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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Never Wish To Do These Things Again

There are some things I never wish to do again. One is testify at a friends divorce trial. Always, always a terrible idea. The last time I did this I truly wanted to hurt somebody. A bad attitude rose in me in the most awful dark way. I do not want to feel that any more. I cannot fathom how people who share children can treat each other so cruelly. I was asked if I had been in a bar in 1976. This was actually funny and stupid on the lawyers part as I was a minor and did not know my friend at that time. That is how dirty those proceedings go. Apparently they just make up unpleasant facts.

The second thing I never wish to do is bail someone out of jail. I really think this one is self explanatory. I was working at the hospital on a weekend. The weekends were invariably short staffing wise. However a first degree relative of mine called and needed my services in the worst way. "Olive, I am in jail. Please get me out now." Now? My next question was what on earth did relative X do to get there in the first place. I did not like the answer. I left the hospital and put up a property bond. X was free on bond. I am not a fan of the whole making bond process. Just not ladylike.

The third thing is playing games. Yes games. Especially Cranium. I have no patience for games. I know the genius people of Mensa sit around and play them. So what! I will play Jenga. I recently played Domino Train. After suffering through fifty-nine rules or more I kind of like it. The Domino tiles are pretty and feel calming like prayer beads. I could see those dominoes in a glass jar somewhere. I am decorating in my head all the time. But in truth the actual game was enjoyable. I am up to a grand total of two games I like. A few years ago it was zero. Still growing, that's me. Just don't ask me to testify at your divorce trial.

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