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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elegant Home Office Details

Welcome back to The Talented B's office. 
Let's get into some of it's finer details today.

Which teacup do you prefer?
 Brown or blue?

 This sweet garden angel is on the floor by the window.

 Do you prefer the white lamp? Or the lamp with the black shade?
Please tell us in the comments. 
B has yet to decide so let's help her.

B sources her fabrics from all over the place. She is also thrifty in buying fabric. These drapes are the exclamation points in this room. There is another window but I did not get it in the images.

She found this vintage swiveling office chair at an estate sale and had the seat covered in faux leather.

B wallpapered the back of the secretary.
 It makes the vintage pottery pop. 
I repeated this image as I love this composition of dishes.

To see Elegant Home Office click here.

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happy hunting


  1. Isn't that just lovely! And I vote for the black lamp. :-)

  2. Hi Olive... what a beautiful office B has!... I just looked at your previous post about it... simply gorgeous!... I love the brown teacup and the black lampshade... although I love my pretty pastels in my bedroom, I like the warmer, richer colors elsewhere... all those browns look so pretty, especially with Autumn coming, my favorite time of year!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. What an elegant office she has! Love all of her pieces. Certainly doesn't look like my office!


  4. Blue cup, white lamp...but who is to judge my taste...

  5. Elegant Office Series of B's space . . . I am finding many ideas! Love the black lamp shade, transfer ware, secretary/hutch combo . . . I also like the idea of using a pottery piece, inverted, with a glass topper, for an end table. Not sure if the floral piece is pottery, but it gives me an idea. I am "going hunting!"

  6. B's office is beautiful! Love the mix of brown and blue, her vintage pottery, and the way she styled her secretary. I vote for the blue cup and white lamp.

  7. Very elegant and very cool!!! I am going to steal the wallpapering the back of the cabinet idea for my dining room corner cabinet I think. It really does highlight the pottery. Love the white fabric on the sofa/settee. It almost looks like a matalese (which I probably just mis-spelled horribly).

  8. Everything is so pretty! I love her drapes. I think the white lamp looks best.

  9. What a darling corner. I really like the black shade and lamp. It makes the spot pop and draws more attention to the mirror which I love! And you know I'm all about the white pottery!

  10. Very elegant! Her styling is so sophisticated!
    Love her secretary display.

  11. Blue teacup and black shade - as far as I can see everyone has given you different alternatives, which will make the choice even more confusing.

  12. Brown tea cup and white lamp. Maybe white lamp with black shade, would that work? What a lovely spot - I am loving that desk chair as I am a sucker for ones like that. Thank you both for sharing. You always have a lot of inspiration for me, Olive. If I ever grow up and have a space of my own in a shop, I want to be just like you! I'm getting closer to that with my next move! Ann

  13. Love the lamp with the black shade! Beautiful office!

  14. Black shade.

    I wish all decisions were this easy and beautiful.

  15. I love the base of the lamp with the black shade! Gorgeous! Her office exudes elegance and good taste!


  16. I'm new to your blog...but I choose the lamp with the black shade. Her office is lovely! ;)

  17. Olive, I say the brown cup and the black shade. But I really have to say...I love that desk cahir !!!! I love the paper at the back of the hutch.xoxo,Susie
    P.S. I didn't know rabbits ate flowers..hope they stay away from here.:)

  18. Hi Olive! Oh, B's office is so beautiful! I love how it is so elegant but she has found these things on a budget. She has a good eye! I have that same little white pheasant looking bird! The wallpaper in the back of the cabinet really is a nice touch. You could come over at my house in 10 minutes notice - but I wouldn't you to be surprised at what you might see! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Such a pretty room! I think I prefer the brown teacup and the white lamp and shade, but it's all good! Love the wallpaper inside the secretary, nice finishing touch.

  20. I don't think we're going to make your friend's decision about the lamp any easier...I see you already have so many different opinions! Just my humble one, but I like the white lamp the best. :-)

  21. What a beautiful space!! I love both lamps.

  22. Such a wonderful room, great fabrics and love the backing on the shelving. That pottery really stands out!

  23. Hey thinks I love a settee!!! I think the room is a beauty.
    have a wonderful week sweetie!
    many hugs...


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