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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old House and Eight Legs

Having lived in a house that is over one hundred years old for over six years now I have a new view of old homes. That mine comes with the most wonderful husband is why I have lived here this long. For no other reason. So many reasons not to like this house. The main one has eight legs. Multiply that by eleventy thousand times and that is how many spiders we live with. Wonderful husband says they do not bite. For the record he has never been bitten in thirty years of living here. Well I am overjoyed by that. No joy is found in the copious amount of webbing they put everywhere. Spiders don't spare anything from these hideous webs.
Wonderful husband insists they benefit us by killing insects. An actual cockroach would not stand a bat's chance here. I see a roach carcass on the backporch on occasion. Spiders are efficient that way. The backporch is covered in webs. I cringe. I shudder. I need to clean it. I cannot. The spiders won it. The inside of the house I keep relatively clean. Vacuumning is essential. I worry about that porch at times. So many nooks and crannies. Would an exterminator ever kill all of them? No.

Olive Out

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