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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Dining Room

This buffet was in the huge hallway at the old house. 
We have had plans to move it to the yellow house for a long, long time.
We finally picked up the heavy thing on Saturday and put it on Joe's pick-up truck , The Saloon.
His truck smells like a saloon (cigarettes and desperate old guys), he bought it used and and we name all our vehicles.
I can hear you lovers of  white furniture out there saying "paint it." 
That is not happening my peeps.
If you saw the wood grain up close I think you might side with us. 
This does make for a lot of dark pieces in the dining room but remember most of the furniture in the big open room right beside here are white.

Now we have another place to store Joe's mother's china and our Ballerina dishes shown here.

We found Mr. Swan on Friday at a consignment store. We also bought his mate!
I think they need painting.
I cannot believe we bought something else to paint.
You know how I feel about painting ( I only paint every other Tuesday in cool month that is odd numbered).

For now our spooky little girl print stays.

We also have a new dining table gifted to us by Bob and Sue, Joe's brother and sister-in-law. 
They bought it at a garage sale for almost nothing and refinished the table top.
I asked her if I could pay her for the table and she replied " there is not enough money for all the work we put into that table." 
Well okay.
My bad.

This dining table is a much better fit in this space than the other one and we turned the table in a direction that makes sense for the way we live, opening the door all the time to get to the deck.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Joe And The Art of Non-Arrangement

A shelf on one of Joe's sheds at the old house.
Let's call it Joe And The Art Of Non-Arrangement. 
He does it very well.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magnolia Seed Pods On the Table

You, my dear readers liked my photo of the magnolia seed pod, two posts back.
So Joe and I picked several off one of our trees, at the old house, and took them ,to the yellow house, and plopped them in a bowl.
 This is something that we would not ordinarily do.
We consider the pods a nuisance as we run over them with the lawn mower and they fall all over the lawn and make a big mess.
Now that we have used them as table decor we will do it again.
You readers are very smart.

In this image the seed pods have been in the bowl for forty-eight hours and the pods are drying out so the red seeds are emerging. In the photos below the pods are closed.

Can we say we have slouchy pillows? The striped ones are down and very comfy.

The candle holders are Southern Living Home via The Rusty Gate the store where I consign items.
The bowl is from Willliams Sonoma for seventy-five percent off or we would not buy it. 
The little cloches are both from Goodwill for one dollar each.
Marble coasters were recently found at an estate sale.

Yes, that is a small skull. We were scattering pine straw in the yard this spring and it fell out of one of the bales. Joe started to toss it but I said let's add it to the duck mandible and the scrabble letters. He said "Why not?"

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She is filling in for Sherry from No Minimalist Here who is on vacation.
Do go visit her and party on♥♥♥

Edit: we think the skull is a black fox squirrel

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Monday, August 22, 2011


Estate sale finds from Saturday

The hand painted tray was $7.50. I bought it to sell it but I really like it and the more I look at it the less likely I am to sell it.

The little topiary tree and burlap pillow are Goodwill finds. I know I have told many of you that I broke up with Goodwill last year. A new Goodwill opened, near the yellow house, with a book store and the prices seem to be more reasonable so I am dating the Goodwill again.

I need to find one more tray.
Joe and I have bought a lot of books from Borders, which is closing, and they are taking over the hearth, the room, and the house.

Joe found two very large fish bowls of shells for $12.00. We had a lot of fun sorting through them. I was able to fill a large cloche with the smaller ones.

Some small coral was still my heart.

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