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Friday, March 7, 2014

Display What Is Important To You

Architectural elements like columns and posts add textural interest to a room.
 I found these two posts at a resale shop. They were expensive. 
Sometimes Olive falls hard and fast from her frugal ways.
 If I really like something I will buy it though.

The sweetgrass basket was purchased for me by my darling father at the Charleston, S.C. Market.
 It is filled with funny little bits that I like.

I do not over think vignettes. 
The word vignettes is over used by us bloggers these days.
 I put on the coffee table what is important to me and pleases my eye. 

I love the small Sunday School chair. 
It reminds me of an innocent and simpler time.
I bought the chippy bird from a good friend who has been on my mind lately.

Display What Is Important To You

Decorate for yourself and not for what you think "others" might like whoever "they" may be.
Use your favorite items, family mementos, quirky items that only you may "get."

 If you love flowers and nature bring them inside as well.
 I decorate with books because I love to read. 
I have read all the books you see in my home. 
Make your spaces reflect who you are. 

joy and peace


  1. Makes me think about how I place things, decorate. I like books and birds, pinecones and branches, flowers, vases, white pitchers and color themes . . . guess I will take some pictures. That is after I get in the car, with my camera and search out something I noticed yesterday! Off I go . . ,

  2. Yay for you Olive!... I love all of your treasures out for everyone to see and enjoy... and you are right... vignette is an overused word these days... all of your treasures have stories to tell and memories they hold... love the sweetgrass basket your daddy bought you filled with special things... the little chair is precious and I love the little red truck!... I could never ever have a decorator telling me what I like or don't like... our home is very eclectic and that's just the way I like it... I picture being in your home and feeling very cozy and welcome... with a kitty cat in my lap and a big black dog at my side!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Hello Olive,

    You are absolutely right to remind us all that the decoration of our houses should be as a reflection of who we are, the memories we hold, the things we cherish, our hopes, ideals and those items which bring a smile to our faces.

    The composition of delightful objects d'art which are displayed on your glass table looks wonderful. Clearly everything holds some meaning for you and bringing them all together is a joyful experience.

    It is such an eclectic mix. Who could fail to be entranced by the individual items as well as the overall composition? And, in the blink of an eye, it can be transformed as befits the mood or season and become something completely different. Perfect!

  4. Thank you for this. I'm not one to change vignettes all the time. I love books, bird nests, and jars filled with things. They pretty much stay out all the time. I move them around and change the contents of the jars at times but they are keepers because I love them. I've also been decorating with pictures of my boys more and more over time. They are grown and I miss them as those pictures are staying because they mean everything to me.

  5. Absolutely display what you love, even if it's not the rage!

  6. Helloooo Olive!*!*!
    It's interesting how some things "CALL TO US" and we'll pay almost anything to have it...
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs - Jeanine Burkhardt

  7. Those pillars are fabulous! I am learning to listen more to my inner voice.

  8. That little sea grass basket is well made. The artist should have been proud.

  9. Here, here! Well-stated, Olive. Surrounding yourself with the things that are dear to you and your family is what makes a collection special. I am still in love with the chippy bird.

  10. I sure do love what you had to say here!!! it is the theme of my life...just be yo self!! and the rest will fall into place....
    Display what you love..what a nice, nice rule of decorating....
    Love, Mona

  11. Olive I absolutely LOVE those two architectural pieces...they look so pretty on your coffee table!

  12. I love the two posts you bought! Even though they were expensive, at least they are something you *love* - so they are worth it. I totally agree with you that sometimes overthinking a vignette isn't the right thing to do...going with what you love and just putting it out sometimes comes together like it belonged there all the while.

  13. That's very good advice. I love the chunky candlesticks you bought. I also like the basket your Dad got you from SC. I've always liked those baskets.

    1. Olive,
      I absolutely agree with you, decorating with things that are special to us shows who we are. When you come across that special something, weather it's thrifty or not we just have to have it! Your architectural pieces are wonderful! Your table looks fabulous!

  14. Olive,

    You are on the money, Olive...vignette is an overused word. Just place your treasures where you want and call it a day. Thank you for telling it like it is!


  15. You've put together some lovely things on your table, Olive. I love those columns/candleholders. They look very substantial!

  16. My coffee table is not neatly arranged right now, but a simple jug of tulips is looking splendid. You're quite right, a person needs to display what has personal appeal.


  17. I couldn't agree more Olive! Display what you love. It is a reflection of who you are. Love the candle holders and the basket! I'm always buying unusual baskets. Love them.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. This is the best advice, Olive. I love to be surrounded my things that have meaning to ME. Which can make for some odd displays at times. Ann

  19. You are so right...bringing together what you like has so much more meaning to you! Love the candle holders...

  20. Amen and Amen!!! Use the things you love...who will enjoy it more?????? My Mom always "saved" things for good....I use them now with great pleasure, but she should have been the one enjoying them.
    Blessings to you,
    PS: we have "Sunday school chairs" at our coffee table too, and on a dreary day I can look at them and think of the chirpy little girls that use them pretty regularly. "tis fun!


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