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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thanks Lola

Oh what fun blogging is! I ran into a friend, Lola, at a yard sale on Saturday. She is the mother of my dear friend Shelly. It was delightful to see her. She made me feel special. She immediately recognized that I had lost a substantial amount of weight. She inquired how I did it. The same way Shelley did I said. Weight Watchers. I have lost over forty pounds last year and continue to lose. That's four sacks of ten pounds of potatoes. Really? French fries are the enemy as are mashed potatoes. The enemy sure does taste good. I am now addicted to high fiber cereal. Who knew? Shelly is my hero in this weight loss business. She lost something like seventy pounds and has maintained that goal weight for many years now. She and Lola are close. I admire them for that. They take care of each other.

Lola also recognized Joe. She said "Hey Joe" instead of his actual name. That was especially cool as Joe is not really Joe. We all had a good laugh. I changed his name for this blog. I change every one's name to protect the innocent and shield the guilty. That she is one of the dozen or so people who read the blog endears Lola to me more. I wanted to give her this shout out as she is so lovely and made my day on Saturday. Thanks Lola!

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