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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Glitter Project

The yellow house is glitter central. 
The eight seventh grade girls, and their counselor, arrived at 5 pm, ate supper had a home devotion then left for church by 7pm.
We have prepared far too much food for this age group and will know better next time.
They promise me they will eat bacon in the morning.
They returned at 11pm and ate snack food and then decorated and altered T-Shirts at midnight.
They might have gone to sleep by 2 am.

 Adorable aren't they?
They have cut those t-shirts and made them in an incredible short period of time.
We all have hot pink glitter bracelets on except for Joe.
The dining room is covered in glitter and paint.
Thankfully the paint peels right off.
Nothing here can be hurt as you all know every item we own is second hand.

The blonde young woman sitting in the floor is the counselor and she is an adult
but looks like one of the students.
She gets full credit for the t-shirt project.
We do housing, cooking and cleaning only.

Each student brought a 2L drink and a snack.
The two suppers are being provided by our journey team and Joe and I provide breakfast.
 Lunch is provided at the 180 meetings. We also have volunteer drivers who pick them up and deliver them to and from the meetings. Multiply that by 22 host homes and 7-12 kids per home and that is a huge level of organization.
This is our first time hosting and we will definitely do it again.

This is what Clovis thinks about the whole affair.
He is not impressed by this invasion into his space.

These cookies I made are almost gone but I fear that Joe, me, and our sweet drivers are entirely at fault.
The girls will be back in one hour for a short rest and supper.
Joe and I did go to a big sale at the fair grounds today and found some real bargains.
I must run I think I have glitter in my teeth.

joy and peace


  1. Oh how special to be able to provide such a fun and loving time for the girls. Fantastic. Thank you for such lovely service. Hugs, Marty

  2. Olive, I went to a sale today at our 4-H building which is at our fair funny. Those young ladies are so cute and their shirts were very good. I raised 4 daughters, so I have had lots of girls around our house for many years. Love those kids so much. Take care, xo, Susie(She Junks)

  3. Oh Olive that looks so fun. They are all cute girls and those were great t-shirts. Your right the counselor looks like a kid!

  4. What a cute group of girls! Sounds like they had a wonderful time! Laura

  5. Olive, you are fabulous! How wonderful of you and Joe to host the girls. It looks like they all are having a fantastic time and the glitter project looks like a big success. You are an inspiration to us all to be involved and let people know we care. XO

  6. Looks like loads of fun Olive. I was the leader for my daughter's Camp Fire group for 8 years. We did all sorts of stuff involving glitter. We also had many overnights. Good memories. You are a lovely hostess...cookies look delish. Happy Sunday!

  7. That sounds like such a great time. I guess girls at that age don't eat nearly as much as women of our age would. I think I see Thin Mints on that table. I'll be dreaming about those all night!

  8. Pam, I just finished the Thin Mints. They should have never left them with me. Huge mistake.

  9. Just love this! Youth add a bit of spice to our lives! You are blessed to have this opportunity and to have such a group to belong to! Blessing to you, my friend. Glad it was a great experience.

  10. The girls are wonderful...beautiful...and I think you are awesome!
    come visit
    and my store
    would love to see you...

  11. How wonderful for you and Joe to host these young girls. They look like they are having a great time.

  12. Dear Olive,
    Those girls all look as if they are having the best time. You and Joe and all of the other volunteers are stars.
    ....and, I think that you and Joe enjoyed yourselves too !! There's only one thing wrong .... Joe should be wearinga pink glitter bracelet as well !!!! haha. XXXX

  13. Oh Olive what a GORGEOUS bunch of girls & how LOVELY of you & Joe to share your home this way....!!!!!

    I'm sure you both enjoyed yourselves no end....I agree though....Joe needs a pink bracelet too.... :o) !!

    Have an AWESOME week Lovey....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  14. Hi Olive, It's wonderful to see so many young people gather in one place to study the Word and have a good time. I know you and your hubby were blessed by opening your home to these sweet young girls.

    Mary Alice

  15. What a sweet and adorable group of young ladies. I'll bet they love the cookies and the glitter as well as good time spent together. Lovely post!

  16. You are right, they are completely adorable.

  17. I tell you, your rewards in heaven will be many. Having that many teens in one house, you were brave but it looked like all went well. I can see the girls have much talent in design. Love the pink bible one is holding. Blessings to you for hosting, it sure dose look like a lot of fun and look at those happy faces.

    GOD richly bless you and Joe and all the other host homes.


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