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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~crepes, pumpkins, blackeyes, and a cat~

Crepe Myrtle after a rain.
 Clovis napping on the picnic table.

What are these yellow blooms you ask?

Pumpkins you silly! 
These rogue pumpkins are thriving through zero effort on our part. We do water the rogue watermelons and tomatoes but not these.

Do you know I had never grown Black Eyed Susan's before this summer?
What is wrong with me?
Love them.

I am linking with Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Floral Thursdays.

grace surrounds us 


  1. Hi Olive, Clovis looks so cute having her catnap on the picnic table!... and I love your Black~eyed Susans too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Olive, your photos are eye-popping gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love, love,
    B-E-Suz as
    they thrive
    like crazy
    choke out the
    look great with
    hot pink, especially,
    in bouquets!!
    xx Suzanne

  4. Hello Olive - the Crepe Mertyl is a gorgeous colour! Your rogue pumpkins and everything look so healthy too! I felt that you were a little bit upset by one of the commenter s on my Old Rex post,if so I'm so sorry -it's my fault! She is actually a lovely lady and the both of us are vintage 1943 which makes us about two decades older than you. I don't feel old either, so there! Love Molly xxxx

  5. Super shots and I was saying squash until you said pumpkins.

  6. Clovis has the best seat in the house! Your pumpkins are fun, I hope you get a couple for fall. Black Eyed Susan's are always pretty-enjoy:@)

  7. I love black eyed susans, too. Mine are just about to bloom - any day now.


  8. Olive,
    Love your photographs. Sort of like you followed your camera and it wrote the blog. I like it.

  9. Beautiful pics! LOVE the crepe of my favorite Southern Trees. I've never planted black-eyed Susan's but I SHOULD...They are so cute and perky and well, named after MOI! :)

  10. Can I move in or come for a visit?? It all looks to peaceful. I for the life of me can not grow a pumpkin.

  11. Your pictures are so beautiful, Olive! No pumpkins here, but I do have some crepe myrtles. They really love the heat don't they?

  12. Lovely blooms! Crepe myrtle is wonderful, and I recognized the 'squash' type blossoms right away.
    Black eyed Susans are great. And Clovis can proctect them from the bunnies....

  13. Yeppers I'm with Honey. Your snaps are wonderful Olive! And I love the black eyed susans too! I also think Clovis has the right idea *winks* Vanna

  14. Your crepe myrtle photo is gorgeous.

  15. OLIVE!!! You are a sparkle in my day! Thanks for saying hey! Your photos look wonderful and make me want to be there. Love crepe myrtle. We have no volunteers they're all pretty unwilling draftees.

  16. Hi there Olive. I must admit that I thought the pumpkins were courgette flowers! Gorgeous photos again. I loved the photo of Clovis on the picnic table, and isn't that crepe myrtle a wonderful colour!

  17. I always love the texture of squash blossoms.

  18. Your pictures are beautiful, Olive! I just planted Black Eyed Susans for the first time last week.

  19. I have not seen a black eyed susan in ages... but if the PC brigade got their way we would have to call them a totally different name?

  20. Such pretty pictures! I especially liked your cat on the table and the black eyed susan. I transplanted mine early in the season and it hasn't quite bloomed yet, but I am looking forward to them! I also had to laugh at your rogue comments!!

  21. Beautiful! My Black Eyed Susan are the highlight of the Summer blooms in my garden. They spread every year and become more and more beautiful... enjoy! Happy Gardening ~ Jacque

  22. I love Black Eyed Susans! So pretty...and sweet kitty!

  23. Ah Clovis, you look so content and peaceful, would you mind if I join you? The only cool shade I can find around here is under the vehicle on the blacktop. Ugh. So if you don't mind I'll be right over. Save me a spot. And I'll bring some black eyed Susans for your Mom. The voles are moving into the flower bed and they would be safer there with her.....



  24. Everything is beautiful-but I love the Crepe Myrtle!

  25. Oh I love all your pictures. I'm a sucker for a cat napping, but my goodness those Black Eyed Susan's have me swooning. Love them. Ann

  26. Hi Olive,
    I am crazy for those Crepe Mrytle, so beautiful!! I have tried and tried to grow them here, they get plump buds, then we freeze and it's all over. I loved seeing yours (with a bit of envy;-)

  27. I love Black Eyed Susans...Too dry here to plant this year...maybe next. :)

  28. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Hi Olive, Great shots! And I love your whimsical logo. I have always been and fan of Brown Eyed Susans. They are just so cheerful!

  29. I always enjoy visiting and looking at your beautiful photos. My favorite is Clovis napping on the picnic table!

  30. Gorgeous photo's of that gorgeous crepe myrtle & the stunning black eyed susan....curious if you have issues with the black eyed susan spreading like crazy in your area? Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's Garden Party this week! xoxo, tracie

  31. I was going to say zucchini. Your pictures are all wonderful. I almost put some black eye susans in my cart the other day, now I wish I had! Those are so pretty.

  32. Fantastic! Great photos!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit.

  33. Hey, thanks so much for stopping by my blog ~ wonderful to hear from you! I know, I adore my Black Eyed Susan's although mine are a little late this year.


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