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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Den and Family Treasures

 The den at the yellow house is kind of bare.

We are still fiddling with it.

We paid twenty-five dollars for the sofa at a garage sale.

It has the best roses but you might just have to climb out of it when standing.

The coffee table was made by my father.

The wood of the coffee table is two hundred years old and daddy made the table without nails.

We have a twin to this table that he made that is more narrow at the old house.

These teapots are CC's Granny's.

I arranged them on the tray with a vintage carpenter's tool.

Every man who sits in this room wants this little measuring tool and asks why it's on the tray.

It's on the tray because it has beautiful patina and is dated 1873.


I like my bokeh on the above image and have no idea how I did it.

I have not taken photos of one item we bought at the estate sales Friday.

But I will get right on it!

I am joining Marty for Table Top Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life.

grace surrounds us


  1. Miss Olive can I come sit on your couch and visit and have coffee and laugh?
    It looks like a wonderful place to relax.

    Bokeh is a mystery isn't it?

    Love to you Olive,

    White Spray Paint

  2. I love your treasures Olive. How sweet to have family pieces...I know, because we have a lot, and I treasure them too. Awesome coffee table too!

  3. Beautiful print on the couch Olive! Lovin' that great carpenter's tool too! The next time a guy asks why it's there, pick it up and bop him with it... then he'll know:@)

  4. Hey Olive! I think that measuring tool is darn sexy! Love the coffee table and couch. I want to know how your daddy put together that there table without a nail? The men in your family seem so, uh, talented..... Hope I haven't gone beyond PG13 here, but this post cracked me up as well as made me pea-green with envy! Ann

  5. Well, really, duh.....why else except that it is wonderful!!

  6. What a happy room.... I love that table. There's just somethin' about old wood that speaks to the heart, isn't there?

    Bokeh - that's a fun word. Just looked it up. I like your bokeh too.

  7. What cute little teapots, Olive, and I want that carpenter's tool too!...Christine

  8. Hi Olive, everything looks so pretty... that couch looks super comfy and I love your family heirloom coffee table... your teapots are so pretty too... the yellow one is my favorite!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. I'm with The Boston Lady - how is it put together without nails? Is it like one of those mind challenging puzzles? Love the sofa. The print is gorgeous.

  10. Ann & Pam, dad put the table together with wood pegs.

  11. Great post ... thanks for stopping by my site. My dad was a fine carpenter and a cabinet maker. That table is a treasure! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oooh Olive I adore the tool and how fun to have things from your family PRICELESS my friend..Hugs and smies Gloria

  13. Oh that couch is so yummy with the pretty roses and pillows you picked to accent it! What a neat tool to have on the table and how blessed to have this table that was made by your father's own hands!!

  14. Hi Olive,
    So beautiful!!! And I sure love those precious!!!

  15. I love the contrast of the delicate china with the vintage carpenter's tool...great trayscape!
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  16. What a glorious room with so many treasures! I just love your coffee table made by your daddy. Just like old furniture used to be made with all dovetail joints. Wonderful! xx

  17. Olive, thanks so much for visiting! You have a lovely blog. I have read several posts already. I would be honored if you followed me.
    Thanks again. bcp

  18. How could anyone see that couch and not just get happy? What a deal, and a small price to pay to have others give you a hand at climbing out. I LOVE IT! The teapots and tray and the man thing are all just beautiful together!
    hugs and lots of love,

  19. That vintage carpenter's tool is wonderful and I would want it out on display too!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. So much I want to say! The china teapots from you granny are wonderful, as is that lovely table that your daddy made. What beautiful wood and, like you, I adore that old carpenter's tool. It all adds up to a beautiful tabletop.

  21. Oh Olive ~ Good score on that sofa. such a pretty color. The room looks so bright and happy.

  22. I think the tool is a wonderful counterpart to all the feminine patterns the room sports.

  23. DUH that carpenters tool is scrumptious.Of course it should be in a place of honor. Silly


  24. Your coffee table looks wonderful Olive! And i love your thrifted couch!

  25. Love your tea pots and that wonderful old tool! What a wonderful thing to have a piece of furniture that was made by your dad. Your sofa sure is nice and colorful for spring, too! ~ Sue

  26. Olive,

    I love the room and what a treasure the coffee table is. The teapots and the antique tool are wonderful together. Thanks for sharing today!


  27. What a lovely vignette! I adore the yellow teapot.

    Have a wonderful Fat Tuesday!

  28. Oh Olive, what amazing treasures! That is one impressive looking table and how wonderful to read that your daddy made it, that's makes is extra special! That antique tool is to die for!


  29. Oh that sofa is to die for!!! I adore the floral pattern...feminine yet elegant!


  30. Wow! what a great deal on that pretty sofa, Olive! Your room looks very cozy and warm.
    A great place to visit, with a cup of tea.

  31. Olive, I can't believe you got that wonderful sofa for $25! What a deal. Maybe you could cut a board to put under the cushions for more support. Love the floral pillows. How wonderful that your father made that beautiful table. The carpenter's tool IS so cool, and I would display it prominently too. (I also love a door I see in the background). laurie

  32. Who doesn't love a slouchy couch? Your Gran's teapots are sweet. How wonderful for you to have that table with all the treasures on it!

  33. I love your vintage carpenter's tool. How completely cool is that? Very cool!!!

    That's so special to have something made by our father. And without nails? How clever.


  34. My husband was very taken with the vintage carpenter's tool which I just had to show him!

  35. I love unexpected bokeh! and unexpected vintage tools on trays of teapots. Good job, Olive!

  36. So blessed to have tables your daddy made.
    I used to have a very similar rabbit and I love yours in the cloche.
    Now let's get down to business...I want that carpenter's tool thingy!:-)
    How cool is that thing?!!!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    I'm going to Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale...yea!

  37. Well, a girl can never have too many roses and your couch is gorgeous. What a great find! The table your father made is exquisite. What an incredible talent! Beautiful. I love how you have mixed the delicate teapots with the carpenter's tool...perfection. That tool is another great treasure.

  38. What a great table!
    And the couch looks so comfy.


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