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Thursday, January 30, 2014

French Sign

  With plaster over metal and at about five feet in length this French sign is almost more than I could handle. I wrangled it into my Mini Cooper anyway. It just fit.

My intention was to sell it until we hung it on the fireplace. 
Game Over. Keeping it I am.
Amour Fait Beaucoup translates to love is much.

I did not aim for all that gilt in our living room. 
I  thrifted my way there. 

With our country braided rug and slip covered beach furniture it is an eclectic look. 
The whole room is not pictured because the fireplace is lit.  
All the hearth items are scattered about. 
It is still cold here and the snow has not melted.

The plaster has some damage but I don't mind.
 I have no idea of the age of this variation on the French coat of arms.  

Where did I find it?
At one of my favorite antique/junk stores.
 It was laying on a twin bed.
 Buried a bit and challenging to see. 
That gilt winked at me.

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happy hunting

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Deep South Snow

We estimate we have three inches of snow on the ground.
 We are so far south that is pretty darn good for us. 
Those of you who have frequent snow and cold are not impressed.
You measure snow by the foot.

Snow paralyzes the South. We have few to zero salt trucks. Bridges close. I once was stuck in the hospital working as an R.N. for about eighteen hours because I could not get across the Savannah River. I slept in a storage room and got up and worked day shift the next morning. 

CC, our daughter, loves snow and is seeing quite a bit of it in South Korea.

Shelley, our other kiddo, had great fun playing ball with his daddy this morning. 
Shelley captured (stole) that football from Lord only knows where.

I hope you are warm and safe wherever you are my dear friends.

joy and peace

Thursday, January 23, 2014


One would think that taking a few photos of blueberries would be simple.

Not here. 
Oh no.

Gremmie, our busy michievious kitten, started playing with the two blueberries on the towel.
 Batting them about. 
I ignored her for a minute.

That was a mistake because she knocked the entire pint of berries on the floor. 
Then Shelley, our dog, started to eat them.
It takes a while to pick up blueberries my peeps.

All that before my second cup of coffee.

joy and peace

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thrifty Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains hang from little clips usually and cover half the window. 
I made the last set for this kitchen window from a twin sheet with hemming tape.
 I do not sew. 

This pair is a simple pair of king sized pillowcases on clips. 
The eyelet ruffle adds a cottage touch.

 The previous look.

The kitchen island is busy and full of transferware as ya'll know. 
The white eyelet is calming in the background.
I found the eyelet pillowcases at a thrift store for one dollar. 
Saves me money for my transferware collection.

Even if you bought new pillowcases it would still be a thrifty window covering.
All you need are tension rods, a set of curtain clips, and a pair of king pillowcases.

joy and peace

Friday, January 17, 2014


Happy Friday ya'll.

 More red has been added into the living room because of that striped thrifted handwoven chenille rug we found last summer.  The room has a kind of red, white and blue vibe now. Yes, I left a tag remnant on the child's chair. Oops.

I have been cleaning up a storm today and am "give out" as my mama would say. 
I even cleaned baseboards.

 I also hung some pretty thrifted eyelet cafe curtains.
 I'll share them on the next post.

joy and peace

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scalloped Pedestal

How about those sweet scallops?

Where did I find it?
At a junk shop. 
It was kind of beat up. 
I have put stain on it and polished it.

I really don't know if this is a plant stand or a pedestal.
 No matter. 
I like it and it is an old piece.

I hope all of you are well. I know I have not been around the past few days.
I have been literally driving for days from this and that appointment. It turns out my ear which I mentioned three months ago has not healed. I will be having surgery soon. I have been having headaches and a fairly constant earache. It will be good to resolve this problem.

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joy and peace

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Folk Art Male Bust

I frequent this wonderful antique store where I almost always find
 unexpected and delightful items.
 This male folk art bust is one of those.
 I think it was carved with a pocket knife.
 It is not old but the detail is remarkable.

It is signed and dated 1985. 
The bottom states it is pecan wood.

Look at the detail of the spinal column
Pretty amazing.

In that same shop I found a small vintage fish vase. 
I like the rustic colors. I also found a large sign which I will share later. 
If it's big and heavy and difficult to transport-Olive wants it.

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happy hunting

Monday, January 6, 2014

Broome Closet Booths At Ridge Antiques

Hey ya'll.

How are you doing on this cold Monday?
 I realize many of you are hunkered down in snow, ice, and cold that I cannot imagine. 
I pray you are safe and warm.

Since I last showed you our Broome Closet Booths we have acquired a third booth. 
We are busy. And blessed.

Lots of images to follow. 
If you stay with me you are a peach.

Beth painted this French Country coffee table. 
I love it.

Our back booth is chock full of vintage mirrors. 

You know I must have some cloches.

My back is aching from moving this large old dining table last Saturday.
 I feel like I have been moving furniture for days. 
That's because I have been moving furniture for days:}

Please  come see us any time Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Monday.

Ridge Antiques
Highway 23
Ridge Spring, South Carolina

Next post will be about a folk art male bust that I was fortunate to find.

joy and peace

Friday, January 3, 2014

Flowers: Best Images 2013

I grew all the flowers photographed here except for the little impatients in the last image.
The images are in no particular order but represent my favorites for the year.

Happy New Year