to leave it on hold until after Open House.

These images are from our window booth.
 I am totally gone over the chippy blue mantel.

Thanks to all who stopped by.

Linking@Be Inspired

joy and peace

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gallery Wall Part Two

Building a gallery wall is a little bit like having the measles.
 It's infectious.
The pictures are spreading rapidly around this corner.

I picked up the two small vintage frames, to fill the empty frame, on Saturday at a junk shop.

These two pictures were added to the right wall recently.
 I framed the one on the left myself. 
I picked up that pretty gold frame (it had an ugly picture inside it) 
and knew it would work with that oil painting I had had for some time.
  Always keep your eye open for frames regardless of what is in them.

Stay tuned as I have blank wall space on the right corner wall.

To see the Gallery Wall Part One click here.

I am on a mini vacation and am blogging from a fast food chain.
 Having problems too.
 I lost an entire post.

I hope you are having a terrific week.

joy and peace