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Monday, April 12, 2010

Finding My TrueNorth

We are looking for a church to attend on the weekends when we are at the yellow house. Walking into a strange church is not for wimps. It actually brings out the shy one in me. This past Sunday I went all by myself to a church just up the road. CC was studying and Joe was doing our taxes at the last minute literally.

Easter Sunday Joe and I went to this huge church that about two thousand plus people were in attendance. We had no place to park. We put the Mini in a storm drain. That is a distinct advantage to a small car. Naturally we were late so we sat in the nose-bleed section of the balcony. I was completely out of my freaking mind and wore high heels. I had to climb stairs in the balcony which slaughtered my right knee. Totally deserved it I suppose. I have some difficulty feeling a part of such a large group. That church, while the folks were friendly and the message just fine, was too BIG.

The church I went to alone was different in a lot of ways. They have people in the parking lot directing traffic. The guy told me to put on my flashers as I was a first time visitor. One Problem. I could not find my flashers! I told him I was a dork. He smiled and directed me to a space close to the door anyway. A lady helped me out of the car and welcomed me. The next thing I noted was the music. Not contemporary as is the fashion for a lot of church's I have been to recently. Rock n Roll Music. It was pouring out of the building. The parking lot may have been vibrating. I went inside. It was very dark. No light at all except on the band. A chorus was being sung by all. I did not know it. It was about Jesus. There were colored stage lights. After the songs one of the pastors spoke about baptizing. The folks being baptized all wore dunk'd t-shirts. About fifteen folks were dunk'd. It was a sweet special service. This place was full of young people. Everyone was attired in casual clothes. I looked like a first-timer I am sure because I was overdressed. These people are reaching teens and young adults. Not by being cool but by obedience to the Word. I will definitely return with my family. I am still a wimp but I know where my flashers are.

grace surrounds us
Olive Out

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