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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not Going Gently

I have not gone gently into the night after my ear surgery. 
I have been overdoing it perhaps.
The surgery went well. No drama that I am aware of except that 
I was drunk from medicine all day Thursday.

Shelley and I went on a buying field trip Saturday.
 It was a fun but brief trip. I did take Sunday off.
Shelley is a fine traveling companion. 
I cannot convey how much I love that boy.

If  you are wondering about these images. 
They are all mine but in the Waterlogue app. 
I am loving that app. It is the only one I have ever paid for. 
A well spent $2.99.

Not available for Androids yet but I imagine it will be soon.
I am oliveout on Instagram if you would like to see other pics in this app.

More snow is headed for the Deep South.
 I am staying put. Ya'll stay warm.


joy and peace


  1. Glad the surgery went well, and be sure to take it easy! Love the images too!

    xo Kat

  2. Yes so glad all is well. I just had a bad spell also and landed in the hospital 4 days. I wanted any pain killer they had. So few doses of morphine and my pain was controlled.
    I am ready to go shopping our beautiful antique mall is closing so need to go get some 50 % off bargains.
    stay warm it wa 11 below zero here this am

  3. I hope you are feeling better day by day. I've seen lots of iphone users showing their cool pics with this waterlogue app. I have an Android phone, so I can't get the app. I've heard that they won't be developing this app for Android - something technical where they can't. Don't remember the specific details. Makes me wonder if perhaps some other company will come out with something comparable for Android. Hope so!

  4. Are you saying these are not paintings? I especially like the dog and the hydrangeas, very attractive. Be well.

  5. I was wondering how your ear was feeling! Glad you are up and about. I've seen this app once before, and now I'm intrigued. And, I'm getting ready to make the plunge into instagram, so I'll have to look at it.

  6. Beautiful images. That app is the best thing and so addictive.

  7. I'm glad that you are okay. Just take the time you need. Those ears can bring on so many problems. Yes, stay put in this latest storm.

  8. I wondered when you'd added this skill to your repertoire. I'm sorry someone left the door open and you're getting our blast. Spring is coming! Hope the ear resolves soon, too.

  9. I am sooooo jealous of that is wonderful and I am enjoying your IG paintings a lot..
    Maybe this weather will cause to slow down a little and get healed...still coming down here..a little anyway...
    Love, Mona

  10. Love the effect of the Waterlouge app on your photos. Glad you are making good progress, but take care.

  11. Olive, so relieved your surgery is over, things went well and a nice woozy recovery day on Thursday. Look after yourself. Love those pictures. We had our first fall of snow here today and another storm this afternoon.

  12. Take it slow and don't overdo even though you are feeling better. I am glad to know that all is on the mend for you. That watercolor app is fabulous!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. So thankful your surgery went well, but please take care of yourself. Women always seem to overdo it when they need to rest. I guess it's in our DNA.
    Mary Alice

  14. So glad your surgery went well. Take it easy and don't overdo! Love that app - haven't gotten it yet but think I will.

    Take care of yourself. Blessings and prayers to you.


  15. Hi Miss Olive! So very happy to hear that you are on the mend. Do take it easy, have a feeling that you are up and doing more than you should be doing girl! Love your new app, your photographs look just amazing! Take care and stay warm~

  16. It's just a really odd winter when the far south is getting so much snow and ice. We are in the mountains so we rather expect it here in Southwestern, Virginia. Hope you are staying warm and safe and good luck with that ear! I love that app and have been seeing a lot about it on the blogs, must purchase and try it on my iPad. xox

  17. You know I was going to ask! Your photos are amazing! I'll check this out! WOW! And I hope you'll take it easy this week while the weather's bad. I'm glad the surgery went rest a little more! Sweet hugs!

  18. Oh Olive,
    I got Waterlogue a couple of weeks ago and, like you, it's the only app that I've ever paid for !!!!! It's brilliant isn't it ?
    So pleased that all's well with your ear …. hope that you don't get too much snow. We've had nothing but rain for weeks now !! Roll on Spring. XXXX

  19. You are a trooper these days! I hope you are as good as new very soon.

  20. I love the app too. I have it on my iphone... I have not used it much.. but what I have used it with I love the way it turned out... Great pics.. I hope you feel better soon. Blessings!

  21. I love the water colored look of the app! Be careful with the bad weather, home sounds like the perfect place to be:@)

  22. Stay safe, warm, and recoup. Love the images.

  23. Love the new app for the photos. I am hoping they have over-reported this ice storm.

  24. I've been seeing a lot of people (including my sister) using that app! It makes everything look like a professional watercolor picture worth framing! So glad that your ear surgery went well.

  25. It's easy to get impatient and overdo after surgery. I hope yours went well and that your recovery is complete and quick! I do love that app for the photos. That is amazing. Glad to hear you're staying put during the bad weather. We're all eager for spring to arrive!

  26. So glad to hear the surgery went well, Olive. Don't overdo it! Love these images - worth the money, I say. Hope the next snow dump isn't as disruptive as the last one. Take pictures! LOL. No. Really. Do it!

    Recover well.


  27. Happy to see you are enjoying Waterlogue too . . . I got hooked this past weekend. I will send you my pics . . . such a fun 2.99 purchase!

  28. Hi Olive, I'm Revi, new follower, visiting because of Donna, your junking friend. Hope you're 100 percent soon! I'd love for you to share some of your treasures over at Revisionary Life on Thursdays - it's a small, new link party. Donna (and you via her!) are featured this week.

  29. The first time I saw someone use this app I thought they had done paintings themselves. It is amazing! Take care! :)

  30. Glad you are healing nicely and no longer drunk as a skunk. That's what my grandmother would always say when her vertigo would act up!
    Love the app.

  31. I thought I had found that app on Android last night, downloaded it and it was quite the eye opener :) Nothing but ad after ad and no real app. I think they are just made for us weirdos that wouldn't realize it wasn't a real app. Anyhow, I will wait patiently for it to REALLY come out for the androids.

  32. Helloooo Olive!*!*!
    Ear Surgery??? ~ OMG! I'm most certainly am out of the loop on this one! Glad it's OVER!!! Stay Put & ReSt!!!
    Hugs - Jeanine Burkhardt

  33. Love the watercolor hydrangeas in the tureen! I haven't seen the app but I've done the watercolor and oil painting effect with Adobe Photoshop. Hope your well very soon!

  34. Gorgeous images Olive!!! Love that app.
    I sure hope you get to feeling a-one very soon my friend!
    sending hugs...

  35. Hi dear Olive. I have also discovered that Waterlouge app. Isn't it brilliant?! I am so pleased that your ear surgery went well, and that it is now behind you. Try
    Not to overdo things for a while though!

  36. Wonderful images, Olive! I haven't tried that app but clearly need to. I've been out of touch for a while, and do hope you feel better soon...:)

  37. Oh dear Olive... I do hope you feel better soon!... so glad you have your sweet Shelley at your side... I call Tessy my healing dog... they help more than any meds can do... wishing you a Happy Valentines Day... xoxo Julie Marie PS Those photos look fun!

  38. Hope you had a weekend
    where you were gentle with
    yourself, sweet friend!

    I keep reading about this app ~
    how cool! Your "watercolors"
    are really beautiful : )

    xo Suzanne

  39. I've been seeing lots of peeps using this app-it's fun! Hope you're feeling your best soon! :)


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