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Monday, November 1, 2010

Project Genesis

Approximately seventy-five percent of my clothes are purchased at thrift stores or garage sales.

I lost so much weight last year I gave away every item in my closet and replaced them with second hand clothes.

Do I look like an oddly dressed person because my clothes are thrifted you ask?

No Lovey!

I find many name brands barely used or new and I look just like any body else and maybe sometimes better!

A gal can hope:)))

I returned a pair of pants to a big box store this morning because I felt I paid too much.

I usually pay five dollars or less.

How does this impact my corner of the world?

I am not increasing demand for new goods and I am contributing to charitable organizations when shopping at thrift stores.

Every tiny contribution counts.

Please visit the talented and wonderful Suzan from Old Grey Mare at Project Genesis for more.

grace surrounds us



  1. Oh Olive, you sound like me! I have gone down 3 sizes since last year. I have donated so many clothes. All my "replacements" have been thrifted. I really can't stand the full retail price. I think I can create that look for a whole lot less!

  2. I admire you...sometimes I may pick up a few thrifted items for my sons, but I am a sucker for sales at the big stores!


  3. I'm sure you look lovely in whatever you wear Olive! Well done you on losing the weight! I don't have that problem - I can eat and eat, and never seem to put on any weight! Must be the genes, I guess.

  4. I think thrifting is the way to go...I went to Salvation Army thrift store last week and they had 10 for $10 on clothes. I actually bought wool items there to wash and use in son works as a manager mantor at Good Will, and they are all about creating's a great charity, so by us shopping there, we are employed thousands of people who are disabled. Have a great day!!

  5. Congrats on your weight loss! How fun, I love thrifty shopping! I love the challenge of it and the unique OOAK finds~ How did you lose your wt?
    I am trying to lose a few before the holidays hit!

    Thanks for visiting me! I am glad you, too are a thrifty gal ;-D

  6. Another good side of this is that you don't look like everybody else.

    I can't bear everybody being squeezed into the same chain-store mould.

    I bet you look a million dollars....if not a billion!


  7. Savers is my daughters favorite place to shop for clothes, and me? I just never buy anything new. I have clothes older than my daughter!

    Thanks for joining PG again!



  8. from one goodwill gal to another...some of my favorite blouses came from there! it's funny, when someone compliments me, on one of these blouses, they are usually shocked when i tell them where i bought it. i am proud to shop there. you should be proud of loosing all that weight...congratulations!

  9. You are so right about finding good clothing buys at the thrift stores. Many of the charity thrift stores I frequent have their clothing racks displayed better than retail stores.
    Congrats on losing so much weight last year....I know it's hard work!

  10. Congrats on the weight loss. I think thrift shopping is fun. I find lots of good clothes at the Salvation army. I also donate lots of good stuff, so I know there are some nice things to be found.

  11. I cull my closets on a regular basis Olive and donate to Goodwill and Dress for Success. My clothes shopping rules are
    1 - If one thing comes in; one must leave
    2 - Do I like the 'new' thing better than what I will have to get rid of.
    3 - Can't just like it...have to LOVE it.
    Good for you for making a healthy change in your life.

  12. Congratulations on your weight loss, I am struggling to do just that right now! We both posted about thrifting for pg, HOW FUNNY! This is why I love blogging, meeting like minded people to share with! Theresa xoxo

  13. Hello Olive... I shop for bargains wherever I go, usually TJ Maxx... I look at their clearance clothes and very rarely pay full price for anything... I do take my clothes I don't wear anymore to my favorite little consignment shop... then the money I make from there I donate to one of my animal funds... makes me feel good!... congratulations on losing weight... so hard to do sometimes!... xoxo Julie Marie

  14. That is awesome Olive!! And I am not a slave to clothes, so I think thrifting for clothes is great and makes sense!

  15. I bought a pair of brand new boots at the Salvation Army for $8.00. I wore them last night out to dinner with friends. Evey single woman complimented my boots...I just smiled and thanked them!! I didn't say where they came from because they would had never believed me anyway!!! LOL!!!

  16. This is a great idea and I bet you look great. Thrifting clothes is pretty big here too, in fact, the priciest store has started taking their own clothes back from customers on a consignment basis. And it's hugely popular!

  17. You GO Girl!*!*! Most of my clothes are from the thrift store also ~ except once in a while I "Splurge" at Anthro!!! Soooo proud of your continued weight loss ~ good work Olive!!!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  18. Hi Olive...

    Congratulations on the weight loss, my friend! Ohh...I feel so guilty right now! I have an entire wardrobe sitting in my guest room closet...clothes all too small! I haven't donated them yet...hopefully I will be able to get back in them and donate all my larger sized clothes! The perfect plan! Hehe! My friend, I have seen some really beautiful things at the thrift shop...why pay more when you can get the same thing for less? Doesn't make sence to me! I also think it's a "good thing" to contribute to the charity thrift stores...another perfect plan!!!

    Thanks so much for coming by today for a visit! I enjoyed your sweet note, my friend!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  19. Well congrats on the weight loss! Good idea to donate the stuff you couldn't wear. Sadly when I am in the thrift store I walk right past the clothes on my way to the housewares section, I should stop and check out what they have.

  20. Well done you for both the weight loss and the clothes shopping.
    Thanks for your kind words on 'News From Italy'

  21. Good for you on the weight loss and what a perfect solution for the in between stages. I've shopped thrifts for a while but only recently begun buying clothing. Love it!

  22. This is awesome!
    As you know, I avoid
    China-made and it
    is a whole lot easier
    if you avoid THE MARTS
    and thrifting is one
    way to do that. Do you
    think it is okay to
    re-purchase m.i.c. items?
    I'm on the fence. If
    you buy them second hand,
    you aren't fueling the
    demand as if you were
    buying these goods from
    a store that purchases
    them directly. Hmmmm.
    Congrats on your weight
    loss, amazing girl!!
    xx Suzanne

  23. Congrats on the weight loss! I have lost a lot this year also....different reason though...and I am desperate for clothes....but I won't pay those high prices....I have to have a coupon and them be on sale before I even will consider it!!

  24. I'm with you, Olive! My clothes are all bought second-hand, and people are always complimenting me on how I put things together. I prefer to spend money on important things like books and art supplies, though I've found tons of those at thrift stores too. Sounds like you and Joe spend your time off the way my Mike and I do...and don't we have fun...:)

  25. Good for you! We should all follow your example.

  26. Good for you!
    There are some bloggers who endlessly boast about their Anthro wardrobe, but I think you can find not only better bargains but more cutting edge style when you buy secondhand.


  27. Hi Olive! First of all - congratulations on your weight loss! That's wonderful and I know how hard it is to lose weight. It's great that you can find nice clothes at a bargain! I've looked at some of our thrift shops around here and the clothes aren't very nice. Maybe when I'm out of town I'll find something someday.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. I'm glad you like grey. Me too! ....did you guess that?!! I've always loved it, since I was a little girl.

    My favourite shades, though, aren't just plain old grey, but greys with hints of another colour, preferably green or blue or both, underneath.

    I could stare at those for aaaages!

  29. First of all...Congratulations on your weight loss! That is a huge accomplishment. I lose
    a few and gain a few. I am very frustrated.
    Some of my favorite clothes come from thrift stores. I have several Ralph Lauren blouses that I paid less than $10 for each. I love a great find!


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