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Friday, March 23, 2012

~planting frenzy:succulents and sedum~

In my recent Planting The Petunias Frenzy {say that fast several times}
 I managed to relocated several pots of sedum and create a new pot of succulents.

This was a hanging basket I removed the chains from and lined with a new cocoa shell.
 I use half potting soil and half cactus potting mix because these need good drainage. 
Cactus potting mix drains well and fast.

I hope the succulents will be happy on our chippy 1960's patio set.
 More pink paint is peeking out through the black paint of the patio set. 
It must have originally been pink.

I transplanted two sedums into this planter from other planters and added three new succulents.
 I had creeping jenny here but it crept out and onto the patio rocks and seems to like it there better. 
All three of these can be left out during our mild winters in the Deep South.

We still have creeping jenny{money wart} in two large urns in the front of the house.

To see the Petunia hanging baskets I made inexpensively click here .

Tell me what you are planting or moving about in your garden?

joy and peace


  1. I love sedums - they are so easy to grow. What have I been moving today? Well, I have been weeding my flower borders. Couch grass has wound it's roots around a lot of my perennials. I've had to dig quite a few of them up, pull the couch grass roots out and then replant them. I've managed to divide quite a few plants, so if they survive, should be quite good

  2. Beautiful Olive. I have been planting petunias too all day! I love your succulents.

  3. I'm still digging so no planting yet. The third week of May is the safe time to do planters here. I have a couple of those hanging baskets and may copy you. ~ Maureen

  4. Hi Olive, I love your planters!... I grow succulents here too, they are all that will survive on our patio out back in the 100+ degree Summer sun... love Hen and Chicks!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. I have that same patio set in white.

  6. Sedums are great - you can plant them, virtually forget about them, and they just keep multiplying. Today I put some bright coloured Ranunculas in a terracotta pot with a kingfisher coloured glaze, so hope they soon look bright and cheerful.

  7. Love the succulents. WE are spraying weeds and getting things ready to pant. Still a ton of clean up to do. Hugs, Marty

  8. No planting here, yet, although I do have some daffodils in bloom. The temperature will be dropping again so I hope the plants that have started to spring up adjust to the change. Yours look happy.

  9. My sedums are getting really big already...some of them die back during the winter...they have come back with a vengence this Spring. I think your patio set would be awesome if pink again...what fun!!

  10. Olive, I just planted some pansys this week. I have never had them. They seem to be hardy in cold even.Well hey, that is the plant for me. I like hardy, hate to fuss over things. Smiles, Susie

  11. I planted snow peas and I'm still debating about taking out the strawberry garden (which does look sad this year)... gotta figure that out this weekend. Best of luck with your transplants:@)

  12. Ooh ooh!
    I do love succulents.
    Yours are wonderful and I think I have the same wrought iron dining set. I love mine.
    Mine was originally bright green-

    White Spray Paint

  13. Succulents are just such cool little plants - I love them. Hens & chicks are my fave. We traditionally do not plant until Memorial Day here. With our early spring, it is so tempting, but we could still get hit with some 'winter'. All that to say, please keep posting your photos - it gives hope to we Northerners!


  14. Hi Olive. You are SO lucky to have mild winters. I've lost several nice lavender plants again this year, although our part of England is much milder than many other parts. I am just cutting the lawn and tidying up everywhere at the moment, because our summer plants don't go out until middle/end of May, but I shall be planting up some pansies this weekend. They always give such a show of lovely colour.

  15. Love the succulents, I am revamping my yard this year and want to plant them also. Way too early for that here even though the weather has been summer like.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  16. Love your baskets and dining set. A great look.
    I've transplanted some daylilies so far, and done prep work for a garden. Next week I hope to plant carrots, spinach, transplant some lilies and spiderwort....

  17. girl, you HAVE been busy, and I have to do some of this Sunday, weather permitting. Things are looking great down there!!

  18. Well, Olive, you have inspired me with the succulents as I have several in a mini greenhouse leftover from my son's wedding last fall. I've been afraid to plant them outside. Sun or no sun? What about rain as I know they are arid plants. Love the pink peeking through the black. I've not gotten into planting recently as I have been hauling things out of our attic like crazy. My lone rose bush, however is doing well and for that I am happy - waiting on my Hydrangeas. Ann

  19. I love a good sedum. I keep going to the nursery thinking they'll have some plants, but they're stilled filled with just pansies and a few choice perennials. I have petunia envy I think!


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