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Monday, June 27, 2011

Accidential Vegetable Gardeners We Are

We grow vegetables and fruits accidentally.

No effort on our part was put forth.

All we did was have a compost pile that we were not faithful to turn over now and again.

Look at what we have growing.



There are a lot of watermelons, five tomatoes and one pineapple plant (cool beans) growing in this spot.

These plants, up on the hill right beside our burn pile, are apparently pumpkins because this is where we threw our Halloween pumpkins and busted them up for the critters to enjoy.

Note the pumpkin seeds here.

This beauty is a Patio Peach tree that we planted yesterday along with two fast growing flowering cherry trees. We dug a lot of huge holes and we are tired and sore but it was worth it.
We also planted Yellow Lollipop day lilies, vinca, and pursaline.

We transplanted these passion flower vines about two weeks ago from the woodsy edge of our lot to alongside this bird feeder. They barely had roots and we doubted these two vines would make it here but as you can see they are healthy and climbing the post. I saw one of these plants for sale recently for fifteen dollars and ours were free.

Now if only the deer will stay away!

Thanks for all of your kind comments this weekend over my headbanging frustration with Blogger.

grace surrounds us


  1. accidents can be fun! One year a gourd plant came up over night in front of my porch...the vine grew so fast my neighbor and I wrapped it around my evergreen looked like gourd garland!

  2. Those are amazing! I tried growing watermelons from pips. They germinated and then died - I know what I'm doing wrong now :0)

  3. I had rogue pumpkins one year too. What a lot of fun it will be seeing all those melons and pumpkins growing.

  4. That is too funny. I have a compost heap and just yesterday I noticed something growing in it - might have been pumpkins. I guess you do have to turn them occasionally. Your little watermelon is adorable.

  5. Some of our best gardening efforts have been accidental!

    Looks like you have some great looking accidental plants.;-)

  6. This in itself makes me want to start composting!! Great accidental job!!


  7. You are so lucky Olive, wish I was an accidental gardener. I did not even do well with topsy turvey last year.

  8. It's must be nice to have an accidental garden! It's amazing!

  9. The seeds that over-winter and grow by themselves always seem to be the strongest! How fun, I hope the deer do pass on by:@)

  10. gotta love that!
    You just can't stop Mother Nature!
    xoxo~kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. Hi Olive, I love your little self~sown garden!... the watermelons sound especially good right now, it is so hot here today... and the pumpkins, how fun!... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. Everything looks wonderful!
    I have only grown tomatoes and zinnias, but next season I am going to venture out!

    Enjoyed visiting Miss Olive,


  13. It looks so pretty and green! Love the pumpkin patch! You really have an "accidental" green thumb.

  14. Olive,
    Wow. The ultimate in thrifting!
    All we have is volunteer cleome and one zucchine volunteer that I expect nothing from. Same goes for the single tomato plant.
    Have a wonderful day with your bounty! And your (deliberate) plantings are wonderful too!

  15. I chuckled my whole way through this, nearly choking on my wine at the pumpkin part! Olive, you are so wonderful.

  16. It looks like you
    live in a place where
    everything grows just
    wonderfully! Lucky!
    We have a very short
    growing season, so good
    tomatoes are usually
    a gamble....will the
    tomatoes or the frost
    come first : ) ??
    I be you'll have fun
    making things from your
    xx Suzanne

  17. The only vegetables I attempted to cultivate were tomatoes. I only succeeded in harvesting those AWFUL green tomato worms! ick I said never again. Now I hit up my family and neighbors for their excess bounty! LOL Your unexpected veggies look pretty darn good.
    hugs, Sue

  18. Olive only you could have an unattended compost pile and come up with a vegetable garden without even trying! Girl your thumb is so green it's NEON!! Lol! Vanna


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