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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Italian Mirror

We hung our large  Italian mirror over the buffet. 
I am quite proud we got around to this task as we are covered up in Darling Mini Wee's and our Cindy Lou kitten.  Not two foot from this buffet the house is a bonified wreck but you will never see it.

The often seen funeral baskets have pride of place there in the center, Joe's mother's foot stool is on the left with a newly acquired bust from the Peach 23 sale. I obtained the vintage glove mold from that sale as well.

I wish all of you a lovely Sunday. 
We are taking the Wee's to church then having a birthday lunch for Joe.

In other good news CC has been accepted at the Korean University and we are in a flurry of activity obtaining insurance, a visa, and a plane ticket. 
She is thrilled. 

joy and peace

Monday, June 24, 2013

Love Multiplied: Our Kitten

Meet Cindy Lou.
 She is less than one pound, is maybe five weeks old, and has captured our hearts. My sister rescued her. One cloche and it's contents have been broken so far. She is a dedicated climber.

Shelley adores her. He has been sleeping outside the laundry room door where she sleeps and practically will not leave her side. Shelley is gentle with her. We were worried about that at first. He likely thinks we brought her home just for him.

Love Multiplied In A Tiny Moving Ball of Fur

Happy Monday

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Starfire Lily Not Stargazer {Oops}

Edited Post
The Starfire Lily is a fascinating plant. I knew it was a starfire lily when I initially wrote this post. I had stargazer reeling around my head and information on starfire on the bar. Thanks to astute readers I stand corrected. It's a bulb you plant partially above the soil line. It grows rapidly. It is in the amaryllis family.

It took about four days to fully form this sphere. It shot up fast after all of our recent rain. My friend Miss Nola gave this bulb and another one to me. If you see one of these bulbs buy it and enjoy what it does.

happy gardening

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hydrangeas Arranged Three Ways

 Nikko Blue Hydrangeas are resplendent on the kitchen island in a vintage pitcher I picked up at an estate sale.

For this arrangement I used a flower frog to hold the blooms in an ironstone tureen.

These hydrangeas are in a vintage Magoon's Creamery milk crate {the light in the dining room is awful y'all}. I found this crate at the Magnolia Ridge Farm Sale  in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. There is about two inches of water in high ball glasses in the divided sections of the crate.

 I also have two inches of water in the other containers.
 The flowers will dry in the water and that helps them maintain their color.

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joy and peace

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From Zero to Two Booths In One Hour

This is a story of two booths but more importantly of two friends. 

Several weeks ago:
Sunday night: The Talented B asks me to partner with her in her booth, The Broome Closet At Ridge Antiques, in Ridge Spring, South Carolina.

Monday: Jean from The Rusty Gate calls and says she is closing her store where I have consigned at for several years. Jean is also my friend and this was awful news

Monday: Minutes after above phone call The Talented B calls and says the owners of the antiques store approved me joining her booth.

Monday later: Jean and I talk and she encourages me to open a booth at a local flea market at Hidden Treasures in Sandersville, Georgia where she will be in July. My partner there is my SIL Sue.

 I know God had his hand in this flurry of phone calls and sudden changes. I am blessed to have wonderful loyal friends like these.

Two weeks ago Joe and I set up the flea market booth. Essentially I have been getting items and shopping for two booths simultaneously . 
It's been fun, crazy, and exhausting. These two booths are one hundred miles apart by the way. The saving grace is our houses are near each one.

These images are all from Ridge Antiques. Our booth is named The Broome Closet.  Talented B had a store with that name and the owners of this business invited her into a booth here. The Broome Closet is on Facebook here.

 She's something serious. She restored this dresser. She also paints furniture beautifully. I will be sharing her painted furniture on this blog.
 Oops my iPhone is not for sale.

Talented B has an enormous stash of monogrammed linens in the booth.
 I love vintage monograms.

I have some questions for you all who have booths. 

When do you do laundry?

Where do you find time to blog?

When do you vacuum?

I am curious, yes I am :}

Just to add to all these "goings on," as my mama would say, I have two spider bites resulting in severe cellulitis. Also our daughters from Alabama are arriving Friday and bringing the darling Mini Wee's who are staying for two weeks!

{next post is hydrangeas arranged three ways}

joy and peace

Monday, June 17, 2013

Estate Sale Pottery

Good Monday Morning Friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Father's day weekend. Joe, CC, and I did. I took Joe to brunch at Juniper in Ridge Spring, South Carolina after church. We had shrimp gumbo and magical grits I tell you.

 Then we went to day two of a terrific estate sale where an interesting woman was moving to Hawaii and did not wish to ship her vintage and antique items. Lucky us. Hence I obtained the white tureen above.

The platter is from France and is a charmingly crazed old piece. The little green pitcher is Western Stoneware from Monmouth Illinois. I cannot find this piece anywhere online to date it or determine it's value. Right now ebay has only seven Monmouth pieces for sale that I could locate.

How about a little estate sale bling? This necklace, likely from the 1950's, is gorgeous. The earrings are not bad either.

This vintage evening bag appears dirty but it is actually some sort of patina on that surface which may be ivory or bone. It is much prettier in person.

I want to thank all of you who commented on the last post Tied To A Place. Those were the best and most well written comments I have received since my Hold Everything Lightly Series.

{Later today I am off to take photos in regards to my good news.}

happy thrifting

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tied To A Place

All of these images were taken in the mountains of western North Carolina last weekend. 

 The last image of the decaying moss covered roof is my aunt and uncle's house. They have been dead for quite a long time. It saddens me no end that not one of their many children{they had 14 kids} or grandchildren could save the house.

Do I feel more tied to that place than they do? 
Maybe so.

Do you feel tied to places from your past? 
Tell me in the comments.

In Olive Out news I have been up to a lot lately and have some good news for y'all.
 I will be posting about all that next week. As a result I have not been able to party like a rock star or visit like the friend I ought to be.

joy and peace

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wire Cloche {gilded shells}

Can you see my small gilded shells? Look closely, they are in there I promise. I have more shells that I gilded but I need to apply gloss enamel to them.  A week of rain has slowed me down in myriad ways.

I have had the wire cloche and basket urn for a while but decided to add the antler, rope ball, wine corks, and shells.

This is my favorite gilded shell. I left the end alone and am glad I did. I used Martha Stewart Gilding paint. The paint has to be glossed as the silver is real silver and will tarnish. 

Please note that this paint is extremely toxic and really you should use it outside. I was outside and still got a fantastic headache while painting with it.


joy and peace

Monday, June 10, 2013

White Window White Crib

In searching for  my teenage haunts in Murphy, North Carolina Joe and I ran across this house that was having a moving sale. It is part photo studio and the owner was gracious enough to allow me to photograph this beguiling window and crib.

The view is charming. The whole street has houses like this one. I used to visit an old Victorian house  here with my cousins.

All of these items pictured were for sale but were quite expensive.

I did make a few modest purchases but not of the white variety. I bought vintage chicken feeders.

joy and peace

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Purple Flower Passion

Butterfly bush, a hybrid hydrangea, and a clematis are all in our flower garden.

Joe and I will be away for a time for a family funeral.
 My sweet uncle has gone to heaven and his body is being buried beside my grandmother in the mountains that he loved.
Y'all have a lovely weekend.

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joy and peace