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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Weather Vane at the Old House

Snow is on the ground in 49 out of 50 states.
Which one is the exception you say?

I finally left the house late yesterday afternoon and captured these images of the roof line of the old house.
I am now able to zoom up 32 feet to the weather vane.
Joe walks around up there much to my distress.

We love this weather vane and do not know it's age. We have a piece of this red glass. Joe found it, intact, on the roof. Perhaps a twin weather vane was on the roof and was struck by lightning.

This chimney is one of several, all have damage. We do not use the fireplaces.

This is the part of our roof that is leaking.
Old houses are a character building challenge.

Ice is all we have left on the ground.
The storm is now converging on the northeast.
Hunker down friends and stay warm.

grace surrounds us


  1. Gorgeous photos, as always! Bet you/'re really enjoying that new camera! Keep warm dear Olive. I love your Blog!

  2. Love all your images but the icicle shots are amazing.
    I agree with you old houses do bring out the best and the worst in us, don't they?

  3. I've never seen such a unique weather vane! Love the glass in it.

  4. I'm in love with your "character building" roof...and your beautiful old weather vane!

    Sounds like GA has had almost as much snow as Wisconsin this winter - crazy!
    Stay warm.

  5. Do tell Joe to be careful...that looks mighty slippery!
    Snow blanketing us this morning...winter wonderland...again!

  6. Hi Olive, wow!... your photos are beautiful!... I love your old weathervane, something about them is just so nostalgic and endearing... your photos of the icicles are spectacular!... stay warm!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. I LOVE your weathervane!!! Don't you LOVE GLOBAL WARMING for dumping all this snow and ice on us!!! I need to get out and take more pictures of "Our Igloo Cottage", hehe!!! I can't even SEE out the windows anymore!!!
    Your pictures are Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!
    Warm Winter Hugs to you,

  8. Great photos, and I love that weathervane, I've never seen one with glass like that! I hope you can get your roof leak taken care of. Old houses are so wonderful, but they do require constant love and attention.

    Kat :)

  9. Great pics Olive! I'll gladly send my snow to Florida so they don't feel left out:@)

  10. I love that you love your old house with all it's challenges.

  11. That is a beautiful weathervane! I don't like ice but it sure does make for some pretty pictures!
    Stay warm.

  12. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos. I love your old weathervane!

    Stay warm and enjoy your day,

  13. I've never seen a weathervane with glass before. Too cool! That doesn't look like the kind of roof Joe should be dancing around on. Your photos are amazing!

  14. We've loved our
    old houses, we've
    hated our old houses...
    comes with the territory!
    Great weather vane!
    xx Suzanne

  15. Hey Olive....!

    I hope you are well & WARM Lovey....!! THANKS so much for your comment the other day....I'm sorry if I caused you any concern....hahahahaha....DON'T WORRY....I've LEARNT my lesson....!!

    I LOVE how you've 'caught' the cold in these pics....brrrrrrr....They made me SHIVER.... :o) !! I can't imagine what it would be like to spend a winter where the water freezes, there's ice on the roads & snow on the ground....We're lucky down here if we get snow on our MOUNTAINS in the winter sometimes....!

    I hope you're having a REMARKABLE week....!

    Cheers from rain soaked Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  16. The weather vane looks quite stunning. Great picture too of the icicles. Stay warm!

  17. Olive, what a unique and beautiful weather vane! Wow! your camera really does zoom. Your photos are wonderful. It made me cold to think about you outside taking pictures with all of the icicles hanging from the roof! laurie

  18. Love the weather vane-wish you could use your fireplaces-since we had ours redone a few years back-it's made the winters more enjoyable!

  19. Oh Olive, no snow in our part of Texas! I'd like just a tiny bit, nothing like the rest of the country. Love your awesome weather vane, your photographs are just great!

    Hugs sweet lady!


  20. Hunkered down and staying warm in PA! We have maybe 5 inches of the white fluffy stuff.
    Your rooflines have much character. And, unfortunately, beautiful icicles.

  21. very cold here but our snow did not stick. So strange this year...we haven't had rain or snow. We had a little snow Monday but it didn't stick even though it was super cold. It's suppose to warm up for the rest of the week. Like 43 - 53 during the day.

  22. Hi Olive,

    I'm so happy to meet you!!!
    I love your bio and am so looking forward to following your blog too!!!
    I see many of my friends already know you and am so happy to have finally found you too!!

  23. No snow here, not even jacket weather, but if it makes you feel better, my roof leaks.

    As always, lady, AMAZING photos.

  24. What a classic weather vane! I'm sure finding out more information would only add to its intrigue. I like your other photos, too.

    I am so looking forward to getting settled and venturing back into my blogging routine. I am missing so much!

    Hugs, KJ

  25. fantastic weathervane! how great to have it intact- even the glass insert! wow- pics are beautifully ethereal...


  26. WOW! What a great old weather vane! "She" has one of those in her junk pile. Just the metal arrow thingy, not the lightning rod....well Dad has a lightning rod, it's his so he gets to move it, and sometimes "she" tells him to go outside and play in the yard with it, usually on stormy days ;) Anyhow, "her" arrow thingy doesn't have any glass in it. So maybe when yours got hit by lightning, it zapped it so hard that it flew on over here. Okay, yeah, maybe that was a little too creative a story to be believed. *yawn* well my sugar rush is winding down, better go take a nap on the clean laundry. I'll try and come up with a better story for next time. Meanwhile, better stay inside and hibernate, at least until Clovis can come over and visit.



  27. Oh I love these photo's Olive! That lens may come in handy just to see what is going on up there!
    When was your house built, ours in the 1860s, so I know what you're stepp'in in girl! But ya just gotta love an old house.
    Have a great weekend

  28. What a fantastic weathervane ~ so unique!!! The way your photos catch the ice is magical ~ bbbrrrr


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