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Friday, November 29, 2013

Wooden Star

I decided the enormous barn wood star needed a bigger wreath. I found one I had picked up at a thrift store for a couple of dollars. I think it is a better fit than the smaller pale wreath I had in the last post.

We have been working on the Christmas tree. We have issues. Gremmie, our cat, was in the tree in five seconds flat. She is about seven months old and intensely curious.

 We may not put glass ornaments on the tree this year. It may be naked. Besides that an entire row of bulbs blew out. The living room is upside down. 

The faux deer head is on the stone fireplace. 
I will do something to him. 
Any ideas? Give them to me in the comments please.

The cactus knows exactly when to bloom.
I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.
We did.



  1. Your cactus is going to be beautiful at Christmas. Mine is almost 'gone'. It was gorgeous this year, just a little early blooming. We enjoyed it all the same. I think I will take some cuttings off it and try to have several next year. Hope your T'giving was fabulous. About the deer.....clear lights or a wreath around his neck??

  2. You know, I have a white wooden star like that out in the shed...forgot all about it and have never done anything with it..hhhmmm. Thanks Olive!

  3. Love the star . . . If the faux deer head was hanging on my fireplace I would take a red satin ribbon, tie it around his neck and tie it in a simple bow, let the steamers fall. Nothing else . . .

  4. I feel your pain... we, too have a kitten about the same age as your Gremmie. We named her Izzy, but Izzy the Terrible is more appropriate some days. Again, like you, we probably won't be using my glass ornaments this year. While we haven't gotten our tree yet - probably tomorrow afternoon - I'm thinking natural elements this year - magnolia leaf clusters and dried hydrangea blooms sprayed silver and gold, maybe.

    As for the deer head - I think I would put a grand wreath around his neck and call it a day!

  5. Your home is beautiful, Olive. I suggest you tie the tree to the wall and place all unbreakables on the bottom half. I think it's impossible to keep a cat from a tree when it is still a kitten. I gave Audrey her own little tree with bird ornaments that are unbreakable. It helps....a bit.

  6. Love your star and the wreath, such a lovely room. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love the star paired with the wreath......everything looks so pretty! Christmas should be interesting around here too since we have a nine month old puppy who is into everything!!!!

  8. I really like the bigger wreath you added to the star. Kittens can get into anything! I think they're more curious than dogs since they can climb. They love to "bat' things with their paws, so I'm sure your Christmas tree will be an easy target! You might just hang your ornaments up high and make sure not to use tinsel. I've heard animals can eat it and get choked easily. I think you should hang a green Christmas wreath around your deer head over the fireplace. That would look great over the holidays!

  9. Our tree only has lights for the last two years. How old is Toby, you ask. Two last May. It will still be only lights this year. I bet if you surveyed America you would find more than a few CAT proofed houses for Christmas.
    But your really is coming along.

  10. Oh, The Case of the Curious Kitty! My daughter has the same problem with her overactive puppy. They've left the tree undecorated for now so he gets used to it...maybe that will work.

    I love the star and wreath! And I like this view of your living room. So comfy and inviting. The deer head is about a festive wool scarf around it's neck?


  11. Hang some of your special glass ornaments from the deer antlers! I like the wreath in the star, looks good:@)

  12. The wooden star looks fabulous on your wall! Love the idea of the wreath on it.
    Mary Alice

  13. I love your barn wood star! As far as the deer head, I think a nice red plaid scarf around his neck and distinguished looking hat on his head. Oh, let's not forget a pipe in his mouth!

  14. That wreath looks lovely on your star. Olive, that is such a beautiful room in the first two photos. So warm and cosy and I love all the wonderful things in the room. Blessings my friend.

  15. Olive, I agree with Blondie, a nice red plaid scarf on the deer. I do like your wreath in the star. Oh those cats !!:):) My daughter's big dog walked by the tree today and wagged his tail and knocked 3 ornaments off. Just glad that are the plastic ones. Enjoy your Sunday, xoxo,Susie

  16. Hey Miss Olive;
    Your Deer would be Beautiful with a Boxwood Wreath, (faux if you can not locate a real one) and some small ornaments tucked into the Wreath.
    How about a large colorful ribbon, or else a big bow somewhere on the wreath also.
    Use bright festive colors, and things that mean something to you.
    Your home is Lovely. :-)

  17. Hey lady..
    I like the star..will look forward to seeing the deer decorated. many suggestions do not need mine too..especially since I am fresh out of ideas for today. grin..
    Love, Mona

  18. Love the star and the deer head!! I've seen pics of one with a wreath, or lights strung...any festive touch would be cute! :)

  19. I don't know how in the world you're going to decorate a tree when you have a kitten - they think it's another tree for them to climb! Love the idea of a scarf around the deer's neck...maybe some lights around the antlers. My Christmas cactus (inherited from a head) will not bloom!

  20. Love the larger wreath on the giant star. Kitten capers? No answers here - just try to decorate a few things at a time. Mine do not notice when i do that. The deer head? What could be more Southern than a shotgun shell wreath? :>)))

  21. I love your blog and just wanted to say thank you!!! The way you put words together is amazing, the pictures are wonderful and the antics of the fur ones make me laugh out loud!!
    Blessings to you,


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