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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My New British Friend

We have had our little yellow house for six months now. We have met everyone in the vicinity except for the neighbor closest to us. Everyone told us she had no interest in talking to anyone at all. Interesting. Her dog does not mind eliminating in our yard at all. I have imagined her watching me out of her windows. Her house sits a little above ours. She is elderly and not well we have been told. Three of our trees need to be removed. I told Joe it would be just our luck one of them would fall on something that belonged to the person who did not acknowledge us!

On Sunday we attended the early church service at TrueNorth. Awesome. It. Was. Then we had lots and lots of yellow house stuff to do before returning to our old house. Joe was working on a table and he hung a lovely shabby chic chandelier. I worked in the flower garden. Miniature roses are about to blossom. Yeh. I can't wait to see them. I was fertilizing and watering the roses when our backyard neighbor stepped out on her porch to speak to her grandson who was washing her car. I waved at her. It was literally the first chance I had to wave or speak to her. She is that reclusive. She said welcome to the neighborhood and told me to come over. I did. We talked for thirty minutes. She first told me she was married but her husband lived with a whore. Ahem. How do you respond to that? I really didn't as she kept on telling me about herself. She is from London and has that great British accent. She is charming and blunt in a distinctly British fashion.

Anyone close to me knows I read British mysteries. P.D.James, Ruth Rendell, and Agatha Christie are some of my favorites. To now have an albeit grouchy British friend right in my backyard is splendid. I feel she is lonely and needs cheering a bit. Maybe we can have tea. I will bring scones.

grace surrounds us
Olive Out

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