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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Olive Out Best Images 2013

From Vintage Toys post in May here.

I thought I posted this image in Southern Farm House but you can find a similar one here.
I bought a new computer in the spring and locating my images is building my character. 
Enough said.

Wire Cloche {gilded shells} here.
By the way our island has been viewed more than any other topic 
I have written about or photographed here on Olive Out.

The  mailbox image is one of my favorites indeed and tugs at my heart. 
It is from Tied To A Place here.

The island again. I almost did not buy this rack, whatever it is, but it works. 
See it here in Kitchen Island With Vintage Dish Rack.

The gallery wall in it's early stages. It has expanded. 
Find it in Gallery Wall here.

Ridge Antiques has become a huge part of my life thanks to my dear friend Beth. 
I love this stack of crates in Bob's booth read Primitives and More here.

Friendly Village China In A Toolbox here.
Blogging has been tougher for me this year than any other but I am not stopping. 
I love each of my readers and all my blog brings to me in inspiration and encouragement.

Next post will be my 2013 flower images.

Please read my post sponsored by Kaplan and Blogher here.  
Spend "thirty minutes" with me in the center I worked in as an R.N.

joy and peace

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

Bottlebrush Trees Take Two

Bottlebrush trees have been placed on the three drawer antique chest. 
The gallery wall has had some additions since you last saw it.

This bottlebrush tree is likely from the early 1950's.
 I picked it up at a garage sale. It was a fabulous find.

Gremmie is sitting in front of the "nekkid" tree with not enough lights. 
She is more important to us than a decorated tree.

This bottlebrush tree is new and I am not crazy about the base. 
I have placed it in a tarnished monogramed bowl.

I recently purchased this tree at an antique store in Madison, Georgia
It was not expensive. I placed it in an old piece of pottery.

You can see more of my bottlebrush trees lashed to vintage trucks here

Don't miss my post "Thirty Minutes In The Day Of A Registered Nurse" about meningitis here.

Thank you for your sweet sweet comments about South Korea Girl in my last post.

Happy Christmas

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

South Korea Girl {CC}

South Korea Girl is not coming home for Christmas.
 It is good news though. Really. Many of you have asked about her in e-mails and in comments. She will complete her semester at Sogang University in Seoul this week. She studied Korean and Asian history. She loves South Korea. CC has been studying Korean for over a year here in Georgia but there is no substitute for total immersion in the culture.

She had been fervently applying for South Korean internships. She was interviewed for two in the last two weeks. Time was drawing near for her to fly home and it was making me anxious. Flying to South Korea is expensive and she would have to fly back for an internship.  

Being a mom I was caught up in the myriad of details. What about a visa extension? What about the plane ticket? What about approval from her home university? What about the cold winter?

CC was in perfect contrast to her mother virtually unconcerned about all of the above. She had met with a missionary couple and arranged to live with them if an internship happened. She arranged to help them teach orphans. She felt that God strongly wanted her to stay. She was and is resolute. I am proud of her faith and in awe of her.

She accepted an internship at Seoul University to work at a museum. 
She will be helping a man there with his English as they work and he with her Korean. We continue to talk and text, for free, via Kakao Talk. It is a free app that hardly ever cuts us off. The winter in Seoul will be nothing like CC has ever experienced. It can get in the negative numbers. We live in a state where coats are optional.

The image above is of CC (on the left) and her now roommate. I think they are adorable. Her roommate is from Georgia and also attends CC's home university. They did not know each other before this South Korean semester. They can continue their friendship when CC returns.

I tried to pull some images of Seoul and CC in the snow off of Instagram but could not. She is coffeeaddict0021. She takes a lot of pictures of Korean food, coffee and historic sites.

We will miss her terribly at Christmas but we will be fine. I will be fine. I am happy for her.
Thank you all for asking about her.

Please read my sponsored post from Kaplan and Blogher 
Thirty Minutes In The Day Of A Registered Nurse.  
It is a true story of a sick young man I cared for.

Happy Christmas

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Friendly Village China In A Toolbox

Two of my favorite collectibles are paired here on the bar. 
Transferware and an old toolbox. 
The transferware is Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers.

It has lovely winter scenes on its plates.
The snow on the plates is about as close as I am getting to snow.

Don't laugh at the bow. 
I made it and I am horrible at bow making.
Okay, laugh.

 There is a back story to the long roofers toolbox.
 It was purchased at the Gordon Farmer estate sale.
 Mr. Farmer was on American Pickers in 2010. 
He had warehouses full of antiques at his local business near our yellow house.
The lady I bought it from was happy with my vision for it.

I did not go to the sale because I thought it was likely out of my price range. 
I bought this toolbox, still full of roofing nails, from an antiques dealer about two weeks ago.

