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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Country Church

A Country Church
I took these photos this weekend in the midst of visiting our family member who was suddenly in the hospital.
 I had little sleep and forgot to get the name of the church! It was Methodist I think. Our family member came home late Saturday night and all is getting back to normal now.

 This reminder of Easter is classic.

Red arched them.

Do you have a country church you love? Have you photographed it?

grace surrounds us


  1. YES!...I changed out the flowers @ Kirkland United Methodist Church cemetary yesterday(I took Photo's).

    I love this church,and the cross with the "PURPLE" robe, this is the season we celebrate the "KING".
    Love this post.
    Lazy on Loblolly

  2. Beautiful pics! Love that red door.

  3. what a beautiful church, and in such great shape. Recently I went to the church my grandmother went to as a child and took alot of interior shots.
    Hope your family member is doing well.

  4. Yes we do have a country church we love and I did photograph it sometime back. I love these pictures Olive they are gorgeous!

  5. Glad you family member is now getting back to normal, Olive. Isn't that Church beautiful and, like you, I absolutely love the shape of the doors. Look at that beautiful blue sky. The photos are so professional looking! They could be made into postcards.

  6. Hi Olive! I'm sorry to hear about your family member going to the hospital and I'm hoping they're doing better now. That is such a lovely little church - that arched red door - pretty spicy for a church don't you think? I love it! And those stained glass windows! Love seeing the cross and the purple to remind us of all our dear Jesus went through just for us.
    Now, Olive, you are one of my snap heroes. Your photos are always so beautiful. Maybe when I grow up (mentally :) I can take pretty snaps like you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. You always take the best pictures. The red door is perfect. It says, "Here is the door come right in." Hope all is well with your family.

  8. Beautiful church and pictures, Olive! I often wish I could take a picture when I am driving by a pretty church.

    Happy Wednesday!


  9. Beautiful old church. I love the windows and door. I can hear the people singing while the doors are open for the breeze on a hot summer morning. Have a great day Olive. I see you've been having some luck at the estate sales and yard sales. It's so much fun scavenging at those yard sales.

  10. What a lovely church, Olive. The archways compliment the windows and doors perfectly. Ann

  11. It is, like everyone else said, Olive - lovely. Someone out there is taking a lot of care of it!

  12. The red arched door is lovely and I love the unusual turret style steeple.

  13. Oh Olive, what a beautiful church. I love the red door! You take the most gorgeous pictures.

    Have a wonderful day,

  14. Olive,
    The church is beautiful. It does look Methodist, doesn't it?
    Thinking about that great wireless mouse idea of yours....thanks!

  15. I love looking at pictures of old churches. They are very peaceful and tranquil to look at. Plus they have great architecture. Love how the pointy arched door matches the pointy arches on the porch.

  16. Hey girl....I love old country churches! The pics are just gorgeous! I hope your family member recovers quickly sweetie...take care and thanks so much for coming by....Picket

  17. Beautiful! Brings a good feeling. Love churches and always take pictures. Glad your family is better and I hope they continue to improve. Behave now:-) Vicki

  18. What a lovely church. Yes, I have a favorite country church. It's in the northwest corner of Connecticut where I spent a lot of time. It is a very New England type church, white with a tall steeple. I took pictures years ago but haven't a clue where those pictures are now.
    Olive, I love your new banner. It is so cheerful and defines the spring season. Beautiful!

  19. What a beautiful church. I would love to see the inside, too!

    I am glad that your family member is on the mend.

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration and also for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments about my garage makeover!

  20. adore the photo of the cross with fabric in the wind- belongs in a book.
    lovely sentiment ....


  21. What a beautiful church!! Love the red door! Such a great piece of architecture!!

  22. A gorgeous church, beautiful photos! The cross and robe are glorious; really love seeing this!
    It seems many Methodist Churches have these same amazing red doors. Loved your creeping Jenny and can't wait to see your new living room!
    xoxo Debra

  23. I hope your family member is ok?
    We don't have any churches in my area as pretty as this one. Love that red door! Vanna


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