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Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas House Tours

Hello my lovelies. 
I have been all over Georgia and South Carolina recently snapping Christmas images.
  In The Rain.
If I do not get a sunbeam soon I may require an antidepressant.
My mood is affected by the weather.

This is the garage to the yellow house. 
I love it. 
Yes, I could live in their garage.
That is a climbing rose around the window.

This is the truck in the garage! 
Over the truck and not visible to you is a chandelier filled with branches.
I am taking inspiration from this look and will fill my chandelier, on the deck, 
with branches when I get the chance.

I forgot to mention this house was not on the tour.  
Many do not allow photos-bummer.

The garden shed is cute too. 
Joe darling, can I get one of these?

The white sofa with red accents was in The Mad House, a small cottage, we toured.
 It was my favorite house on the tour. 
With that name and with my continued absence I imagine you guys thought they kept me {wink}.

All images taken with my iPhone.
All images from historic Madison, Georgia.

Next post we will visit a town in South Carolina and my friend's house
 filled with primitive antiques.

Happy Christmas


  1. Olive, I love the gingerbread fret work..that is the cutest garage I have seen. Love the old truck...all very pretty. Hope you and Joe are doing well. xoxo,Susie

  2. love the old car ...all views are so Christmas-y. fun & so festive. ( :

  3. I have a thing about old trucks - you know that. Love the garden shed. NO photos!?!

  4. Hi Olive... I think I could live in that garage!... I love seeing these beautiful places decorated for Christmas... and no snow!... I am TRYING to make the best of winter, but as you saw, we are COVERED in snow and cold... it affects my mood too (and my fibromyalgia)... I put up a good front, but I am NOT a winter person, I am a Summer girl!... I would probably love it in the South where you are!... I do love where I live... just not when the temps drop below zero!... that old car is too cute!... I must show Jack... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Yes, the rain needs to go away! Looks like sun tomorrow.

  6. Love that yellow house - gorgeous. Will trade you the rain for our snow. Rain doesn't have to be shoveled. ;-)

  7. Gosh, I haven't been on a Christmas home tour in so long! Looks like fun. I love the house you featured. The car in the garage with the Santa inside and the wreath on the front is just TOO cute and creative!

  8. I have a friend who raves about the beautiful homes in Madison. I really need to get up there some time to see for myself. Those picket fences are adorable.
    Miss you bunches!

  9. Love, live the garage, (I could live there too) and the garden she'd is wonderful too. Love the old truck with the wreath in front, Santa driving . . . fun post Olive!

  10. I like the post-work on the photos - very dreamy and romantic.

  11. That is my neighbor's house, Olive! The Santa is there every year, much to our delight!

  12. Love the old truck...and the cozy room is charming!

  13. Love all these pictures! Keep 'em coming, Olive. XOXO

  14. This looks like it was a lot of fun! The old truck is hysterical! Wouldn't something like that in a store parking lot be a hoot?!!


  15. You're correct; the outbuildings are wonderful! So is Santa's car. All the best to CC, and for her stay.

  16. What a fun tour! I love the garage and Santa's truck. It has been too cold here (barely gets above zero) to go out and take pictures. Looking forward to your next tour.

  17. Santa's truck is so fun! You need to do that with your little Mini. Unless of course you want to drive it.


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