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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rice Station

I created a rice station in my small kitchen last week. 
I removed a large stand mixer, which gets used during holidays, and put the rice in it's place.
 I cook brown rice or quinoa at least three times a week. 
I use a rice cooker which I do keep in the pantry because it is big and 
can make sixteen cups of rice if needed. 
I make eight cups of fruited rice and it disappears at our small group meetings for church.

The jars are organized on a 1970's tray made in Japan that I just adore. 
I have two of them.
 They do not really blend with anything else I have but sometimes it does not matter. 
Live with what you love and it all works out.

The brown rice is organic.
 The quinoa and puffed rice mix is from Costco but you could easily just cook quinoa by itself.
 The mushrooms are dried shiitakes. 
The McCoy cookie jar holds our coffee filters.
 Every item on this part of the counter must have a function.

If I can get it worked up {I throw random amounts in there my darlings} I will share my fruited rice recipe soon. 
I simply do not use recipes really unless I bake.

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have a blessed sunday


  1. Dear Olive - I love all rice dishes, and especially like using dried fungi.
    Did you miss my post on how to make round photos?

  2. Miss Olive, what a nice thing to do, I'm sure they love it! Sounds scrumptious, would love for you to share that recipe with us! I do know what you mean, a pinch of this and a handful of that! Great post~ Have a blessed day~

  3. Hi Olive, I love your rice station, what a fun idea!... please DO share your recipe soon!... and I love that you actually use everything you have out, not just display... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. I love rice and have been making it more often too! I hope to hear about your fruited rice:@)

  5. We eat a lot of rice, too. All dry goods go into sealed glass jars as soon as they arrive to deter meal moths. I like a kitchen full of glass jars.

  6. Clever, attractive, practical. I'm going to try quinoa ~ does it cook just like rice?

    1. Very quick and not hard to cook Susy. It is high in protein and can be used like rice in a recipe.

  7. It not only looks pretty, it is functional too!! Look forward to reading about the fruited rice.

  8. Heck I want to eat at your house SOON!! That rice is a work of art. I need to try more than the white rice and brown rice I usually cook with. I love all the color and texture. Yes, share your recipes. I need some.

  9. Olive, I have never heard of fruited rice and look forward to seeing your recipe for it. Displaying your rice and dried mushrooms in clear containers is very pleasing to the eye. Like you my counter space is minimal and every inch counts! Ann

  10. I love rice with tons of sugar on it. Sort of takes away from the healthiness, I think. I didn't know they made rice cooker though. That certainly would make it easier to make.

  11. What a clever idea, Olive. Sometimes we make our counter pretty, but they are just not functional. You have managed to do both! Everything looks so pretty in glass. Can't wait for you to get that recipe worked out, sounds delicious!

  12. I love the look of jars filled with cooking ingredients! It just adds a touch of old-fashioned charm to a kitchen. :)

  13. What a neat idea! Thanks for your visit!

  14. Hi Olive, Even your variety of rice and containers make an interesting and attractive vignette!!
    Mary Alice

  15. I like how organized your rice station is. I've never used quinoa. I'll have to try it sometime. I'm looking forward to your fruited rice recipe.

  16. H Olive, Thank you for stopping by and your nice comments

  17. Love brown rice and quinoa too. Your rice station looks great!!

    Susan and Bentley

  18. I've never had quinoa - you have to do a post about that. Plus any rice recipes. I love rice!

  19. What wonderments can be cooked up from those containers. Richard from My old Historic House.

  20. I have jars just like those on my counter tops filled with daily needs...I too only put what is handy on the counter top!!Great idea to put the filters in the cookie jar! have a wonderful day!!

  21. Your new station looks great and is so practical as well.

  22. What a clever idea. It is so important to use your kitchen space in a way that works for how you cook. My stand mixer goes back in forth in it's place on the counter vs. cupboard. That recipe sounds delicious. Hope you share it soon.

  23. I'd love to see your fruited rice recipe.

  24. Hi sweet friend!

    I just got back from
    my brother's, where they
    also love rice. In addition,
    we ate farrow and also
    wheat berries, which are
    delicious grains, in case
    you want to try something

    Love the rice station.

    Happy Sunday,
    xo Suzanne

  25. Proving it doesn't take a fortune to create beautiful...just a really good imagination.
    Love it.

  26. Olive, My counter space is limited too. We eat more rice around here than potatoes. I like seeing the rice in those jars. Smiles,xo, Susie

  27. Hey lady,
    I see your little 'no awards blog' button...but......

    I still awarded you the Sunshine Award.....your blog is just too good not to mention you in my blog list...
    hope your not offended by it.....


  28. I did a coffee station like that- grinder, beans, travel mug for hubby, on a cute skinny tray :)

  29. Such a great idea. I love the have the foods that I use a lot out and on display, I think they are so pretty. Love the different kinds of rice, always one of my favorite dishes. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  30. I like your rice station Olive. I didn't know that you could put brown rice in a rice cooker.

  31. I heartily agree that if you love something, in your eyes it matches everything perfectly. Your rice station sounds like it'll be a great time savers. Thanks for the rice recipe; I found it! Sounds soooo good!

  32. Love brown rice, and you have displayed it beautifully! Your station sounds like a good idea and time saver. I have mixed beans and peas on display in canisters.

    Hope to see you at Potpourri Friday!

  33. Such a great display of your rices.

  34. Rice is my weakness. I love how you displayed everything. Wonderful!


  35. Wow! I never heard of a rice station before but how useful since we all eat rice. New to your blog from Savvy Southern Style and a new follower.


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