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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thanks Bunches

Thanks bunches to all of you who expressed concern for us.

The strong storm system that came through the South was milder by the time it came here.  More than two hundred people lost their lives in the tornadoes and flooding.
I have been awake off and on since the wee hours of the morning  and then I cooked {a lot} to work off my nervous energy from all that lightning. Joe is at work and says the roads are in good shape and he has not come across any downed trees.

My flower garden did get watered {2.5 inches}.

Sea Pinks

We are thinking and praying for those who have lost loved ones and their homes in this vast and powerful storm system.

grace surrounds us

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A View

A view from our window.

We are so thankful that every room has a beautiful view.

Joining Kim for Wow us Wednesdays.

grace surrounds us

Monday, April 25, 2011

Never Buy More Than You Can Carry If...

Garden ornaments are finding their way inside our houses.

One, I found this weekend, is not going outside any time soon. He is too regal.

Look at David.

 I went to a garage sale Saturday and that lady had many wonderful things. She could not have been thirty years old and she must have been selling three hundred cook books {not to mention design and garden books}. I had trouble carrying David and a large urn I bought down a hill and into the street but was quite determined to succeed. Never buy more than you can carry if you are alone and parking is horrid.


All this stuff on the table, plus five Henckel knives, were thirty-five dollars. The seller was just glancing at what you had and announcing one lump sum. I can do that!
I got two Pottery Barn pillow covers, several PB kitchen towels, a table cloth, two books, a white quilt and a duvet cover and shams. The large white urn is now in the window seat.

This pillow cover appears to be vintage.

The pillow looks very pretty on the living room sofa. It even has touches of PINK in it. I still like pink darlings.

I am not keeping all these goodies. Some will be sold this weekend or be placed on consignment.
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grace surrounds us

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Walk With Us In The...


It makes us think of Easter. Really it does. The large cross. The tombs.
"In the garden was a new tomb that had never been used." John 19:41

I did visit here last year so please forgive me if the images are similar. We like the Old City Cemetery a lot. It has many Civil War graves and Joe and I like to ramble around in it.

The little details are so sweet on the headstones. The children's graves are very sad. Many more children died one hundred and fifty years ago than they do today.

This is my header image and  how the roses were oriented on the stone. It was not planned. Hardly anything is.

This dove makes me think of He who is Risen The Prince Of Peace.

"They found the stone rolled away from the entrance of the tomb..." Luke 24:3

Joe and I look forward to a lively church service of about one thousand people in the morning and then one thousand more in a repeat service. The music will be stunning. We wept at Christmas {or I did}.

We wish you a lovely Easter with your family and friends.

grace surrounds us

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Annuals, Perennials and Inbetween

Salvia, Gerbera daisy, begonia, and a mounding rose I have not  identified.

The salvia is a wonderful perennial.

The Gerbera daisy comes up every year...I thought they were annuals. They are sold here as annuals.

This is a sweet little rose, growing by the deck, that we can see out of the kitchen window. Do you know the name of it?

We painted our pots black because they had some issues. We all have issues. That's why I apply mineral make-up!

We are waiting for the day lilies and the princess spirea to bloom. You can see the lack of sufficient brown mulch in this photo.

This begonia is another annual which is not an annual. It comes up every year. Cool yes?
The little salvia here is one of my rescue plants. It was nearly dead from over watering and for one dollar I thought I could save it. After twenty-four hours in the ground it recovered nicely.

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grace surrounds us

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Rose Metaphor

The first blooms.

Straight out of the camera except for sharpening.

We must enjoy these Knockout Roses now. The deer will likely eat them during the night.

It is sort of a metaphor for life " live in the moment" kind of rose.

I have left the yellow house and the flower garden and I am back at the old house with Joe.

The flower garden is at the mercy of the elements and the critters.

grace surrounds us

Monday, April 18, 2011

In With the Brown and Blue

In with the brown and blue.

Out with the pink.

I do like pink my darlings, I was just over the horrid pink rug with the blue butterflies. We had that very nice wool rug with a Greek key border for eight years and I wanted a less formal look. The living space at the yellow house is right off the deck and the flower garden and we are outside, via the almost French doors, all the time and the rug needs to take a beating.

Nita at Mod Vintage Life does pink the best. Please visit her blog as her Tudor home is charming and best of all so is Nita.

