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Monday, February 24, 2014

Teapot, Teacups, Pitchers

Good morning my friends.

This crazed, creamy, and blue teapot is the cutest. 
I found it in a junk shop.
 It is on my dining table where I have a vintage bedspread with intricate embroidery.
If you see cat hair-this is where Gremmie hangs out. 
We eat elsewhere.

Thank you all for your comments in my last ice storm post. 
Y'all are awfully sweet. 
I have the best friends here too.

Look at that old embroidery.
 Do use vintage spreads and quilts as tablecloths. 
They work quite well.

Two Meakin {made in England}small pitchers from the same junk shop. 
Forgive my blurry pics. 
I am in bad form. 
We picked up more truck loads of limbs yesterday. 
We are making progress. 
We can now walk to our mailbox unscathed.

A leaning tower of Meakin teacups in a cloche.
 I like that caddy wampus look.

Caddy wampus is where it's at for us these days:}

joy and peace


  1. I am admiring the lovely embroidered blue flowers - so pretty and what a lot of work!

  2. OH I love that little teapot...reminds me of art pottery...

  3. That teapot is charming and I have never seen that blue painted scene on it before.

  4. Little pitchers and I have had a lovely relationship. I especially like the blue and white variety. Your stack of teacups reminds me of Alice in Wonderland -— which sounds kind of like your topsy-turvy world lately!

  5. I must have missed your last post...I'm going to go back. I hope most everything is back to normal.

    I LOVE the bedspread. I'm sure that took a long time to make. Such talent! And the pitchers and pretty!


  6. I just realized it seems like you haven't posted lately. Hope you are doing ok. :)

  7. Ah, that first pitcher is such a treasure. It's beautiful!

  8. Caddy wampus is good for me too! LOL Your pieces are beautiful and love that tablecloth. They just don't do work like that anymore.


  9. Caddy wampus kinda describes me some days!!

  10. Love the tower of Meakin cups. Hope you get some nice spring sunshine after that awful storm. I've been having a day 'clearing up' here as well after the mighty rushing wind and water we had last week

  11. sweet friend, I'm so sorry I missed your last post of the apocalyptic ice storm. In our neck of the woods, it happens every 10 years or so, I know you all down there are not used to the misery of it. The last time we had one of those we were without power for 9 days and large trees were everywhere. I've been thru some scary stuff, but laying in bed freezing while transformers blow and light up the sky, with creaking trees and limbs falling, is nothing short of terror. I'm so glad to see you're back to some "normal" life with your wonderful cloches! xoxo Debra

  12. 1. I am glad you are okay after the terrible storm.
    2. I am glad your ear surgery is behind you, and pray for wonderful results.
    3. Our cats enjoy laying upon our dining room table. We don't blink at it anymore...even at dinner time. :/
    4. Every time I reach the bottom of the page and see dear Clovis, my heart catches. Never met him IRL, but he is forever in my heart. I believe you understand.

  13. You have the best tablecloth/bedspreads. I don't think people do embroidery very much anymore. Hope it makes a comeback!

  14. Love the little teapot and the embroidered quilt. My mom used to do a lot of embroidering and quilting quilts.

  15. That ice sure did a lot of damage...what a mess! I hope you get everything taken care of and have good weather this week. I love that little teapot and the beautiful embroidery work. I love my vintage pretties! Sweet hugs my friend!

  16. I hope you're recovering and feeling better from the storm! Love your 'caddy wampus' teacups! :)

  17. I like Caddy Wampus . . . and have used old bed linens for tablecloths for years. My favorites! I like your Meakin pieces.

  18. I love the blue and white items you found. I'm sure you're enjoying this nice weather we're having now compared to what you were experiencing.

  19. The small blue and white pitcher on the vintage linen is so sweet.

  20. Love the teapot, so precious, as is the bedspread. Looks wonderful on your table. Meakin pitchers are a wonderful find also.

  21. I have been in the mood to play with all my tea pots and tea cups also.
    I always love a blue or blue and white tea pot.
    Hope your feeling better and I have lots dead limbs down in my yard also. My yard man has a big job ahead of him this spring

  22. Love your teapots and little pitchers. I haven't found much at thrift shops lately at all.

  23. I'm glad y'all are digging out..I can't even imagine how much work all of this involves.. I did a little nod to you in my blog post today...wink...I think you'll like it...
    Love ya,

  24. That tea pot is just the cutest.....we've never seen anything like it :) You pulled on our heartstrings when we saw the Meakin pitchers....our grandma had that pattern ~ reminds us of Holiday dinners crowded around the table!

  25. The blue and white teapot is so sweet. I love using quilts on my table!
    Do take care, Olive!
    Mary Alice

  26. Hi Olive! Oh, what a darling little teapot! That's a beautiful quilt too! Pretty cups under your cloche! You've been making pretty! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. Caddy wampus. No idea what that means, I'll have to look it up! :)

  28. Hi, your cute teapot and cups under glass. :)
    xo bj

  29. Dear Olive - you haven't been around for a while - hope that you are now free of ice, and also that you are OK♡

  30. lovely finds!!! A teapot is perfect for this crazy weather!!!
    Funny about Gemmie....Princess Posie cat likes to sleep on our DR table too. (we eat in the kitchen). She is MOST incensed when I run her off to set the table for company...she just glares at me and tries to nip my ankles as I walk around the table. Animals have decided personalities!!
    I'm hoping things are getting better for you weatherwise.

  31. Hello Olive,

    The blue teapot is delightful and surely would serve the most delicious of teas! There is nothing quite like Afternoon Tea for entertaining friends and this teapot could certainly take pride of place. The handle looks quite Art Deco in shape and it is such a pretty blue. As you say, coupled with the antique tablecloth, it is perfect.

    We have found you quite by chance through Rosemary and we shall follow in order not to miss out on future posts.


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