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Friday, July 9, 2010

Scenes From the Yellow House

We have counted five varieties of lantana in the yard at the yellow house.  A pale lavender is about to bloom maybe next week. The butterflies, humming birds, and bees seem to feast on it. There is yellow, orange and yellow, pale orange with white and my favorite red with orange. Finally the pale lavender which we cannot fully appreciate yet.

july 4 2010 045

 july 4 2010 048

The red color, is positioned on our corner lot by the road for cars riding by to enjoy. We have no mosquitoes at this house and have heard that lantana wards them off. If this is true we certainly have enough to keep them away. Two of our specimens by the deck are taller than me!

enterprise mill june2010 013

Now because I love him and baby him like a toddler, the C-Cat, in all his sleepy glory.

july 4 2010 007

I realize The C-Cat has nothing to do with lantana but I had to scoot this image of his sly face in anyhoo:-}

It is to be a mere 105 degrees today. What to do? Blog away!!! Have a lovely and blessed weekend ya’ll!

grace surrounds us



  1. I was just looking at that orange and yellow combo lantana at Home Depot yesterday. I think I'll have to go back and get it today. It's an annual plant up here in Ohio, so it'll never get really huge like your's :(.

  2. We used to have lantana when we lived in California. I don't have it here - hmmm - I hate mosquitoes, perhaps I should get some!


  3. Olive, that first picture is amazing!
    And your kitty is darling.
    I love lantana, too....
    Thank you for your great comment on my
    giveaway post. I'm looking forward to
    reading all of the suggestions, including
    yours! Sorry it was so overwhelming,
    but that's the beauty of CSN : )
    xx Suzanne

  4. I popped by following your sweet comment on my mirror. You like junk and cats? Where do I sign up to follow?

  5. thank you for your kind visit my dear, i doscovered your lovely world!
    A kiss from irene valdirose


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