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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today's Happenings Good and Bad

We have been garage and estate salen today.
We got lost in a beautiful neighborhood on the river and never found what we were looking for. 
Does that happen to you? 
Our ancient Jeep has no GPS and we go old school with a map.
Will children who grow up from this generation know how to read a map?

I have been finding vintage planters lately. The bottom one is Haeger, middle is Hull, and the top is unmarked. The top one is my favorite. All bought for less than six dollars. I found the Hull today for fifty cents.

When we got home I pulled eleventy hundred weeds from beside the road  and have strained my back. 
The weeds are winning.

Have a happy weekend.

grace surrounds you


  1. Do you know how to read a map, Olive?!

  2. Great planters, Olive. So sorry about you back. Ouch!

  3. Olive....I love your pots -- especially that gorgeous glazed strawberry pot :)


  4. Hi Olive, your planters are so pretty, I especially love the Hull one, I collect Hull pottery as well... now I want some Hull planters!... hope your back mends soon... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Hehe Tom, it was a new subdivision that was not on my six year old map. It was tucked some where under one of the bridges and we grew tired of looking for it. I can read a map.

  6. Some wonderful goodies you found. You sound like you have so much fun and great your hunny likes to go with you.

  7. No they won't and they won't be able to tell time on old clocks, write a check, make change or anything that requires self service instead of a machine telling 'em!
    Sometimes you gotta get lost to find yourself.
    Happens to us all the time...and I can read a map. I just don't know what direction North is.

  8. The strawberry pot could, maybe, possibly be Camark? Perhaps? I don't have my books with me. But it could just as easily be any of the potters from that era. Anyway, that's my favorite of the three. And some of us of the older (not oldest yet) generation still have trouble reading a map. I have a hard time translating what's on a flat page into 3D life.

    Didn't anybody ever tell you pulling weeds was bad for ya?

  9. I think the top one needs "hens and chickens". Rest up, Dr. Deb says no more weed pulling for you, chickadee!! xoxo

  10. Great finds Olive! I always get lost looking for garage sales, sometimes it works out to be better that way. Take care of that back - the weeds ALWAYS win. Ann

  11. Beautiful planters and great prices!!! And no, I don't think kids will be able to read maps. We have a GPS in our car for long trips but I still keep my atlas in the car because sometimes that GPS seems to lead you in some crazy direction!!

  12. Great finds, Olive!
    I have a GPS and don't ever use it, Olive. Maos are good!
    I find that the lady who yells commands at me is not very friendly... i don't care for her tone of voice!
    "Turn left NOW! Re-routing, re-routing....."
    Oh brother!

    We were in Yosemite on a sheer drop cliff and she kept telling us to "turn left NOW!"
    (That would have meant driving over the cliff!!??? Yikes! Good thing it was daylight, right?!!!

    Hope your back mends quick.

  13. Sometimes it's quite nice to end up somewhere where you never thought you would! Hope your back has recovered! Eleventy hundred weeds here too!

  14. I love the "hen and chick" yellow pot! You did good at the yardsales! I hope your back gets to feeling better soon!

  15. Glad to hear your back is ok Olive. Those weeds can be tough bas%#%^ds *winks* Vanna


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