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About Olive

Hi, I am Olive and welcome to Olive Out. 
This is the place where I share parts of our life. 

Joe Is the Man Behind The Blog.

We do have two houses. 
One is 150 plus years old very tumble down and filled with spiders. 
We live in that one.
I am Joe's wife but the old house is Joe's mistress. 
He loves that old house. 

The ceilings are twelve feet high and the windows are seven feet tall with bull's eye molding.
I do not photograph the old house much because it is dark cave like and the plaster walls are peeling and shed dust every second.  
The living is primitive.
The house does have great bones we just do not have $500,000 to re-store it.

Joe and I bought a little yellow house, about seventy miles away, a few years ago and it is still a work in progress. 
It is completely furnished in second hand finds. We stay there on weekends, holidays and it is pictured in this blog because it has windows and light.
It also has a wonderful yard where I grow flowers and roses.
We have the best neighbors ever.

We operate several local antiques booths near our yellow house.
 I also sell on consignment at a store close to our old house.
We love estate sales and garage sales, not to mention thrift stores.
I think Joe is more zealous than I am and sometimes I cannot get him to call it quits on Saturdays.
We just joined a church near our yellow house and are active members and love love the music.
I tell you the parking lot vibrates on Sunday's.
At first that was a little alarming but not any more.
We love the people too!

We have an adult daughter who is in college, an adorable German Shepherd, and an incorrigible cat.

We both adore blogging, although I write them, Joe reads your blogs too. 
He keeps up with many of you.

Thank you for reading this missive.
Perhaps you know us better now.

Blessings, Olive