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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Broome Closet Booths {CeCe Caldwell Visits}

Hello friends.

The Broome Closet booths at Ridge Antiques
 in Ridge Spring, South Carolina have been more exciting than usual. 

The French gentlemen's chest above, painted by Beth, with CeCe Caldwell paint sold to an unexpected person. 

CeCe Caldwell came into the shop and bought it. 
She also purchased other furniture pieces from us and throughout the store.
 She is taking them back to Arizona where she has a store.
Beth and I were quite happy about that.

Edit: Beth tells me the French gentlemen's chest is painted in Young Kansas Wheat.

The twig wreaths are handmade by my brother in law from his Georgia creek vines.

We have a good bit of transferware.
We love it.
Don't you?

Our garden booth has many fall items. 
We love pumpkins. 
Don't you?

We are  restocking the booths today and tomorrow. 
The Ridge Spring merchants are having a sidewalk sale on Saturday.

We truly appreciate all our customers. 
It is always thrilling to have sales.

Thank you all for your many well wishes for Joe.
 He returned to work yesterday.

peace and joy


  1. Is the blue transferware the "Lochs of Scotland" pattern? I have a set like it in my antiques booth in Mobile! I'm hoping it doesn't sell because I love it so much, but do I need more dishes? NO!
    So excited about the CeCe connection! That is amazing!

  2. Your booths look so enticing...always great to sell large pieces!
    Mary Alice

  3. Olive, What a fun place. I like the wreaths.That one looks so good on the old window.xoxo,Susie

  4. Wow congratulations....that is so exciting!!!! You have so many wonderful goodies...I would buy that silver champagne bucket in a heartbeat if I were shopping there :o)

  5. When I get you alone, I want to hear aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll the details!!! I always knew Ridge Spring was the actual center of the universe. I wish the sale was two days instead of one.

  6. Wow, your store is famous now! I've never tried CeCe's paints, but would love o heck it out some day. Love the vine wreaths!

  7. How exciting to have CeCe Caldwell come into the shop and buy pieces from you!! I loved the gentlemen's chest...your shop is filled with so many pretty things!

  8. Ughhh! I have GOT to come see you! Love your booth.

  9. Wow! How special to know that CeCe likes your stuff. I think the chest is greaaaat!

  10. How neat to get to meet her in person and then to have her buy something with her own paint on it! What a small world.

  11. What a thrill that must have been . . . gorgeous piece, I like the color!
    Wish I could make a stop and see your booth . . .
    Love the wreath . . .

  12. Love-love-love your booth Olive!!!! Sure wish I could see it in person and bring home some of your great stuff :))))))) That's so cool about Cece buying that great piece!
    hugs from here...

  13. Hey girl,
    I don't know how I missed this post. hmm Anyway, that's so exciting about your visitor. and your booths look awesome. What is that white piece with the little glass doors and holding the silver wine bucket? I am loving it... LOL

  14. Gorgeous chest in the first photo and lots of eye candy throughout the shop!

  15. You've got some nice looking things, Olive. Love the hand made wreath and the transferware. How great that CeCe Caldwell came in and bought some things from you.

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