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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Granny, Great Fun, and Yard Sales?

I saw in the classifieds an add for a yard sale that said, " Wrought iron patio furniture." I go to yard sales every Friday so I was chagrined because this was the only one listed. The add actually repeated itself several times and talked about patio this and that a lot. This should have been my initial clue but feeling a tiny bit slighted by the lack of sales I pressed on. Also I had been awake since o'dark thirty and it had been hours since I had any sort of coffee.

All in all it was an extremely happy day as I drug my Granny with me to this sale and every where else I went. I have GPS in my little car and Granny has it in that big thing she drives but no we had to go in my "yard sale Jeep". It would hold a patio table. Plus that way I pay for the gas and we could get lost! Which we did. I have my six dollar map. I know how to read a map. We were just talking and having such a good time we were about six miles off course. I turned around and found that dang house. Low and behold not one but four patio sets and an iron chaise. Clearly not a yard sale.

She had to be dealer. Two of the sets would have worked for us. Ahem, not for two hundred and seventy five dollars. Her bottom price was one seventy five. The big newer ugly one was for over three hundred dollars. Obviously this woman had Home Depot dollars dancing in her head. Or something this mental health nurse doesn't want to know about in her head. I predict she sells not one of them. As Granny was talking to her she was telling us how she loves to shop at thrift stores. Really?

Olive Out


  1. Sounds like a good way to spend the day.

  2. Oh Shadowman, surely I will find that old wrought iron set one day for that perfect price. Yes we had a blast!


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