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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage Easter Basket One

I found not one but two vintage Mexican Easter baskets recently. I bought this one, yesterday, at a local community thrift store that my sweet neighbor volunteers at every Wednesday.

The chalk lamb happily belongs beside the old Easter basket I think. In the next post get ready for a pretty vintage tablecloth and some hot pink accents with the second basket. I have not put together an Easter basket in ages. I am rusty but CC is coming home Friday and I thought "Why not?"

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  1. Olive, what a great find and can't wait to see the next post:)

  2. Great old basket! Your children are never too old for an Easter basket!

  3. OOoh - I can't wait to see the next post!! I bet it will be fun.

    Love the darling little chalk lamb.

  4. Oh...I really need to pull out Mr.CC's Easter's a twin to yours. Have fun filling it up.


  5. I think my childhood Easter baskets were like this one.

  6. Hi Olive. So glad that you will be seeing CC again soon, and I'm sure you will have a lot of fun making up those Easter baskets. Perhaps you and CC could do one each? Can't wait to see those hot pink accents!

  7. I bet CC will be so excited over getting an Easter basket! I think that's one thing you would never outgrow!.


  8. Of course you must! Love the lamb nestling close by. Ann

  9. You always have the best thrift finds!! Love the basket and I'm doing a basket for my daughter this year, it has been a few years for me to. I have garden envy, so nice you can work outside already. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  10. Love that lamb. I collect the old Mexican baskets, also, though I have trimmed my collection to one of each size and the ones my brothers and I used each year. Happy Easter!

  11. Hi Olive! OH, your baskets are great and that lamb! I love that lamb. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Nice Olive!! Now to fill your basket with goodies!

  13. This basket has
    the best shape
    and color! I love
    making EB's and
    my kids still LOVE
    to receive them.
    I have a feeling
    I'll be mailing one
    to my daughter,
    next year : )

    How fun that CC is
    coming home this
    weekend. Enjoy!

    xo Suzanne

  14. I'm sure she will love it! I still put together a basket for our youngest son and just love seeing him excited to go through it. That's a great vintage basket for you to use.

  15. CC will love an Easter basket, especially one made up with a beautiful vintage basket!
    I haven't made a Easter basket in years either, but my grandson, who just turned one, will be getting one from me this year!

    Loved you past posts of your flowers, I am ready for spring too!

  16. I love your basket because it make me think of Easter and my Grandma. She had several big baskets like that, I still have. She was always carrying something like food or china in them for some meeting. The easter basket I had from her was the same look. Thanks for making me think of happy memories!


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