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Thursday, May 5, 2011

His Mama's Hips

Is it Batman?


It's Clovis.
He has his mama's hips.

This is my all time favorite image of Clovis.
He sits in the window and longs to go outside and of course we let him outside for a while.

Linking with the magical Debbie of Debbidoos for Lucy's Pet Partay.

grace surrounds us


  1. Hey those are my hips too!~ Clovis is a real beauty! Thanks for sharing Olive with Lucy's party. Have fun!~

  2. Don't you just love cat butts. They get smaller when the stand up and walk around. Mine doesn't do that? Clovis is a cutie!

  3. Clovis is a great name and looks like a snuggler! These pictures make me miss my cats we had years ago!

    Well you know I don't get the award for being the great mom and buying her that bunny! I win the award for "You didn't choose these pets but uh, you're the one who has to take care of them!" Funny how I never wanted any of them and they all love me the most, go figure!

    I read through some old posts and you are a good photographer. What kind of camera do you use? Love that neat paved path of your neighbors, so cool!

    Now I'm gonna follow you and your blog, :)


  4. lol about the hips. Clovis is awesome and so pretty, I love his name and I love your name Olive too!

    Lovely blog !!!

  5. With a title like that how could I not come see what you were up to this

    Clovis is beautiful..and I have to tell you on my sidebar your top picture of Clovis shadow looked like a 50's bathing suit to me guess I should put my glasses on now..
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  6. Hi Olive! Well, we must be cousins - those are my hips too! :) Clovis is darling!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Whoa...move over Cat Daddy. There's a cooler cat in town. Fab photos.

  8. That is so funny. I have hips myself..looks like Clovis loves the view

  9. Clovis is a cutie, and I'm not talking about anyone's hips:@)

  10. I love that name,Clovis. He is obviously a very well loved moggie! Super photos. Loved the line about he's got his mama's hips! LOL!!

  11. I always love to see a cat sitting at a window. It's just where they should be! Clovis is just gorgeous and quite mysterious in that first fantastic picture. Ann

  12. Clovis is indeed a love. Great pictures and I am sure this is his favorite spot.

    I got tickeled at your comment about not knowing what to put under your cloche. Since you have the same huge one, just put half the house under it. lol How about a stack of books, a toy, grouping of candles, floral arrangement, statue, clock or just anything you can find. It all seems to look good. Hope that helps. Hugs, Marty

  13. Clovis looks so regal and handsome in his window! Beautiful photo - I see why it is your favorite!
    He is gorgeous!

  14. Oh those are great pics of Clovis...he is one great lookin' feline!


  15. You know how I feel about Clovis. I think I must love him. He is so beautiful!

  16. Olive, Clovis makes a great subject for photographs, and I love your sense of humor. laurie

  17. My girl kitty has hips like that too! When she sits with her belly facing you, she has a cute pear shape to her! :)

  18. That IS a wonderful photo, Olive! Clovis is a beautiful cat!

  19. Love the C-Cat. a really handsome dude, Have a wonderful Mother's Day, dear heart!
    xoxo Debra

  20. Ahhh...Thanks for
    sharing your fur-baby
    with us. Hope you got
    to see your daughter today,
    too! Happy Mother's Day.
    xx Suzanne

  21. Oh Olive, what a precious picture of Clovis! Awesome photographs!


  22. I love this photos, Olive...I was expecting to see a dog making that shadow. Of course, Clovis looks almost big enough to be a dog, and he is just a lovely boy!

    I had a good chortle at your friend Pam's butt comment! Hope you had a wonderful weekend...:)

  23. I ran across your blog this morning and LOVE it!
    I look forward to reading more!

  24. You have such a cute blog Olive!! I will be back soon to visit!


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