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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cat In Charge

Clovis, our cat, is master of his known universe. 
He certainly tells me what to do.

He took over my favorite foot stool without remorse

He lays in my neck while I attempt to read the newspaper.
He frequently lays his head on my right wrist while I type.
I use the hairdryer to blow cat hair out of the laptop.
He has had fourteen years to learn to behave like a two year old and he is very good at it.

may joy and peace surround you


  1. Hi Olive!
    (Still crazy for your masthead.... that scrolly border gets me ever time I stop to visit!)

    Your furry fuzzy baby Clovis is too cute! I used to have three different yellow tabbies, Muff, then Spencer, and then Dudley. I miss them all, but especially Spencer. He was my soul mate of a cat!

    I somehow prefer cats with stripes and your Clovis is just the sweetest!!

    Thanks for sharing him with us!

  2. Clovis apparently knows all the best spots in the house, including your neck. He is just gorgeous! Love how he stands out amongst the white in your living room. Ann

  3. Clovis knows a good thing when he see it.. My 2 brat kittens have learned to open doors. They had mini almond biscotti during the night, in the living room.. The little brats didn't even bother to shut the pantry door back upon leaving the kitchen. Have a great day .. any muffins left? hugs from Savannah..

  4. I love your sweet Clovis because I have a kitty who looks just like Clovis. Mine is named Henry, and he is in my lap right now along with my laptop. Henry is 10 years old, and I hope you have many more years with yours.

  5. Aww, cute kitty! How can you deny him? He looks perfectly content on his footstool! As I type, with my feet up on my new ottoman, my "velcro" kitty is laying across both arms.

  6. Clovis looks so content! What a great room for him to get comfortable in! Stopping by from The Polohouse link party.

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams

  7. Hey Olive,
    it's just amazing to me how these little creatures can take over! we are a new kitten home. his name is vinnie and he owns my hubby! me,oh he could care less about..but when it comes to my husband...vinnie is in love!

  8. Hello you!

    This is one GORGEOUS room, Olive. And Clovis is a heart breaker. I have a thing for orange cats, lol!


  9. Clovis is a darling. At his age he should rule the roost! Love your room!


  10. everyday I think more about getting a cat . My little dog died last April and I have been without any pets since then. I have always been a dog person however I just might be hearing a meow in my house soon

  11. Hi Olive, I am visiting from The Polohouse. Your cat is very cute. Your home looks lovely. Very warm and inviting. xo

  12. Sooo very cute! He looks like a really sweet cat!

  13. Such a funny post about Clovis. He certainly looks as if he is king of all he surveys! What a lovely cosy looking room you have there, and Clovis is a very beautiful cat.

  14. The last line made me laugh out loud (almost - I snorted which is quite a bit for me when I am sitting in a quiet house). :)

  15. I used to have 2 orange kitties and they were the sweetest things in the world! Your cat is just adorable!

  16. Clovis, Clovis, Clovis! I cannot resist him! Cats always know the best seats in the house, and help themselves to it!
    XOXO to the Handsome One!

  17. So cute! I love his bright coat.Thanks for sharing Joann

  18. Your post made me laugh. Clovis sounds like our cats. What's up with sleeping on the neck? I wouldn't think it would be comfortable but they do it anyway. Love them too!

  19. That Clovis is a handsome old guy. Love his marmalade color. He seems to have found the best spots in the house.


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