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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Childhood Library Is Having An Auction

The library my aunt took me to when I was a child has closed because they built a new one and the furniture is being auctioned off. It is all Mid Century Modern. Not exactly my style but you will recognize the designers. It is very good stuff. The Antiques Road Show has purchased some of these chairs pictured here I am told.

A diamond shaped chair, Harry Bertoia for Knoll.

I like this bench! Nelson Slat Benson by Herman Miller.
They also had some good looking large face analog clocks that I saw in the newspaper.

The auction ends January 31st. and you can go to to see many more items.

All images from the Augusta Public Library.

Edited: Many of you have asked if I am bidding. No I am not bidding on any items. I could not find the clocks on the online site:(
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  1. That is pretty cool, but sad...Love libraries. I know the slatted bench well! We had those at school.

  2. Cool, you bidding on anything?:@)

  3. I got all excited when I saw that chair. I like the look of the chairs, but they really wouldn't go with anything in my house. Except my "atomic" plate I bought this week. Not sure why I'm drawn to that style, but really don't have it anywhere in my house. I'll check out the bidding site.

  4. Classic stuff - why are they selling it?

  5. Crikey Olive ..... your library was way ahead of its time. I don't think that there are any libraries near me that have such iconic furniyure. I think that you shuld get your hands on a piece !!!! XXXX

  6. Are you going to bid for anything Olive? Should be quite an exciting Auction.

  7. Tom-they are selling because they have constructed a new library with new furniture.

    Lynn, Tim-I liked the clocks but I do not see them on the online auction.

  8. Wow, love he Herman Miller Bench. The library should have moved these pieces to the new location, although some collectors are going to be thrilled.

  9. I remember those chairs! I also remember that if you sat in one wearing a skimpy top, you got up looking like quilted paper toweling.

    Great auction! What a good idea for the library to recoup some costs this way -- I hope they make a bundle!

  10. That is some fancy furniture in your old library.

  11. Wow! You'd better go and get some stuff! Can't believe they outfitted the original library with such quality. I want those chairs!

  12. Herman Miller is based here in Bath - I think...

  13. Wow, your librarians must have been quite stylish to have purchased such cool, hip furniture! I'm sure people will be thrilled to get their hands on some of these popular retro pieces, and how nice that the money will go to support the new library...who knows in another 40 or 50 years what they've purchased for this new library might be collectible too!

    Kat :)

  14. Aww...sweet memories! Are you going to bid on something? Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Wow. That is cool stuff!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Laurie at Heaven's Walk posted that Debbie is home.

  16. What a fun auction. Hope you get what you want from it.

    Have a great day.


  17. Hi Olive, so sad to see old buildings close down... I don't like things to change... are you going to bid on anything? xoxo Julie Marie

  18. Good Morning Olive
    The auction looks interesting
    I will check it out
    Have a relaxing Sunday

  19. That is some pretty neat stuff. It is not my style either, however when done right, it looks fantastic, and very COOL! Have a great day Olive!

  20. I wonder if they had tried to auction it off 20 years ago if anyone would have been interested?
    Funny how old styles become popular again. Stuff like that we used to throw away; now they are so valuable!
    Cool pics, thanks for sharing them!

  21. Hi Olive! Wow, looks like your library is having some amazing items up for auction! I am going to have to check it out. I hope your weekend has been fun and relaxing!

  22. I love this kind of events ;) I hope you will find something of your choice.. me myself I have once rescued a very big cabinet from the school of my children for only 50 cents.. (symbolic)

    Thanks for passing by ;)

  23. My niece would be hyperventilating at this auction.



  24. It's posts like this that make me wish I lived over the pond!!! It seems to be one long garage sale, library auction over there, jam-packed with gorgeous finds!!!

    Jealous? Me?!!!



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