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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Color of Winter

The color of winter is in
the imagination.
                  ---Terri Guillemets

We do love our birds in winter.
The cardinals frequently tap on our windows.
I wonder what they want?
The deer visit and tip the feeders and eat all the seed.
The back yard is very exciting.
Do you want to come wash my dishes and bird watch?
The master bedroom paint project grinds slowly.
Thanks to all of you for your wallpaper comments.

I am looking forward to getting back to a regularly scheduled irregular schedule.

grace surrounds us


  1. I'd love to come and birdwatch - not so sure about washing the dishes though!!

  2. I love the quote!

    I'm slowly getting back into the "groove".

    Happy New Year!

  3. Me too, Olive! And I love watching the birds pecking away. Perhaps that's why my projects are grinding away slowly as well :0) Happy Projects for 2011 xx

  4. Good luck with the wallpaper! It's ok to be slowly grinding along, it's still making progress!

  5. I'll show you MY paint project if you'll show me YOURS.

  6. I've been watching bluebirds and cardinals out my kitchen window, almost every morning this week. There must be close to 20 bluebirds. I think they are eating berries from my dogwood trees. It's a beautiful sight.
    I feel for you with your wallpapered bedrooms! It will make you lose your religion. To solve our wallpaper dilemma in our hall bathroom, we just covered in up with bead board. Shhhh...probably some decorating faux pa. We tug at that stuff for days, finally just covered it up and we love it! Good luck and y'all don't invent new cuss words over it...Vicki

  7. Oh, must be so nice to have nature right outside your window like that. In the city I get a squirrel or two if I am lucky. Love the picture of the sweet bird.

    Wishing you much luck with the bedroom.


  8. Oooh Olive, I would love to come wash your dishes and watch the birds out your window... I LOVE birdwatching and it would be so much fun to see which ones winter in your area... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Um excuse me...Clovis, you out there??? Purssonally, I think maybe we need to give your mom a paw or two and start scratching the paper off the wall. Or maybe we should go hunt down the contractor and scratch his pants off. What'd ya think? Something's got to be done, for the sake of your mom!

    Want to come stay with me for a time????



  10. I'll come and I'll help wash the dishes because I sure miss the beautiful cardinals and bluejays of the east coast. We had feeders everywhere because I absolutely loved them.
    Sorry about your wallpaper misery. Been's awful. But just think how wonderful it will be when it's all done!!!
    I wish you a very, very Happy New Year ... A wallpaper free New Year!!!

  11. Oh, I forgot to mention...I love your pictures of that darling minature church. And your snow!
    I took a few days off so I was catching up on your posts.

  12. Hi Olive and Happy New Year to you! Oh, I love to watch birds and you have deer too? sounds lovely! Thanks for popping in to see me and my little headers. Yours is very pretty!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. I'll be right over to do those dishes! In fact I might just pay you let me. I'm here because of your response to saavy southern. I sooo agree with the blue/white color and pale yellow is a favorite of mine. So, I had to scooch over and see who this like minded girl was.

  14. In a heartbeat I'd be there to birdwatch...okay and wash windows. I don't like dirty windows. Your place sounds divine.


  15. Ok. My original comment didn't post. So, I came over here because of your comment on Saavy Southern's blog. I loved the dark blue and the white wainscot or bead board. Pale yellw is also one of my fav. colors. So, I just had to see who this like minded girl was. Peace.

  16. I love it Olive. I really want to start taking more pictures of nature too. (Hey is it my eyes or is there a typo in the header?) did you mean thrifting? Happy New Year my friend.

  17. Washing dishes and watching birds sounds so peaceful. I would come on down, but I might feel like I needed to help with the wallpaper and that wouldn't be pretty. I don't have the patience you do.

  18. What a perfect picture! I am so ready to "improve" my normal chaotic schedule!! Happy New Year Olive!

  19. Happy New Year,
    sweet T! I've
    had fun catching
    up on your last
    few posts after
    illness forced a
    blog hiatus upon
    me. I hope your
    paint project doesn't
    give you fits : )
    Quite ambitious for
    the beginning of the
    new year!! You go,
    Monday hugs,
    xx Suzanne

  20. If I can see some cardinals I'm willing to dry dishes.. Does that count? lol..
    As for that wallpaper, you have my sympathy. 5 rooms of this 8 rooms home had 2 to 5 layers of it.. I'd work on it all day and cry myself to sleep and then get up the next day and start again.... I do wish you the very best of luck with it.

    I have 2 bird feeders and lots of cardinals every day..I never would have believed they would stay in the freezing temps and snow , but they did..

    Winter Wishes for All to be Well..

  21. Is there anything better then birdwatching??? no I think I also just love the color of winter....the grays, brown and white. I guess those are my colors and most ppl think I'm nuts. You like winter???

    Happy painting! and Happy New Year Olive,

  22. I wouldn't mind doing dishes if it involved seeing so many wonderful birds! I hope you get the better of that demon wallpaper!

    Kat :)

  23. What a great quotation! No imagination required for your pretty photo though. I just scrolled down to your previous post. I love the style of your home! Wishing you a wonderful 2011! laurie

  24. I will happily join you on you regularly scheduled irregular schedule.
    I love that!


    Happy New Year!


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