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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We have quite the crew of hummingbirds this summer. 
They have consumed 5 pounds of sugar in their homemade nectar.

This feeder has nectar in it still. 
The hummers have been draining our four feeders rapidly because of our intense summer heat. Basically the plants, grass, and we ourselves are wilting.

Hummingbird Nectar
1 Cup white sugar
4 Cups water

Boil for two minutes then cool completely.
 It is important not to skip this step as it helps 
prevent bacterial growth in a high sugar solution.
Keep unused solution in the refrigerator.

Our hummers will fly to South America soon. 
They will return on April 1st next year.

In Olive Out news Joe is humming along too after his hip replacement. 
He is walking without a cane and now driving.

I cannot say how much blogging I will be doing in the future. 
I have gotten many things accomplished whilst disconnected
 from the web BUT I have missed all of you terribly.

I made jewelry from vintage pieces of jewelry, thrifted here and there, painted two doors, cooked up a storm, cleaned a horrible storage room, played with a fat cat, played with my dog, sent CC off to school, and cared for my sweet man.
That is merely the tip of my enormous list. 

peace and joy


  1. Good for you. And good for you for fueling up those hummers for their flight.

  2. What a busy summer you have had! Glad hubby is doing well and getting around. The photos of the hummers are gorgeous!


  3. I miss you! Glad Joe is back to driving. The hummingbirds that have started migrating fly in at dusk and a war ensues as to which bird gets the ginger lilies first. They can be vicious.

  4. Thank you for visiting Olive - I have missed you, but so pleased that Joe is making good progress.
    You are so fortunate to have these endearing little humming birds visiting you during the summer months.

  5. Isn't it weird how much you can do when you're not online all the time?

    Sounds like you've been keeping busy though! Glad Joe's recovering and back in the swing of things. Next thing you know we'll be knee deep in fall.

  6. Glad to hear you are enjoying life and that Joe is doing well, too!

  7. I'm so glad Joe is doing well! That's great news! Love your sweet hummingbirds. We have one feeder on our balcony here in NC and we've seen as many as 4 out there at the same time. Would love to see the jewelry you made! Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane (and just blog when you want to!)

  8. I am going to miss our hummers terribly Olive. I sit with my coffee every morning and watch them, just a few feet away. They'll soon being heading off for the winter. :)

  9. So pleased to hear that Joe is recovering nicely.
    I LOVE hummingbirds …. we don't see them in the UK but saw lots on our travels in the States.
    I just hope that you don't leave Blogland for ever !! XXXX

  10. Soooo GREAT to hear things are now going well for both of YOU!!!
    The Humming Bird Pics are wonderful!*!*!
    Hugs ~ Jeanine Burkhardt

  11. Glad your hubby is recuperating so well! That is great! I love hummingbirds and we have several here too! You have been busy!! It seems that we all have been so busy this summer, I haven't posted alot at all. Now that Fall is almost here, I am reenergized!! Take care!!

  12. 5 pounds of sugar? Sounds like a hormonal issue to me!
    Glad to hear from you, and don't go too long without letting us know what you are up to.

  13. I have been away from blogging awhile also, but now that I am back at it, I realize how much I missed it! Your birds are beautiful! We do not see many hummingbirds at our house but a lot of red birds, we have a hard time keeping the squirrels out of the bird feeders! Glad things are going well for you and your hubby!

  14. I love seeing your pictures of the hummingbirds. It's so neat that they come back the same time each year. We are desperate for some cooler temps and rain. All the storms in GA have passed us right by! Glad to hear that your husband is recovering well from his surgery. My mom had that done many years ago and is fine now. I know what you mean about getting more done when you "unplug" for a while. It's amazing how much more time is in your day that way.

  15. I know what you mean buy getting lots done when we leave blog land but I have missed your posts.
    everything you mentioned sounds so good.
    maybe we should do the once a month post instead of every week thing? LOL really

    good to see you
    and I hope the hummingbirds have a good trip

  16. Your hummingbirds must be so fun to watch, and you did a great job capturing photos of them.
    Glad your hubby is doing so well.
    Mary Alice

  17. Love your Hummingbird pictures . . . Aren't they fun to watch. We mix our feed just like your recipe!

    Happy your time away helped you accomplish some things . . . This blogging thing certainly takes time, doesn't it!

  18. I'm so glad to see you back on your blog, though I totally understand you needing to take a break. I love seeing your photos on Instagram, but I like seeing more about your life and goings-on through your blog. Love the hummingbird photos...and glad Joe is doing so well.

  19. Yes you have been missed, but glad you and Joe are doing well. Our hummingbirds will alone be with us a couple more weeks I can almost time them...May 15th to Sept 15th and oh how I will miss them.

  20. Hey lovie....
    Your little hummingbird pictures are magnificent...tell Joe hello and I am glad he is now driving..
    Glad to see a post from you but I understand about blogging. I wrestle with it every day..should I or shouldn"t I?? that is the question...

  21. We just love hummingbirds here and go so excited when they fly around. Ours come to the flowers more than the feeders. They love the hyacinth bean vine.

    I understand about blogging too. It often enters my mind that although blogging is means nothing in the scheme of my life. Maybe it's a waste of time.

  22. So happy to read things are better for the two of you. Hummingbirds are my favorites. Check out my new posts.


  23. It sounds like you were where you needed to be! Glad you had a nice break and spent some time with family. Glad to hear your hubby is doing well, too. I have been enjoying the hummingbirds here also. I haven't set up a feeder - they just come by and feed from my flowers and plants. They always bring a smile to my face, but I'm not quick enough with the camera.

  24. Olive, So glad to read all is well at your house. Good for Joe. I love those hummingbirds. We are suppose to stop feeding ours here in Oct....they will be flying out for warmer places. Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie

  25. Olive, I love everything about your blog site and have just been re-reading all the pages again. So glad to hear that Joe is making good progress with his hip replacement. I shall miss your blogs so much, but sometimes it's good to do other things as well. Perhaps we reveal more about ourselves as we write, than when we know our friends personally. I will always count you as one of my special blogging friends. Love the little humming birds - wish we had some here xx

  26. Olive,
    so glad to hear Joe is doing so well! My Mom always has a bird feeder on her patio and loves to watch all those that visit. I totally get where you're at with blogging, I've slowed way down also. Hope you do check in every once in a while, have enjoyed keeping up with you, you would be missed!

  27. Hummingbirds already started migrating. They are here now.. I am in South Texas!
    and they are really hungry..:)

  28. We loved watching the hummingbirds come to our feeder over the summer...but come September 1st they're gone until next year :-(

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