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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Church Pew

 Cades Cove, last summer, inside a beautiful country church. 
Think of all the souls who worshiped from this pew. 
We had a beautiful time in church today, with CC, between the two of us. 
Good times y'all.

To see more Cades Cove images click here and here.

Happy Sunday


  1. I love your photo..brings back some good memories of Cade's Cove..
    Love, Mona

  2. Lovely to have CC with you - enjoy your time together.

  3. Pretty image of the simple church pew. Enjoy your family time!

  4. How simple but there for the right reasons. So many people complain today of the padded pews not being comfortable - wonder how many would have survived those?


  5. Love the light coming through the window on that old church pew.
    Have a beautiful week with CC.

  6. Cades Cove is such a beautiful place. I know you must be having a great time!

  7. the hubby & i have been there. neat place. ( :

  8. Beautiful photo. God is in His house.
    There's no way sinners could fall asleep on that seating. Makes you wonder how many souls were saved sitting on that simple pew.
    P.S. I'm also wondering how parents kept their kids from squirming around during services. Besides not having cushions, they didn't have "children services" either back in the day.

  9. Oh my Olive, such a beautiful place. So enjoyed your links, I can see why your family loves going...

  10. Such a lovely photo. There was a church pew in my local mission thrift store last month! At that moment I wished that I had a large house because I would have loved to buy that and use it. Think of all the prayers and blessings it would have inside its old wood....

  11. I think this is the same church where I have my son's photo standing in the doorway. I love the Mountains this time of year - or any time of year for that matter!

    Such a nice photo.

  12. I have a photo very much like this from a Cades Cove church. It is a very special place. I am a new follower! I see you mentioned on many blogs I follow and finally decided to visit your blog. Love it!
    hugs, Linda

  13. Seeing that church pew old and almost worn out, I can imagine how many people who already sat there. I think it needs some revamping to make it look new again. Anyway, this is a beautiful church pew. You were able to capture the serenity of the place. ->Earnestine Kettering


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