It is an outdoor patio rug and we like that. Some of you astute readers of Olive Out had suggested a natural fiber rug in another post when I was carrying on about the pink one. I do pay attention to every comment. After all this is porch rattan furniture {all from a garage sale}.
The print, on the stone fireplace, is framed in a metal frame and that is important and really the main reason we bought it other than the bluish gray coastal image. The fireplace causes wood frames to get very hot. We are looking for an interesting large metal something  to hang up there and we will know it when we see it.

Joe and I found the old leather suitcase at an estate sale. Joe thought me kind of nuts for buying it but that is not unusual when we thrift together. It is quite heavy and I sat it down here when I brought it in the house and like it so much right stays!

The cost of the transformation:
Patio rug $35.00 garage sale
Coastal print $5.00 garage sale
Little footstool .50 cents
That's at total of $40.50

The living room in all it's pink glory.

You cannot see the butterflies in this image...that is a shame.
We still have a few touches of pink here and there. Joe has a piece of modern art {not shown} that stays of course and it has a lot of pink.

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grace surrounds us

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pink Is Banished and We Talk Mulch

I have banished pink from the living room at the yellow house.

The horrid pink rug with butterflies has been replaced with a natural fiber rug. The tremendously large floral pink print on the stone fireplace is gone too. Woot.

This is one of the few pinks I am liking right this minute.

The flamingos at Zoo Atlanta.

I find real pink flamingos oddly soothing and not like the plastic trinkets one finds all over the place.

We have been so busy this weekend. We went to estate and garage sales in the midst of a pending storm that kind of fizzled out. Then we had supper with friends and today after church we worked in the flower garden and planted rescued plants. We got so little rain I had to water all of the garden. Did you know you can never buy enough mulch? We bought four bags of brown mulch and it was just nothing. Silly us. I went back and bought eight more. I do not like red is too red. It reminds me of red clay. Normally we use pine straw {cause we have about fifty pine trees anyway} but thought we would switch it up in one little area. 

What do you use for mulch?

If the sun is right and the stars align and so on I will photograph the new rug and the living room in the morning.
Secretly I hope for rain.

grace surrounds us

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Creeping Jenny that is.
Did I get you?

 I love em.
I saw this one on my neighbor's mailbox last summer.

Fancy yes?
I love the Creeping Jenny paired with the Begonia in the flower box.

This is a before image {grainy with wee little camera} when I bought the perennial last September for half off at my favorite nursery.

And this is now. This is the truer color. Chartreuse baby cakes.
 Creeping Jenny can tolerate temps to below negative 30 degrees so it lives outside all winter.

It's tumbling on the patio pebbles just fine too.

Creeping Jenny is a hardy perennial and look at the wonderful growth I have had in seven months!

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grace surrounds us

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Country Church

A Country Church
I took these photos this weekend in the midst of visiting our family member who was suddenly in the hospital.
 I had little sleep and forgot to get the name of the church! It was Methodist I think. Our family member came home late Saturday night and all is getting back to normal now.

 This reminder of Easter is classic.

Red arched them.

Do you have a country church you love? Have you photographed it?

grace surrounds us

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chippy Wire Umbrella

We are finally home, after four cities in four days, one of those stops was a family emergency and we are very tired.

The biggest city was Atlanta and we finally got to go to IKEA. We bought a blue and white striped hammock and it looks great.

 So let's look at some more estate sale finds if you want to!

The chippy umbrella came from an estate sale that took checks. Woot. I made a tower of items, those green baskets from the previous post were found there too. Joe bought tools. Imagine that.
The little Dutch pitcher was four dollars at the splendid sale from two weeks ago. And really I behaved because there was an entire shelf of these blue and white pieces.

I did spray the umbrella and wire baskets with some clear polyurethane to prevent further rusting.
Yes it is broken but I do not mind one bit.

The needle point purse was found at the Salvation Army last year.
Thanks bunches for visiting my Window of Light, that's my name for the window seat.

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grace surrounds us

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Estate Sale Finds Arranged

The little metal flower arrangement I bought at the estate sale, noted in the previous post, was placed on the round coffee table just for giggles.

I like it there.
I paid .33 cents for the little flowers.

These photos were not planned and you will see why. Newspaper hanging out and a....

cat {Clovis} there on the left soaking up a sun beam. I had to move fast but quietly to not alarm him.

The wire basket behind him is vintage and a recent purchase from an estate sale also.

I bought two of these large green wire baskets.
  Clovis is squinting...bless him.

Now I am off to place many other items on consignment. Yes, I have crossed the line and I sell my junk finds now. It was bound to happen. I cannot keep all these things I find.

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grace surrounds us