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Friday, July 9, 2010

Garage Salen Party

It’s time for Debbie’s Garage Salen Party at Debbiedoos. Go on over and visit. Look at the great finds. Joe and I will be setting out at 0630 in the morning.  We are garage salen nuts, fools, crazed idiots,and generalized bargain hunters.

I found this sweet little yellow quilt at my daughter’s best friend’s old high school yard sale. My goodness…I nearly could not get that sentence out! I had been looking for a throw for the den sofa. This crib quilt is exactly right for our pastel sofa. It is old and has some stains but is intact and did I mention I adore yellow? I painted the main portion of the yellow house a pale yellow. Like real butter. Old and found objects look wonderful against this color. This quilt is perfect!

quilt small 008


quilt small 004

 quilt small 007

I usually do not wish to discuss pricing but I paid ten dollars for this quilt. I ran from the building as I was in a state of joy and confusion over that price.

Ya’ll visit with Debbie at the Garage Salen Party here.

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  1. We usually love to brag about our prices here:) What a quilt! I adore yellow happy you found exactly what you where looking for! Thanks for joining in on the party! Debbie

  2. Cute quilt, great price! I HAVE to start yard salin!!! Thrift stores are ok, but the bargains are on the road!

  3. Beautiful quilt! What a wonderful find.

  4. Wow, what a deal! I would have ran also! Thanks for sharing that beautiful quilt and thanks for visiting my blog on Vintage Thingie Thursday!

  5. Just visiting from debbiedoos party! What a beautiful quilt and the price is amazing! Great buy!

  6. Hi, i came over from Debbie Doo's I love the quilt, I have ran out of places too, the price was soooo great!


  7. TEN DOLLARS!!! are you kidding. You get a gold star for that bargain. I wish my husband liked to go bargain hunting.

  8. A true yard saler! That's me also, leaving the house at 6:30 am. You did good with the quilt!

  9. What a darling find - I hope you had loads of fun (and sales!)

  10. oh, I was too busy over the weekend and didn't get to come and visit. This quilt is just wonderful and the price...oh yeah! I'd have run too!!


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