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Friday, May 31, 2013

Peach 23 Yard Sale

In the morning at o'dark thirty The Rust Godess, CC, and I are heading to the Peach 23 Yard Sale on Highway 23. We plan to start in Ridge Spring and go as far as Edgefield, South Carolina.

The Rust Godess {Donna} has been to this sale before. I asked her {horned my way in is more like it} if I could join her as she is an expert. Plus she has an SUV she could put a coffin in. 

I likely will not take many photos during the yard sale as it is hard core but I will take photos afterwards of our goodies for you.

Happy Friday

Thursday, May 30, 2013


 I sat on the deck with the camera and snapped some of the activity around me while I painted shells yesterday. Gilding shells is not for wimps {I am a wimp when it comes to strong odors} as the paint is toxic. Shelley Boo was watching over me.

 We always have birds flying around the deck and hummers at the mini feeders every minute.

This is the basket I chased the snake out of and tried to save the baby birds from.

 For those of you who had never seen a Walking Iris this is what it looks like at dawn. Where it is touching the ground it will make another plant.

We continue to find toys buried on our property. It's exciting to dig them up.

Sweet potato vines are in my favorite pot.

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joy and peace

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Talented B's Porch

I have a new friend that is destined to be a blogger. She paints beautiful furniture, thrifts, has an antiques booth,  a beautifully decorated home with a mix of new and vintage, and a wonderful front porch with flowers which you shall see today. 

For the purpose of this and future posts {and there will be more posts} I am going to call her The Talented B.  She uses a copious amount of purple flowers in pots around her steps and front entry. It makes for a cohesive look.

One of those chairs is on each side of the door. The Talented B found the chairs at a yard sale.

Purple petunias and white verbena were planted the day I took these images. They will spill over the sides of the urns.  An urn is on each side of the garage.

The side of her house is planted in pink hydrangeas which are about to be in full bloom. For hydrangeas to be pink here they must be hybridized because our soil is acid.

One more just because.

I will be taking photos of The Talented B's office and guest room make over this summer. Plus the rest of her home eventually. A blog authored by The Talented B would be brilliant.

joy and peace

Monday, May 27, 2013

Vintage Suitcase and Fishing Tackle Box

A vintage white suitcase and a small fishing tackle box are two unlikely items to pair together. 
But I think they work when stacked like this. 

The metal fishing tackle box is brimming with fishing tackle too. 
I am selling it just in time for Father's Day.

To see another set of my thrifted vintage suitcases click here.

I hope all of you had a lovely long weekend. 
Thank you to all veterans who sacrificed for our freedom.

joy and peace

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Walking Iris

Walking Iris (Neomarica ) is a strange plant as far as iris go. The plant has secondary plants that appear to "walk" away from it. The blooms are much smaller than a Bearded Iris.

Smaller but beautiful still.

My specimen is a bit burned because it is on the hill, at the yellow house, and does not get watered frequently. Nevertheless it has about seven blooms on it despite this gross negligence.

Do not hesitate to add Walking Iris to your garden space.

We have family visiting this weekend. We will be cooking together, thrifting, and generally having a blast. See y'all on Monday if I don't check in sooner.

happy gardening 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vintage Sign: Pig's For Sale

Pig's For Sale vintage sign was purchased in Ridge Spring last Saturday. For now it is resting on the deck where my garden tools are kept. I might need to clean it. Or not.

I am looking for a vintage Eggs For Sale sign too.

I almost bought a large Peaches sign at the farm sale but changed my mind. 

Do you like vintage signs?

Do you have vintage signs?

Do tell.

joy and peace

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Southern Farm House

The farm house at Magnolia Ridge in Ridge Spring, South Carolina is a splendid southern home with a large barn and several outbuildings.

A double gliding swing is on the front porch. I have not seen many of these.

These gates were for sale. How about that?

One of the outbuildings has red chippy paint.

The barn is large and tall for the South.

To see vintage toys from the farm sale click here.

To see one of the vendors vintage items click here.

I also took many pictures on Instagram.
I am oliveout there.
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joy and peace

Monday, May 20, 2013

Antique Gathering: Magnolia Ridge

The Magnolia Ridge Antique & Art Gathering took place Saturday in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. This pale blue chippy tea kettle planted with impatients could not be sweeter except it was sold already. Every woman who walked into this booth picked it up. 

This area, arranged between the corner of the barn and a plowed field, belonged to a darling couple Jim and Judi Keith {Recycled Treasures} of Modoc, South Carolina. Judi had arranged wonderful and thoughtful vignettes. The remaining images are from their area.

They had many chippy ladders, windows, and columns.

Even a pink ladder. It would be perfect in a bathroom with towels on it y'all.

This turquoise door would make a perfect photography backdrop. The vintage metal flamingo is not bad either. Your yard is incomplete without one ya know.

To see vintage toys from the sale click here. I did not purchase the two toy trucks in yesterday's post. I was occupied with two cameras and that way I buy fewer items.

To see Donna's images from the sale click here.

joy and peace

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vintage Toys

What is better than an old rusty Tonka dump truck? More rusty trucks? We saw quite a few vintage toys yesterday at the Magnolia Ridge Antique & Art Gathering in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. It was held at a working farm and it was a beautiful site for such a gathering{more on it in another post}.

This truck is in excellent shape. Can you see a wee tree lashed to it at Christmas?
 I can.

This chippy pink child's chair was not for sale but was on one of the rear porches of the large farm house.

These are a child's vintage rake and hoe. I had to have them and snapped this image with the price still on them. I was tuckered out. Shopping with my buddy Distressed Donna Down Home is not for wimps. She does not move fast but glides effortlessly to the finish line. Lunch at the famous Juniper's was delicious as always.

 I have another friend who has a booth in a antique store that we love there in town. Suddenly Ridge Spring is one of my favorite places to visit.

I will have more on the farm antique sale, beautiful southern house, and outbuildings in upcoming posts.
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joy and peace

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Turquoise Spray Paint Transformation

I was armed with a can of spray paint over the weekend. It was a welcome relief from trimming shrubs {forty?}. I painted this candlestick. It was gold. A overly gold gold if you know what I mean. Lacking any patina whatsoever. I thought turquoise might pop on this piece which I paid little for at a garage sale.

I am going to sell it. Eventually.  I placed it down in the den, which I hardly ever show you, and I have taken a fondness for it.

It is the exact fit between the three crosses I thrifted recently. The difficult part of selling is letting go of items you want to keep. The solution to that conundrum is to keep them for a few weeks then sell them.

In further Olive Out news Joe and I accomplished much over five days. The large corbels on the house were painted and gutters repaired. We still have not finished with the shrubbery. Joe accidentally trimmed our Asiatic lilies. Men and power tools are dangerous. Especially when tired. However the flower garden is getting more sun and ventilation. The bunny rabbit has eaten the Black Eyed Susan's. I see the bunny several times during the day. No more snake sightings thankfully. The birdsong is lovely and normal. Life sweet life.

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joy and peace