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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pottery Barn Win @ 2805

This humongous wine and cheese board was purchased with my $100 gift card win at 2805
Thanks bunches Honey. 
You guys remember her fun Christmas tree party? 
That was where I won this.
I was so excited to win. 
I have ordered ten dollar hand towels and an ornament from Pottery Barn. 
That's all.
You dear readers know I never spend one hundred dollars on one item. 
The Anthropology butter dish came from one of the consignment stores I am affiliated with. 
I never thought I would own anything from Anthropology or goodness gracious anything this large from Pottery Barn.

Thrilled and delighted I am.

This board is heavy and I can barely lift it. 
It will help to fill the space in our equally enormous bar.

This little pitcher was purchased from one of the consignment stores I sell at and I am loving it will the bowl of oranges.

Here is the bar which I call the "autopsy table" in bad nursing humor. 
You can see it will hold many dough bowls and the wine and cheese board easily.
All images above taken on a grey, grey, grey day because I planned not well.

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  1. Congratulations! That's an awesome wine and cheese board. LOVE it! I really like your dough bowl too. They look great on your big ol' table.Your photos look good to me in spite of the gray day. Mine ususally turn out a goldish color if I have the lights on and try to photo on a dark day.

  2. Wow, that is huge. I love looking at Pottery Barn, but I rarely buy there. Now if I had a gift certificate, it would be a different story. Love that big dough bowl also.

  3. Congrats on your gift certificate win and receiving the fabulous PB board! I haven't seen this before but I love it and it looks great on your table. Thanks so much for sharing this at my party.

  4. Lovin' your new wine and cheese board, it's so cool with the legs-enjoy:@)

  5. You made a great choice with your gift certificate. The wine and cheese board goes nicely with the table. I also love your sense of humor!! Thanks for making me smile. :-)
    Mary Alice

  6. I have an Italian roaster picture just like yours. Mine is in the gift shop. Thanks for looking at the doll house. Richard from My Old Historic House,

  7. Oh Olive, I am quite excited for you! Now don't go getting a swelled head because you own a peice of Pottery Barn purchased new!! JK. Perfect choice and I love it! Ann

  8. Oh WOW!! Love that and it looks fabulous along with the dough bowl. I think I've only ever purchased one item from Pottery Barn... some autumn acorns that were on clearance a few years ago. Nice stuff they have but I can rarely justify the expense.

  9. Wow I see you put your winnings to good use, that wine and cheese board is beautiful! And your bar is also beautiful, I love wood counters, and yours are gorgeous!

    Kat :)

  10. Congratulations Olive and what a nice purchase you made with your gift certificate! I love that wine and cheese board and it looks great on your table. Enjoy your evening, Gail

  11. Ow Wow, you won gift card at Honey's. You made a great choice with the cheese board. Lucky girl, congratulations! I see you do have a huge table. Love all your special pieces. I love it when I find great deals at these stores. Your photos are great, didn't matter about the clouds.

    The French Hutch

  12. Well, congratulations on your win, and your cheese board is awesome.Love your dough bowl, too. Mine is empty right now, and I'm trying to figure out what to put in it.

  13. You lucky girl you! That was a great choice.

  14. I love your new wine and cheese board, Olive, and am so excited for you! It has such great legs and the size is fabulous! Looks great in your home!

  15. Olive,
    Congratulations on such a great win! Love the texture and grain of the wine and cheese board as well as the wonderful dough bowl!

  16. Wow, that is gorgeous. It looks fantastic on your table.

  17. Oh Olive, that cheese board is out of this world! I'm just crazy about those legs!!

  18. OOO, Olive, your awesome board has just sent me into COVET MODE. It is just beautiful.
    Congrats, dear heart....and your photos are WONDERFUL.
    xoxo bj

  19. You bought some great things with that win. I have not seen that board at PB.

  20. This is sooo cool. you lucky little duck, that board is wonderful!! xoxo

  21. This is a most lovely acquisition for mewr kitchen. Most wonderful I would think to have lunch on or even a midnight snack - that is of course, a snack for Clovis and I. If you would be so kind as to open up this bag of snacks I brought with me.....

    I hope you are having a good week!



  22. Love that PB board and congrats on your win!!!


  23. love your new cheese board and what a huge bar top to use it on.. love that little .50 cent stool also, it would be really cute on my back porch.. hugs from Savannah

  24. I am drooling over this board with feet and your long bar/table. Perfect for laying out your treasures.
    Love your bowls!! they look like "Mark Of The Potter" bowls. Its a place up in the North Ga mountains.

    I love to work with wood and clay, I am itching to make a mess on the back porch again. Oh Spring, hurry up and get here!

    HOPE your day is good, stay dry.

  25. That board is something! looks wonderful and I like your dough bowl too.

  26. LoVE that CUTTING/SERVING Board w/legs!!!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  27. What a nice addition to your wonderful cooking space! Congrats!

  28. CONGRATS on that great win!! You purchased great pieces. I just got a new PB catalog in the mail today going to have to look it over!

  29. I love the blue pottery bowls. What are they?

  30. what a great board! great choice!

  31. The board is absolutely wonderful! Now I want one, but I'll never fork over $100 for one thing and I'm not likely to win a gift certificate. :-(

    Your pictures were lovely. I had to go back and see what you were talking about when you said they were taken on a grey day. Couldn't see it. They still looked perfect.

  32. Perfect choice...looks great on the table! Your photos are great!

  33. That is one cool and ginormous breadboard! Congrats on your win! Vanna

  34. Thank you for sharing the lovely post at Potpourri Friday!


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