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Sunday, January 22, 2012


This sign exemplifies how I feel about the editing program Picnik closing in April.
I use Picnik nearly every day.
I bought the premium program and am glad the money will be refunded but would rather have the program.
Change, change, thy name is CRINGE.

My friend and header designer Diane at The Blue Ridge Gal has posted a list of alternatives that does not include the pricey Photoshop for us frugal ones.
Once again Diane is ahead of this awful curve.

I will let you know what I decide to use as editing is important and fun for me.
may joy and peace and good editing surround you


  1. Try - that's the closest to Picnik that I've seen so far.

    Why do they have to mess with Picnik?


  2. Know how you feel!! I have used Picnik and am so disappointed they are closing up shop!!! They offer a wonderful service! Wish we could change their minds! Thank you for your visit1 Cathy

  3. Do we know WHY picnik is closing? Thanks for the post, I am going to "The Blue Ridge Gal" next... btw, the Hash brown casserole with mushrooms & peppers from your previous post, sounds Yummy! Have a great day,

  4. I hate change (and blogging seems to love it)....and I am so glad YOU are going to do the testing for ME! (because I don't wanna!!) I feel so much better....and waiting for YOU to tell ME what what your finds are!! Thanks!! Why is it the things we like change and things we don't never change....??? One of those questions I want THEM to answer, but THEY never so!!
    Have a great week!!

  5. Wow, that is a shame, I wonder why they are discontinuing it?!


  6. I haven't used Piknik, but have an account and received the notice the other day. I like Photoscape. It's a freebie also.

  7. I didn't know Picmik was closing - that's a shame. I quite liked using that too. Olive - How do you get that darned Word Verification thingy to disappear?
    I've been into the settings on mine and also into the Google forum. The answer there was that you have to go back to the old Blogger interface to disable it as they haven't got round to putting a button on the new one yet. Trouble is, I have to find out how to get back to the old interface. Any suggestions?

    1. other than going into your comment settings and hitting no under word verification but I know nothing of this new interface Molly, I go old school

  8. Hi Olive. I had an e-mail from Piknik telling me they were closing. Like you, I use it a lot and I was very disappointed. I think that they are going to have something in it's place though. If you do find a good site, please let us all know!

  9. I've never used it, my photos go to Window's picture gallery which I think came on my computer. I can do all the editing I need on there, but then again, I'm not fooling around with special effects or anything. I will just join the disappointment about Piknik so I can feel like I'm part of an uprising. Ann

  10. Hi Olive! I feel your pain! I'm so sad to know Picnik is closing. I just love this program. I signed up for the premium service last May so I guess I'll have to eat the last few months. I will visit the blog you've told us about.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I am so upset(that is putting it mildly)about Picnik!


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