Nails out-transferware in!

{That Buddha under glass makes me think of South Korea Girl. 
She loves Asian art pieces.}

The toolbox is a big long piece but I knew immediately when I saw it it was perfect for our bar.

Wishing you a peaceful day.
 I was out in traffic and am beyond thrilled to be home with my fur kids.

Thanks bunches to all who have already stopped by.

Happy Christmas

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thirty Minutes In The Day Of A Registered Nurse

I was working as the nursing supervisor of the Family Medicine Center on a busy Thursday afternoon. The center saw about two hundred patients a day. The center was a resident training program and also had medical students. It was brimming with people all the time. Because I am a registered nurse I routinely checked in patients for the doctors. Family medicine doctors see patients from infants to the very elderly and deliver babies. It was an exciting place to work where anything could happen. Fourteen nurses staffed the center with two supervisors. The center was divided into two sections and five or six doctors would be seeing patients on each side. That made for ten doctors seeing patients in the morning and ten or twelve in the afternoon. It was barely controlled chaos due to the sheer numbers of patients we saw.

On that Thursday afternoon I went out to the lobby and asked a young man in his twenties back into an exam room for a senior resident.  I saw immediately that he was incredibly ill. I put him in the first room available by the door. He should have gone to the emergency room but it was far too late for that discussion. It was not unusual for our patients to come in while having a heart attack instead of going to the emergency room. I quickly took the young man's blood pressure. It was low. His pulse was rapid. He had a high fever. He had a purple rash all over his arms. He was not fully alert. His neck was stiff. I started a large bore IV and opened the IV fluids to flow freely. Then I quickly went after the resident.

I told the resident about the patient's vital signs, that IV fluids were started, and that I suspected meningitis. I know nurses do not diagnosis patients but after you have seen an acute illness many times it is not difficult to at least presume in the absence of a spinal fluid specimen. The doctor immediately stopped what he was doing and quickly went to exam the young man. He thought it might be meningitis as well. But what kind? Hard to say without doing a spinal fluid tap. He had me start IV antibiotics. He quickly talked to his attending physician. The decision was made to send the patient to the emergency room. We placed the young man on a stretcher and rolled him the short distance to the emergency room. Our center was part of a large university teaching hospital and adjacent to its emergency room. All of this from the time I greeted the young patient to the time we took him to the emergency room took approximately thirty minutes. Maybe less.

 The family medicine staff and I, who had contact with the patient, had to take Cipro, an antibiotic, just in case the young man had a contagious form of meningitis. That was not the first time I had been exposed to a contagious illness nor would it be the last. I had taken Cipro three times while I was a hospital charge nurse for seventeen years. We later found out that the young man fully recovered. I was afraid he was going to die. He was acutely ill and in shock while in our center. He did have meningitis but it was not a contagious form.

My days at the center were, thankfully, not always that eventful but my education and nursing experience prepared me for those thirty minutes.
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kitchen Island: Christmas

Our kitchen island is the heart of our small kitchen. 
It's filled with trasnferware. 
It could stand to be thinned out but not today or even next month.

Gremmie dines on top of the island and that way her food is usually safe from Shelley.

The Maxine nutcracker cheers me no end. 
I found her in an antiques booth a long time ago.

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of Christmas.

To see the front of this island with it's old window click here.

Linking@Be Inspired

Happy Christmas

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Country Christmas House

The images speak for themselves. 
Our friend's house in a small South Carolina town is chock full of primitive antiques. 
They have a log cabin in their back yard for goodness sake.

I want to get back to the house, in the spring, when the garden is in full bloom.

Do forgive my fuzzy and rainy iPhone images.

Happy Christmas

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas House Tours

Hello my lovelies. 
I have been all over Georgia and South Carolina recently snapping Christmas images.
  In The Rain.
If I do not get a sunbeam soon I may require an antidepressant.
My mood is affected by the weather.

This is the garage to the yellow house. 
I love it. 
Yes, I could live in their garage.
That is a climbing rose around the window.

This is the truck in the garage! 
Over the truck and not visible to you is a chandelier filled with branches.
I am taking inspiration from this look and will fill my chandelier, on the deck, 
with branches when I get the chance.

I forgot to mention this house was not on the tour.  
Many do not allow photos-bummer.

The garden shed is cute too. 
Joe darling, can I get one of these?

The white sofa with red accents was in The Mad House, a small cottage, we toured.
 It was my favorite house on the tour. 
With that name and with my continued absence I imagine you guys thought they kept me {wink}.

All images taken with my iPhone.
All images from historic Madison, Georgia.

Next post we will visit a town in South Carolina and my friend's house
 filled with primitive antiques.

Happy Christmas