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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Our pink camellia bloomed despite much adversity this winter. 
The first blooms were a bit burned by ice but the next set of blooms are not bad.

This bloom was up in a dark recess of the shrub and so I have put it in cross process effect. 
I like it better this way.

Definitely not a camellia but a strawberry pot of angelina sedum and another sedum I cannot recall the name of. This pot of sedums made it through the winter outside. 

I went out early this morning and captured many new spring blooms popping out. 
That will be the next post.
 It has been in the high 70's in the afternoons and it is
 time to plant.

happy gardening


  1. Beautiful! I can't wait for spring here and seeing what made it through the HARD winter...

  2. I think I am jealous . . . BEAUTIFUL Camellia in spring bloom!

  3. My white camellia bush did pretty good too...thank goodness. It's so nice seeing new buds coming out after that bad winter we all had.


  4. Your pink camellia is lovely! I was wondering if I would have any this year, but they finally appeared. The weather was not kind to them this year, but I am happy to see them!

  5. Hello Olive,

    Camellias are such wonderful plants. They give all the appearance of being incredibly fragile, ready to keel over at the first cold breeze. But, no. They are very hardy souls and given just a minimal amount of shelter will reward with blooms through the most adverse of weather conditions.

    Your Camellia looks wonderful. Such a beautiful form and colour. It does melt the heart to see such a display after the harsh winter conditions. Perfect!

  6. My goodness, we hall have nothing but spring on our minds. I looked over every inch of garden today. The little green sprouts will be blasted again tomorrow, but they are just so anxious to be done with winter. Brave little souls. the sedum is blushing.

  7. Lovely camellia bloom and pretty sedums in your pot. Did you see my recent photos of our camellia in bloom?

  8. Dear Olive - now that all of your winter debris has been removed it is good that you can now enjoy the flowers in your garden as they arrive for the spring. Your Camellia is lovely.

  9. I love camellias and that pink one is an absolute beauty. Mine are still in bud, so hoping that a late frost doesn't see them off as it does most years. The weather here has been glorious these last few days.

  10. Oooh Olive, your Camellia is so beautiful!... wish we could grow those here... how fun you are gardening already and planting even!... it has warmed up here and I have cleaned out all of my gardens but no planting yet... I noticed some of my succulents in a pot are all green too... love it!... enjoy your beautiful weather... xoxo Julie Marie (When I was a little girl I always wanted my name to be Camellia!)...

  11. Olive,
    Your camellia is so beautiful. I believe it is Debutante. I had one of those at my very house..I've been meaning to get another one. Isn't this weather glorious? I hate that it is going to get cold again...but I have taken advantage of it while it I can rest. LOL and wash clothes....
    Love, Mona

  12. I am so jealous! That's it. I am moving down South. Get the guest room ready!

  13. Those Camellia are just beautiful! So glad they survived thru the winter.


  14. How beautiful! I've never grown camellias but they sure make me swoon. It is in the 70s here too but still not time to plant. It could just as easily come an ice storm.

  15. Just the word Camellia is so pretty. It should be a song, or is it?

  16. Absolutely gorgeous! Oh how I long for temps in the 70's-enjoy:@)

  17. Beautiful! Glad you are feeling better.

  18. Your Camllia is gorgeous! We are anxiously awaiting signs of Spring here.

  19. Great photographs promising spring is nearly here. Bent and bowed by the ice, my camellias came through with gorgeous blooms, too. It is such a wonder what plants that seem so tender can withstand.

    1. What a beautiful flower! I'll bet you were glad to see that after the Winter! I am looking forward to seeing some fresh green coming up from the ground. Especially after another dusting of snow yesterday afternoon.

  20. What stunning photographs! I've never grown a camellia, may have to try now!
    Have a great day, Miss Olive!

  21. I love camellias. There's a man in our area who cultivates new varieties, so we take our camellias seriously around here!


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