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Monday, March 22, 2010

What Scratches, Poop and Health Care Have In Common

Joe and Clovis had a tough, challenging and surprising day recently. Clovis is our elderly cat. He is under House Arrest. He was attacked by a neighborhood cat at the old house and nearly lost an eye not to mention his life. He does not go outside at the old house at all. He has learned a set of new skills. He is now litter trained. Mommy is so proud! Joe has trained him to ride in the truck. At first he rode on a pillow like the prince he is but I have since become concerned about his safety and now he travels in a pet carrier. When he is with us at our yellow house we do let him outside, for short periods of time. He is very puppy-like in that he follows me around. When I decide to go in the house he does to. He seems hesitant to stay outside by himself. Do cats have PTSD?

On a recent morning leaving the yellow house we prepared to get the C-Cat. He clearly did not want to depart EVER. I held the pet carrier and Joe picked the little devil I mean prince up and attempted to put him in the carrier. Clovis went all Tasmanian Devil on us. He scratched Joe, in at minimum, three places. He climbed Joe's torso clawing all the way. Joe prevailed. Off the two of them went in the truck. CC and I went in my car. About thirty minutes into the drive Joe calls and tells me the cat had an accident. An Accident? Yep says Joe of the diarrhea all over my truck variety. He stopped in a parking lot and rearranged the cat and cleaned the truck to a degree. It was awful. This is where anyone who knows Joe knows he loves me! He is so calm and kind with this cat.

Upon arrival at the old house CC and I let Clovis out of the carrier. Joe asked why did we do that. He needs a bath. Whew! Joe was spot on. Stinky cat was an understatement. Clovis is nearly thirteen years old and bathes himself all the time. When not sleeping twenty hours a day. I do not like to bathe cats. Who does? We mull over it and decide how to proceed. We put him in the kitchen sink. Gross and uncouth I know but at work height for the clawing cat to unleash himself. Having the sprayer was immensely helpful. He hollered, howled, and whimpered. Finished he was one drowned looking cat. I bleached the sink thoroughly yall. We did not receive one scratch. He forgave me and sat on my lap for the remainder of the evening.

This happened to be the same weekend the House passed the health care bill. Joe says when he was getting into bed that night, "I got scratched, pooped on today and the whole world changed. A more dreadful day I cannot imagine." I love him to pieces.

Olive Out

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